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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    For hitscan model (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitscan) and ps2 is not, there is bullet speed and gravity in between.
  2. adamts01

    Of course Planetside isn't hitscan. But the projectile hitting the hit box on the shooter's computer is all that matters. It doesn't matter at all where the target is on the server or his computer.

    "So to look at video hardly helps, even frame by frame." Looking at the video from the shooter's perspective is all that matters. There's no calculation of latency or anything like that in this game. You can completely disconnect your computer, run around a fight shooting guys in the head, then reconnect and they all drop dead. All that matters is that your bullets hit the target on your own screen.
  3. 0fly0

    I don't know how people watch video here, i spend a fucing hour watching this video in slow mo (time i could have actually play!) but people should know i hate hackers, but only with good evidence, show me full hs with godsaw in 0.2 sec at 300 meters yeah but this... I can't find anything weird on this and i watch some action several time, sometime i was like wtf he didn't touch that guy and get hs before realize 3 replay later he's actually really lucky and hit another guy running next to his target...
    I see the shot he miss and the shot where he hesistate and put back his aim on target sometime missing again...
    I honestly was expecting some shut like hitbox hack at this point but some shot are on top of the head, some under, the shoulder shot are count has body shot and not head shot like with hitbox hack.
    the slow motion only show you how real time his mess up, you see a lot of information on screen making you feel like he make every shot touch when he actually miss quite a few time.
    Keep in mind we are talking about a guy who must have like 100k kill with sniper rifle if you count all his character for 52% acc and show you highlight moment.
    To give you an exemple i'm a ****** playing while drinking and have 40k kill with cqc sniper between my alt for 43- 46% acc, so i have no doubt people can do better...

    Elusive glad you're back in game, just sad you're not on cobalt so i can tryhard your clegg.
  4. VeryCoolMiller

    Time to rebalance sniper rifles and battle rifles...
  5. DarkStarAnubis

    "Hitting the box" is computed by the client, not displayed by the client.

    There is no guarantee that you can see the exact collision moment on your screen. A bullet travels at 600 m/s but if your PC is rendering frames at 50 FPS, you have a 20 ms interval in which nothing is displayed but something happens and you think "Target and bullet are not aligned, it is a miss!"


    - At time X the bullet is 3 meters before the head. Nothing has happened.

    - At time X+20ms the bullet is after the head, so there is no hit. right? Wrong. Because in between the bullet hit the head in the past, after 5ms (it takes 5 milliseconds to cover 3 meters at 600 m/s)
  6. adamts01

    Fair enough. But I think this game does a great job at giving you the hits you deserve. So if there is a slight difference between hit boxes and what's rendered, I doubt it's meaningful in any sort of practical way. I have heard people say that jumping from a 60 to 144hz monitor gave them a noticible improvement in landing hits, but I still play on 60 so I can't confirm one way or the other. But your idea might have something to do with that. Idk, it's worth considering at the least.
  7. That_One_Kane_Guy

    You should definitely make a potato aim montage, though. With no explanations. Then just watch everyone's confusion. For kicks and giggles.
    There is a difference and it's meaningful with sniping in particular due to its all-or-nothing nature. There have been times where I have been "gifted" headshots I knew I did not deserve when my crosshairs were nowhere near the target. It's the nature of online gaming.

    Also thanks for another reminder that I really need to get on that 144hz ball.
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  8. PlanetBound

    The centering is flawless and never varies. The headshots consistently start on the left and end dead center of the head. If I were to make an accusation I would say it is an AimBot with an on/off toggle.
  9. Villanuk

  10. elusive1

    Just have to watch one stream to catch me potatoing lol
  11. adamts01

    I'm 99% sure you're joking, but this is the internet...
  12. HippoCryties

    Just to put it out there guys, in a competetive match I’ve seen people with CQC bolts perform even better than elusive, and there’s quite a few of em(definitely not hacking btw)
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  13. C0smos

    That community kills me sometimes.
    Insane skill vet player post a video( and a well known vet), every ****ters come here to cry for cheats " hey you can't do that it's impossible, i watched it in slowmo, i can't do that so you can't, suspicious, cheater"
    OFC you can't ****** do that with your fckin potato aim 10% HSR.

    Anyways nice vid man, hope to see more vids in coming, and let the salt rain !
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  14. elusive1

    Yeah I don't know, it has been two years since my last montage. I can understand people not knowing who I am, and seeing this video and going wtf. There won't be another one for awhile though, in the meantime I'll be clipping things from my streams if you want to see stuff early.
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  15. Towie

    Afraid the problem is that hacks are most definitely still around and openly advertised so when someone posts a video showing an unnatural level of skill, people will jump to the inevitable conclusion unless:
    a) they know the person is truly legit (do we ever know someone that well ?)
    b) they have similar skill
    c) they have something to hide themselves ;)
  16. pnkdth

    Nice to see an old and familiar face around again!

    I notice the same scope-n-adjust moves I make when CQC sniping, I also see the "whip shot" which essentially halfway between a scope-n-adjust and a quickscope (these are the ones where some have remarked about the crosshair not being properly aligned). Remember this is a montage, as well. So it is always going to be the top plays.
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  17. elusive1

    I think it’s mostly people not used to seeing “whip” shots. If you slow down the video you can see my crosshair correct and align, that you otherwise can’t see at regular speed. Although .25 isn’t even slow enough for some shots.
  18. BamaRage

    Really, you think you see an aimbot?????? Not in the videos posted you don't.....
  19. VeryCoolMiller

    I'm not ;). This guy is really strong... but the infiltrator class was not designed to use a sniper rifle to one shot ppl in ccq as if the sniper was a shotgun... On miller the amount of infiltrators has become annoying. I personally consider the class toxic for the game play.

    The class is , anyway , too strong at the moment.
  20. csvfr

    Obviously I do. I don't care if you think that isn't an aimbot montage.