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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Genserik, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Genserik

    We thank you, we don't plan on letting that part diminish one bit. We just need people to help us fill the remainder of our ranks, people that want to play at a higher level than what they are currently at.
  2. Genserik

    We have a player named pntballa18. He does not fly galaxies anymore. You aren't alone there.
  3. SKYeXile

    Because we're qu3er baits and fabulous, we know how to lure men.
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  4. Genserik

    I'm trying to dig for something witty to say here, but this is just surprisingly accurate.

    It was hard not to go back to FCRW's hotel room at Vegas.
  5. Jaybo H

    Maybe he will after the new spawn change.
  6. CaptHaddock

    Looked at Recursion stats, walked away unimpressed.
  7. Coltorl

  8. rguitar87

    can I has bravo squad?
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  9. Genserik

    No. I will give you Echo squad though.

    Bravo is my domain.
  10. drNovikov

    GladOS cookies and cakes.
  11. IamnotAmazing

    what is brit? and lol nuc not liking a challenge
  12. Lythca Frost

    Statistics are only about a third of what we care about to be quite honest.

    Any new member must fit into the existing culture, have solid personality, and care about platoon sized operations. You can have the best stats in the world, but if all you do is farm and show no interest in working as a cohesive unit, no thank you. We've turned down many applicants for all three of these reasons.

    The truth is, Recursion is essentially full. We have ~140 Members, that is almost double most other similar outfits, even when we have a rather intensive inactivity cull.

    I don't think I've ever attempted to recruit someone from another server, where I was the one to make first contact. However, we have had cross server applicants find their way to our Website and apply, that is common.

    The simple fact is when you don't need to recruit new members, because you actually have an over activity problem, we can be extremely selective on who we let in.


    On another note, I wish NUC all the best. Good luck in your transformation, and I'm sure you are going to be as strong as ever. I wish we were on the same server, as those would be some interesting encounters.
  13. Genserik

    So then - interesting tangent. Hello Lythca!

    Moving on. I updated the recruitment post with an awesome picture from cgudemon26 of CG United - such a sexy logo
  14. ViXeN

    Finally! It seems like NuC haven't been around as much on Waterson in a while which is one of the reasons why I started playing on Connery more often. There just wasn't any challenge left from TR on Waterson. :eek:
  15. Genserik

    There is a handful of us left - we'll still kick some teeth in when necessary :rolleyes:
  16. NinjaTurtle

    Can I join, my k/d is the same as yours :eek:
  17. Genserik

    bumping this thread - if you are interested send me a pm and we can talk about things.
  18. elementotrl

    The solo libber is banned from flying galaxies? Lol.
  19. Genserik

    You don't understand. He made someone nauseated at their desk because he flies like he has parkinsons
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  20. kelstos

    pntballa18 is the man when it comes to libs, him and cptsyco