Number 1 way to stop Forumside

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  1. a-koo-chee-moya


    When I run with my outfit, we don't care about Banshee Farms, or Raven Spam. We deal with it. Skyguard(s)/Bursters for the former and Gal drops for the latter. The average outfit leader won't just endlessly rush his platoon out into a PPA spawncamp, he/she'll do something about it. The average lone wolfer has none of these options when it comes to dealing with "OP" weapons, so he/she can either redeploy or be endlessly farmed. The rage pretty justifiably builds, and the rage thread is inevitably posted. No statistics are shown, and the following discussion get nobody anywhere.

    All you lone wolfers out there, join an outfit or open platoon. You'll quickly find that organization is key. Then, we can have some legitimate discussion about what needs to be balanced instead of "X weapon killed me so Its OP" threads that don't get anyone anywhere.
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  2. gibstorm

    There are people who just don't like being in platoons. I hate it.

    I don't wan't to leave an awesome fun battle to go in the middle of no where or zerg an base with 4 to one pop. Platoons are not for everyone.
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  3. Rogueghost

    Most of the people complaining about this nonsense are in platoons, as most platoon leaders will let their zerglings get farmed without a second thought.

    Either find a platoon leader with common sense, or forge your own path.
  4. FateJH

    Number 2 Way to Stop Forumside
    Close the forums.
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  5. Leftconsin

    Most platoon leads battle strategy is the equivalent of sending two dozen zerglings in to fight a dozen ultralisks.
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  6. Schizomatic

    It's clearly OP when you watch Magriders dance around entire columns of Prowlers and Lightnings and still escape to repair. I'd like to see a Vanguard try that and survive; he'd be dead in less than five seconds. All my squads mean jack and/or sh*t when we can't get consistent fire on a tank or leave our spawn point.
  7. Fleech

    do every one of your posts revolve around the mag being OP?

    the mag is balanced. it only becomes unbalanced when the terrain is right and its in the hands of the few that understand how to use it.

    the average player right now thinks its the "worst tank".
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  8. SenEvason

    Only way to stop Forumside is to nuke it from orbit. Even then, we'd probably make a new one just to keep it going.
  9. Schizomatic

    I rather think the 'average player' who thinks the Mag is the worst tank doesn't play TR or NC often enough to actually deal with the thing. Nevermind having the psychic ability to know what the 'average player' thinks, anyways. I personally think playing all three sides to BR 20 ought to be some kind of mandatory thing before being able to weigh in on what's OP and not. Can't be purely VS and defend something VS without having some experience being on the other side of the weapon in question.
  10. Fleech

    i have dealt with them. the average magrider pilot has no idea how to engage enemy armor or navigate to extreme terrain.
  11. Alarox

    It's a lot of fun.
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  12. The Rogue Wolf

    But where would I get my daily requirement of :eek:?
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  13. Jaedrik

    Can I be a Forumside platoon leader? :eek:
  14. Bankrotas

    Then, we'd be left only with boring redditside. Which would be ****.
  15. Siilk

    Yep, no fun is there to be had. And no :eek: either.
  16. DrPapaPenguin

    Screw platoons, I just have an IV stand with 200cc of dealwithit hooked up and Im perfectly fine :D

    I do like accomplishing goals as team & for that reason I join platoons/squads. However I often find voice chat issues in the platoons/squad that force me to leave. Either the leaders treat their soldiers like dirt, the leaders don't know what the eff they're doing or there is some form of annoying voice chat(outfit drama, ppl talking over each other, ppl using platoon chat for social, etc. etc.). When I join a platoon/squad I expect the voice comms to mostly be directive oriented. I don't expect to listen to ppl talk about their day, talk about their girl/boyfriend whilst I'm trying to cap a point. I don't want to jump into a platoon/squad & have to deal with outfit drama. I don't want to get berated into doing stuff, I want to be given simple, clear, concise orders & I want them to be given to me in a polite way, not screamed at me. So yea, I spend a lot of my time lone wolfing it even tho I am no lone wolf. I just can't frigging deal with the annoying crap in platoon/squad voice chat much of the time.
  18. Yuukikun

    Well if you see the game only as a ''find the fun battle'', no wonder you lose the whole war (alert). Then again, it is your own choice, but know that if you chose to stay at that fun battle of yours, you have no right to complain about losing the alert as you actively worked against your faction's interest.

    I don't squad/platoon often and yet i'm always helping in places where my faction has less pop and losing the fight, which is fun because of challenge, and being helpful. I go find a new base to help as soon as the situation is under control/pop of my faction reaches 50%+.

    It's actually easier to find fights when just yourself's pop is counted than when you have to bring 24 players without outpopping the enemy.
  19. Leftconsin

    Only if you want to Gal drop into a PPA discussion with the argument that it is fair cuz TR gets the repeater and NC gets a shotgun for the Infil.
  20. Flag

    Forumside > Redditside.

    Which is saying something... About reddit.