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  1. OneShadowWarrior

    I actually liked the introduction to a Fourth Faction, but for christ sakes finish what you started.

    Inattentiveness to details, for instance, ammo belt for sniper rifle, doesn’t work.

    Everything on NSO feels completely unfinished, no ESF, no main battle tank, the Javelin is fun but feels incomplete, no vehicle with defining empire specific weapons, no more max suit choices - Gorgons are NS right? No where near the weapon choices of the other 3 factions, even Auraxium on weapons seems dull, not enough appearance choices, where are the gazzilion helmets? So much on NSO just not done.

    If the NSO is about helping the lower numbers they have to have appeal and some teeth.
  2. Liewec123

    you'd think they'd want to insensitive people to subscribe and play NSO,
    but nope, NSO is an unfinished mess.

    Javelin, which they call a "reconnaissance unit" still doesn't even have scout radar.
    Defector doesn't even have a model (just the standard NSO with stuff attached.)
    because Doku said seeya to DBG before then, nor does it have actual weapons...

    and now we see them breaking esamir and saying "its a work in progress and will see changes in the future"
    a line which now just causes me PTSD because it is exactly what they said about Javelin and Defector last year...

    "This is in a prototype state, and will see significant iteration as time passes."

    oh yeah?
    are you sure about that?

    so how come recently when asked, The Destroyer of Planetside, Wrel himself said nothing is planned.

    down to brass tax,
    Javelin needs to be finished, give it access to Scout Radar, half the reload time of Nest Launcher,
    give it new weapons, or atleast access to other NS weapons like kobalt and fury.

    Defector needs to be finished, give it an actual model, something like the Ymir mechs from Mass effect would be perfect!
    give Defector actual weapons, make the grenade printers an option, but also gorgons/bursters,
    give defector access to C4 damage reduction, because currently even using the two abilities doesn't even save you.

    make a fun unique ESF type thing, but more special and unique to NSO,
    kinda like how javelin is completely different to an MBT,
    imagine if instead of a 350 nanite big ESF you instead get to pull a 200 nanite "drone", and you'd become the vehicle,
    kinda like how maxes work, this "vehicle" wouldn't be very tanky, maybe slightly more health than a flash,
    but it'd be able to hover and go indoors and have no terrain collision dmg, (its be about as big as a flash)
    how fun would that be? flying around inside a biolab (atleast until Wrel deletes them all.)
    weapon-wise i'm thinking kobalt would be a good default, with maybe access to micro-missiles?

    but yeah, currently they say they don't plan on doing anything,
    so we can muse all we want but nothing will be done ;)
  3. OneShadowWarrior

  4. RabidIBM

    Yeah, unfinished projects seem to be the norm now. NSO wasn't a great concept from the get go. Getting members, who are likely heavily invested in their characters by now, to walk away from their unlocks, not reliably have access to their outfit, and consistently play under pop was always going to be a tough sell.

    Backing the bus up to the root idea here, they needed to give much better exp boosts for being under pop, have those benefits become noticeable as early as 30%, award certs to the account instead of the character, and implement faction balance queues sooner. If they had done that, the players like myself who have 3 characters already would be inclined to play 4th faction.
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  5. pnkdth

    Yeah, it would have made much more sense to have them be a nice niche for subscribers. Everything is unlocked from the start and this player helps with population imbalance. Win-win for everyone. I understand why they wanted progression on them (the curse of F2P business model) but on the flip side, they could have made it so that F2P player still have access to them but have to earn certs normally.

    Plus, additional cert bonus is a good idea regardless for underpop (and even more for NSOs). More even fights across the continent makes the game better full stop.
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  6. AlcyoneSerene

    NSO have been neglected for far too long now. They do need to be at the very least completed.

    What about NSO with F2P access option? Something like reach BR100 or even ASP100 on all 3 factions (any server), plus 10,000 cert points, while membership unlocks additional NSO perks like redistributing XP, Certs, ISOs, directive scores, etc. to any other character. Just an idea.

    A few more reasons to play the game on more factions, more game content (NSO), more players to buy NSO items and cosmetics, more balanced fights.

    I'd like to play NSO but can't afford monthly membership, and any F2P game always values players as game content, especially MMO-PVP.
  7. Demigan

    NSO was one of the first in the new iteration process of "We want more people to do X, so we build something specifically for that purpose and damn the actual value the mechanics we throw it could have".

    NSO was put in to boost membership sales. This combined with how NSO is actually implemented as a forced NS-only on the lowest pop faction makes it not much fun to play for most players.

    NSO's could have been so much different. Mercenaries, defectors from a faction that temporarily join the losing team but keep their own faction stuff etc. Something that gives people, especially veterans, a reason to join the lowest pop team and support them without it hamstringing the player or the team they join. But as is standard these days the system is squandered on a "would be nice if this brought in X players or boosts X sales" without regard for it's potential.
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  8. Trebb

    Easy, low lift ideas to fill out NSO until it's properly looked at:

    1) When your NSO unlocks a directive weapon, it's unlocked for all your chars!
    2) Make standard max weapons available for our max (bursters, etc). Increase health + Nanite cost if it's unbalanced

    Fun stuff to help with balance
    3) Let us pull empire specific tanks/esfs no matter what faction we're on, it's already coming in game with the abandoned vehicle update. Think how much fun it would be to pull a magrider while fighting for TR lol. IFF might be an issue..
  9. T.A.94

    I could agree to this, but only if you need an active membership to use them on other factions.
  10. OpolE

    They probably won't. Get used to it. We did with Planetside 1. Now we have full control

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