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  1. elusive1

  2. HippoCryties

    You’ve returned !
  3. csvfr

    bice aimbot making microadjustments before every shot. Also @ 08.00
  4. HippoCryties

  5. Gustavo M

    bit bud
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  6. elusive1

    I'm not hacking, and you're welcome to watch me play live, that's where all these clips are from.
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  7. csvfr

    it was a misspelled "nice"
  8. HippoCryties

    Bro let the hackusations feed u!
  9. That_One_Kane_Guy

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  10. csvfr

    (source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20760696702)
    The play has all the signs, snapping, no errors, always dead center of head.
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  11. elusive1

  12. elusive1

    lol I'm just used to it by now.
  13. adamts01

    That's insane. If I made PS2 my fulltime job, and put in a solid 20 years, I wouldn't be at that level by the time I retired. Do you have Korean DNA, or were you just glued to a monitor as a kid?
  14. Blam320

    I will have to agree that much of that seemed incredibly suspicious. I won't throw any accusations, since most of those enemies weren't moving or were moving slowly and predictably, but I can definitely see where they come from.
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  15. adamts01

    It looks like his mouse movement is natural. I don't know if it exists but the only thing I can think of is something that fires the gun as the crosshair moves over a hit box. He doesn't line up most shots, just clicks as he drags the mouse across. If it is legit that's some serious next level skill, which is honestly wasted on a game like this with no competitive future. He could have been an insane motorcycle racer or fighter with those reaction times. But, you know, kids and video games.
  16. Demigan

    Anyone check the kill at 0:26? It's the same as before: The shot happens after he's already crossed the head (look at it in slow-mo) but it's still a hit.

    Here's an example:

    In this post I dissect a few kills, where he also gets kills on people who never even crossed the bullets path. You can also see a dozen shots where a single shot from his sniper produces 3 hits on his screen, one on either side of the target and one on the head. So either the game has a problem in the backend of the code allowing drag-shots to increase the to-hit area by at least 3x the normal size, or he's cheating.

    Considering the last time he left was immediately after the bighead cheat was removed... Yeah I just hope he doesn't ruin too many people's games before he stops or is caught this time.
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  17. DarkStarAnubis

    Before calling someone a cheater there should be pretty solid evidence... There are no PS2 developers speaking here, but I wouldn't be surprised if:

    (1) the collision detection system does interpolate bullet path with the target positions which flows from the network according to round-trip latency, so the system will check whether "in the past" the bullet hit a target. "in the past" because according to the previous packet with the target location the bullet was before the target and according to the current packet the bullet is behind the target, so the collision may have eventually taken place in between.

    (2) the graphic rendering system instead does interpolate the target position to display "in the future" on the screen, because rendering takes some time. You can observe that during massive de-synch/lag-switching there are players moving in the sky because the last information the system has was that the guy was climbing stairs so in absence of other data it assumes it will keep climbing.

    So to look at video hardly helps, even frame by frame.

    Now forget what written above and say everything is perfect: anyway that a bullet traveling at 600 m/s travels 0.6m in a millisecond and an head is smaller than 0,6m (let's assume that as a size to make things simpler). In order to "see" headshots on the screen you would need to have a 1000 FPS video. If you do not have, you will miss them.
  18. adamts01

    None of that matters on a purely clientside hit detection system. The hit or miss on your screen is all that matters.
  19. Towie

    Actually that's exactly what you do - you either drag the aim across the target and hit the head or just move the crosshair around the head.

    You're timing is absolutely perfect. Every time. Good examples at 1:30 and 1:50 - played at slow speed, you start off aiming away from the targets - then just as the aim passes over the head, blam. At exactly the right time. Every time.

    The thing that makes it look so suspicious is that you do this very quickly indeed; it doesn't look natural. It's almost as if the gun is auto-firing at just the right time. All you need to do is sweep the aim past the head and it shoots for you ? Even at considerable range (3:22).

    Whether it's just an unnatural level of skill / timing or you have some form of 'assistance' I guess is the debate. If skill well i'll doff my hat, i've never seen anything like it.
  20. elusive1

    These are highlight clips, so of course my timing is going to be "perfect". I miss just like anybody else, and you can watch the full twitch video for a lot of these clips if you go to my channel.