NSOs have no bolter

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  1. SquirtAttack

    The daimyo is a terrible sniper rifle unless you are incredibly skilled at headshots. They need a nanite systems bolt action equivalent to Ghost, TSAR-42, and SAS-R. The NSX Daimyo is just horrible in comparison.
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  2. Rydenan

    Really? The Daimyo feels borderline OP to me. The attachment that removes moving cone of fire really seals the deal versus the CQC BASRs like the SAS-r. And you get three chances to hit the head instead of one.
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  3. Campagne

    I agree with Rydenan.

    Do people make a habit of not headshotting with CQC bolt-actions? I can't imagine that would work all that well with even just a normal bolt-action.
  4. Greenrover

    They are more in need of a long range bolt action rifle than a short range one. I’d appreciate a generic version of the RAMS .50/Longshot/Parallax. When directives for NSO do come active I really don’t want to be trying to Auraxium a bunch of different recolors of the same gun.
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  5. Skraggz

    All those empire specific bolts jump tremendously in performance with headshots like the daimyo, also as mentioned already you are severally punished for a miss with them. Just get better on the headshots.
  6. Lord_Mogul

    The Daimyo is a typical NSX weapon: Very unforgiving but absolutely amazing if used right. There is no middle ground, no okay or meh territory, either you are good with them, or you are bad. The entire line has that quirk.

    Guys, we are talking about a missing "LONG RANGE BOLT ACTION SNIPER RIFLE"

    The question has a reson because there could and should be one.
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  8. Skraggz

    The ones OP listed are not long range models though, sorry for assuming the conversation was not leading the route you believe it was.
  9. oOHansOo

    They could unlock the archer for the infiltrator and give a different ammo option, that takes away damage to heavy vehicles, but increases damage against infantry to boltaction levels.
    I don't think Infiltrators having access to an anti material rifle would be detrimental to the game and engis being able to countersnipe infils doesn't sound like a bad thing.
    In fact, it might give engis a bit more to do than just repairing and dispensing ammo in the backlines.
    Also, engis can't cloak and run away, so they have to give up close to medium power, if they want to play at being sniper.
  10. JibbaJabba

    I'm not sure if you read what you wrote.