NSX Slinger, the year-round soldier soaker variant

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    I am not a designer, please use grains of salt or give feedback to better do something number-wise.

    Name: NSX Slinger

    "An old rushed experimental weapon to show off the idea of 'ammo printing' guns resulted in raw materials being slung out of a barbaric hand crossbow, with an even more barbaric result. Needless to say, the investors were less then impressed."


    • A hand crossbow that looks like a big fat medical applicator combined with a crossbow part down the middle of it, embedded entirely.
    • Big muzzle.
    • Shoots literal chunks of fast printed matter. Quite literally throws rocks.
    • Matches the Soaker's quieter nature with a soft thunk of a bow, not showing up on minimaps (or maybe the rocks hitting a surface does?)
    Stats Differences From Soldier Soaker:

    • Max total shots 100 > 40
    • "Cools down" with ammo packs
    • Fire rate 240 to a flat 200
    • Optics:
    • up to 3x
    • Rail attachments:
    • Darklight Flashlight
    • Comfort Sight Decreases hipfire spread added per-shot or movement by 30%.
    • Stable Overclocker When aiming down the sights the muzzle velocity is increased by 40%.
    • Ammo:
    • Quick Printing Decreases the hitbox by 30% but also decreases gravity on the projectile by 20%.
    • Updated Materials Increases firerate by 20% but makes the max total shots 30.