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  1. Pelojian

    I don't see the point of running in a platoon all the time if most strategy comes down to dump a 1/2 or full platoon on this base because we are loosing it, destroy all the attackers assets or completely dominate the defenders until a couple of minutes before the base cap and then redeploy back to the fight they were at before.

    It's one thing to bolster a front with a squad, it's another to put boots on the ground for a few minutes then redeploy when the tide turns in their favor.

    having less population (number #2 pop) is meaningless when a platoon can jump from a +48vs+48 to say a 24vs24 for a couple of minutes then jump back to the +48vs+48(the size of the fight guarantees you probably won't lose the initiative in the +48vs+48 while you are gone.)

    If you want meaningful strategy you need to have downtime between moving your forces, when you send a squad to reinforce a front the downside should be that you can't quickly redeploy them back to where they were before.