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  1. trentinna

    Hey OP, I think Mustarde explained everything really well. Drag-shot sniping (or whatever you want to call it) is a much different skill set than shooting automatic weapons, I think. I wouldn't say he's hacking - what you're seeing is a highlight reel, and you're comparing that to your own personal behind-the-scenes. It takes a lot of playing to get good footage like that, and he plays a lot.

    I'm getting pretty good at sniping, I have almost 12,000 kills with the Ghost, and I know that if I had shadowplay I could make at least three montages ( that's right, three montages across 12,000 kills, lmao) like this and it would be awesome.
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  2. Hoki

    It wasn't a headshot, sniper zoom animations are choppy, and he is really good.
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  3. Snorelamp

    IDK if he's hacking but keep in mind people who play a long time get a feel for things in a way that newer players don't really understand or possess. It can be simple things like how fast you are at recognizing a hostile the second they show up on your screen, or understanding the way latency works in the game - I always keep the trigger down slightly longer than I have to for example, and I get a lot of kills when it seemed like my target had ducked behind cover.

    Also, along with having a feel for the details and tracking movement/judging distance and so on, there's those periods where you're just "in the zone" and doing exceptionally well. With closer range sniping it's very recognizable, you're landing shots that you impress even yourself with. You get confident and you take risks, but your risks are paying off more than usual. So he records his better periods, likely, which will make it seem a little super-human to people who haven't experienced this.
  4. Mootar

    It is impossible to be 100% sure about anybody unless you know them personally, but I always make a point to want Elusive videos as he is great at something I am terrible at (sniping) and I have never once seen anything I would consider dodgy, just a very good player.
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  5. Haelgurn

    I get 7-9 kills a life, sometimes if I'm lucky I hit 11-22 but I /cannot/ do upclose, I stick to my spot of 100yrds or longer, use the rams and 12x and don't use jack **** else. This man is great, he certainly isn't hacking, I've seen /alot/ of his videos just has gotten good at cqc sniping, which is alot harder then my 100yrd+ schtick, and thus even more impressive he can pull so many kills per life.

    Much respect mein fellow sniper friend. *chestbump*

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  6. yeHHH1g

    You seriously think flick-shots are signs of hacking? That's the way I snipe as well, for some reason I find my snap shooting much more consistent compared to when I try to lead the target outright. It's probably my CS experience, which is pretty much all twitch sniping. Let me finish editing my Parallax clip so I can get a thread made about my hacks too
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  7. Mustarde

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  8. TyranEndlos

    Yeah yeHHH1g is definitely a hacker. SOE if you don't so something I will stop spending a million dollars every month on you!
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  9. TheShrapnelKing

    Elusive is legit. You all just can't comprehend the 1337n355.

    If he was hacking, he wouldn't have missed me the last time we met.
  10. Iridar51

    Haven't you heard about "drag shots"? I saw one guy do that in BF3, he just drags his mouse over enemy's head and clicks at the exactly right time when the crosshair is on the head. He doesn't wait to visually confirm if the crosshair is on the head, his hand-eye coordination is so trained that HE KNOWS by how much he must drag his mouse to put the crosshair on the head.

    Here's an example video:

    Here's a tutorial video by that same guy. It looks like magic, but it's an acquired skill.