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  1. UrielSeptimIV

    NSSE-17 «Zeus» is a dart gun from the Nanites Systems (Special Equipment series) which fires high velocity darts with EMP effect.

    Special EMP effects:
    If dart hits infantry:
    • Sets targert`s shield to 0.
    • Sets targert`s ability charge to 0.
    • Disables targert`s HUD.
    • Slows targert walkspeed, runspeed and sprintspeed by 30% for 3 seconds.
    If dart hits vehicles:
    • Cancel targert`s reload
    • If dart hits rare part of the vehicle, targert`s main ability is disabled until some engineer will repair it.
    • Damage: 50
    • Ammo: 1 | 19
    • Range : Medium
    • Reload speed: 2 seconds
    • Slot: Pistol
    • If any effects are applied, player that is using NSSE-17 will earn 60 exp for "EMP assist"
  2. Smoo

    That sounds absolutely stupid. Have you been drinking? "Targert?"
  3. Clipped!

    Drunk? No it sounds to me more like someone wants more ways to be an @$$hole, possibly an infil-****ter main.

    There is a reason the EMP effect is limited to grenades and Orbital Strikes. You want someone being able to permanently prevent you having any shield health for a full minute or more while being unable to see them whatsoever? No thanks. Imagine how unbalanced one person keeping an room with a squad or more of people at half health (infantry have 500 health, 500 shield) until the @$$hole shooting emp darts runs out of ammo, (which might not happen at all due to ammo packs) effectively allowing a very one sided slaughter fest when the room is rushed. And since tank cannons take longer than two seconds to reload, you could keep prevent a tank from ever making a second shot at you.
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  4. UrielSeptimIV

    Oh, I am sorry. English is not my native language. Try to type something on RU language and I will see how good you will be at it.
    Also, it is a primary weapon with 1 bullet in the mag and 3 sec reload speed. Hitting a tank with it will make a difference, but not too big.
  5. LordKrelas

    Understandable, not everyone does perfect english even as their first language - let alone when it's not.

    You put the slot as pistol, so that's secondary.
    Though the thing is, without a Hud, their entire shield down (means half-health), and no Hud, you can switch to your other gun, and mow them down; with an Ally, you also just nailed half their down down & with the slow effects, they can't actually run either.
    Add in the ability charge negation, you also prevented the LA from flying away or to stay airbourne, the medic from self-healing, the Heavy assault from their shield.
    So you took out half their classes' strength, and took off half their health.

    For vehicles, that's not a small difference
    Say a Vanguard fires once, you, a single infantry, let alone an stalker infil, hit it with a dart, it has a long enough reload that you could miss & reload your dart gun before it can fire.
    If it effects the top-gun, you can also jam both weapons systems up, with 1 Infil, prevent an entire MBT from either half its firepower or the entirety of it.
    This means it's basically dead, if there was anyone with C-4 near, or any vehicle with an AV or similar weapon
    -- As it can't fire.
    If it's a prowler, it still can't fire.
    If it's the Magrider, it has the fastest reload now, but it too can't fire.
    Lacking the ability to fire, basically cripples the tank hard - let alone from a Stalker infil or infil, just hitting it with a dart.

    The Ability lockdown is a bit odd,
    For the Vanguard, it would be death if there was infiltrator behind, for the Magrider, it would screw their last-ditch boost, for the prowler..
    With the new ability set-up, which just remove their amplifier.

    For non-tanks, it'd likely just cripple a fire-suppression set-up; So the MBT's have more concern over it than anything else really.

    IE, it's creative
    But basically takes the Nanite costing effect of an EMP, and puts it an easily spammable dangerous tool that not only nukes half of a unit's health but also prevents it from even running.
  6. typnct

  7. x360pc

    Slows targert walkspeed, runspeed and sprintspeed by 30% for 3 seconds.<<<<6C1(-17) is a half constant so it should be 50% for 2 seconds.real maths equation.

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