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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Vanguard540, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Vanguard540

    Hey, I really enjoy playing SMG, however it feels like compared to other weapon types, SMG isn't as rich and I would like to get your opinion about this.

    _ Slug ammo for NSX tengu :
    The point of this mod would be to delete the pellet spread that might annoy some of you, at the cost of fire rate.
    Like the slugs on shotguns that reduce the refire time at the detriment of close range capability, the NSX tengu could benefit from it as the pellet spread makes it extreme close range and doesn't reward accuracy at range unlike some others SMGs as the MKV or the Eridani, Gladius would.
    The 200 damage profile is an interesting damage profile that only NC benefits at the moment through the Gladius. Yet NC has access to a wider damage profile pannel from very high ROF (Blitz GD-10) and others.

    However if you combine ROF and Damage profile from the Gladius, the Gladius still outguns the pellet version of the NSX tengu :

    NSX tengu : 50*4 at 500RPM
    Gladius : 200 at 522 RPM

    So this might however need a few adjustments to be balanced and remain as competitive as other weapons.
  2. Liewec123

    so what you're saying is that VS and TR currentlyhave access to a 200 damage per shot weapon, which is an NC faction trait,
    but NC have a weapon with fractionally more rpm (500 - 522) and you want to buff that weapon?
    no thanks!

    yes Gladius is slightly better than Tengu, no Tengu shouldn't be buffed.
    cross faction stuff should never overtake faction specific stuff, especially when it is a faction trait.
    you want a 200 damage weapon as good or better than NC's 200 damage weapons, nothnx.

    look what happened with pistols,
    the 12 empire specific ones may aswell not exist because the 3 NS revolvers are better than them.
  3. Vanguard540

    Be me : propose a refire/rate of fire nerf as it is slug ammo like on any other shotgun.
    Liewec123 : URggh NO
  4. LordKrelas

    Well you did directly compare it to NC's Gladius, as if it needs to equal or surpass it, while being a shotgun weapon.
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  5. Vanguard540

    Now I get it, anything with slightly less fire rate while having same damage profile is equal or better /s
  6. LordKrelas

    It's more an SMG, that has NC's shotgun fetish, but done well, also doing better or equal to their best damage profile, also being available to all sides, that would likely cause the reaction.

    It's kinda similar, to an NS Gun gaining Heat-Mechanics, with better stats.
    Outside of that aspect: The Tengu has two firing modes, that might quite more effective than a few shotguns, and is on an Infiltrator.
  7. That_One_Kane_Guy

    The TR would like a word...

    For all intents and purposes this would turn the Tengu into a worse Gladius, a gun which is already rather average. If you want diversity I feel there are better ways to go about it. This just feels like round peg - square hole scenario.
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  8. Vanguard540

    That was just an idea that came through my mind as it was an easier option than redesigning a whole new SMG. What makes me laugh is that people complain certain factions have stuff they don't, but when it comes to equalize this and touching what they have it's always a nope.
  9. Campagne

    In my opinion, it shouldn't happen.

    I know it'd be still an awful gun because of the Tengu's craptastic stats in every regard, but it would be taking the NC's primary if not only not inherently negative trait. 200 damage weapons need to stay NC even if they'd be complete trash.

    A 50x4/500 is already pushing it.
  10. Liewec123

    i'm sorry if i read wrong, but i thought your comparison to Gladius and saying that you want it to be competitive implied
    that you want it to compete with Gladius in the 200 damage arena.

    so is your proposal to actually slow down the RoF (when using slug)? because i think that'd make Tengu pretty bad!
    imho the current hipfire pellet spread isn't dissimilar to other SMGs, and the pellet spread tightens right up when ADSing,
    so you can still pop headshots with it from across rooms :)
    so i think current tengu is fine, and does about as well as cross faction weapons should.

    if people are wanting further ranges then i don't think Tengu is the weapon for them,
    it really is a more cqc focused weapon :)

    other factions can get stuff CLOSE to faction traits, but the faction traits should stay exclusive,
    you mentioned NC having fast firing weapons, yep, NC and VS have weapons that fire fast,
    which is a TR trait, but TR still keep the fastest weapons in each category.

    Carbines: NC and VS get Serpent and GD-7F with 845 RPM, while TR get Lynx with 909 RPM.
    SMGs: NC and VS get Blitz and Sirius with 845 RPM, TR get Armistice with 896 RPM.
    sidearms? AMP wins (TR)
    LMGs? Watchman wins (TR)
    and so on and so on, you get the idea!

    faction flavour is what makes the game interesting :)
    i'd be disappointed if DBG gave TR or NC a heat weapon too! because that is a VS trait,
    and they should keep it exclusive.
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