NSO- Still pointless weak faction with no benefits

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  1. Jack Jackson

    I love the idea of playing a robo merc. Unfortunately we support the faction witch is in the most dire need of reinforcements and thus i dare to say we get a lot if uneven/hard fights.

    I feel there should be a XP boost for plying NSO as a payment for my mercenary work. I mean why would i play a faction that is called upon on when numbers are low and when situation is dire, allways ****fights...

    I feel that there is no "Mercenary" wibe at all to the faction, and NSO should get something more to keep me playing them.

    Please atleast fix javelin it is the only cool NSO vehicle and its uselessly weak in ALL REGARDS. Make it a glass cannon (huge damage but keep current low survivability) or buff the survivability and keep current weak/useless weapons.

    Please fix the NSO ESF so that the roof turret is the ****weak machinegun and the pilot can use the big boom guns. Everytime my gunner is clueless and i have to fly solo. It pisses me off my expensive big gun on the roof is useless to me. Or make a one seated version of the craft without the roof turret.
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  2. LodeTria

    The driver does get to use the "big boom" guns on the dervish though. Much of the damage of a dervish comes from the nose guns, so much so that keeping out of the noseguns aiming range is the best way to fight pancakes.

    The only real benefit of playing NSO is that you don't suffer queues at all, though sometimes you are forced to play TR
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  3. karlooo

    I'd love it for the Chimera wheeled tank to be a mobile glass cannon, it'd make the warfare much more interesting.

    But Javelin ... FÚCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Making a scout bike a glass cannon? What the fúck are you smoking?
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  4. Jack Jackson

    Well the weapons are useless , its really hard to kill with this thing even when getting to start the fight by suprice. So i figured if they removed all survivability (witch is nonextint now anyway) we could negotiate an actually working gun to the Javelin.

    And to the question wha im smoking: At the moment i smoke Harlequin CBD strain and SourDiesel sometimes too, thanks for the interest!
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  5. Jack Jackson

    Also we got the new topgun to with the patch, i think its bad compared to what other factions got.

    My point is that if PS2 wants peoples to help the population indifferences by playing a Merc faction, you could consider making the faction more appealing with XP boost or better toys.

    Put the HP regen on a "allwasy on" passive atleast so we get one more slot, or give us access to the cool gizmos (The flash, canopy, anti explosion, why dont we have access to this tech? The hardlight canopy is one of my favourite gizmo's, what is the reasoning of no access to NSO for these?
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  6. Liewec123

    OOnly thing that was making me want to play my NSO was the AWESOME repair drone.
    I had it max rank and it was amazing sitting in a ball of maxes healing all of them at the same time.
    But repair drone was a campaign reward, so was torn away from us this patch.

    Imho nso should be made more unique.
    The infantry classes should all be made to have a special version of bionics built in,
    So their health is low but shield is high, and the shield should regenerate faster/constantly.
    This would make the susceptible to emp but more hardy against everything else.

    Maybe add some nso exclusive implants that change how they play.
    Like a 'reboot' implant which let's them self revive (with a few minutes cooldown)
    Or a 'juggernaut' implant that doubles their shield but halves their movement speed.
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  7. JibbaJabba

    The +20% equip time for extended magazines is almost an across the board nerf for the carbine classes for NSO. All NSO carbines have tiny clips so usage of the extended mags is widespread.

    I think this problem is twofold.
    The 20% equip time penalty is way too steep. And in the game it feels like more than 50% to me personally.
    The clip sizes on NSO carbines are just bad and shouldn't be this way.
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  8. T.A.94

    By the comments, I guess the majority here forgot the NSO are also partly meant for seasoned players. So obviously their equippment is more challanging to use.
  9. Jack Jackson

    If its too challenging to use and its not competitive it becomes not fun and uneffective.A bad gaming experience.

    I dont think players want to play a character who is not fun and weak and uneffective in a really competive game, EVEN if they selves are seasoned veterans.
    I back this up about the numerous NSO sucks post more seasoned players than i have made.
  10. Jack Jackson

    Good succestions.

    Also why isnt there a option to buy atleast 1 armorset in game currency?
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  11. Jack Jackson

    Feels so bad NSO robo is such a cool consept, well back to my main, wicth im bored to play since played for years -.-
  12. TheMercator

  13. JibbaJabba

    The ESF sucks.
    The AA for their MAX sucks.
    The clipsize sucks (REAL BAD now that there is a 20% swap penalty on extended mags)
    The tank.. well I don't drive it. Seems like it sucks, you tell me. :p
    Their auraxium LMG sucks.

    But all that said:
    NSO is my favorite faction hands down. When I finish getting all 4 back to ASP 100 (now 2.0!) then I'll be retiring to NSO to play that faction indefinitely.

    The new LMGs are kinda meh, but there is always the trusty NS-15.
    CBX-75 is the best carbine in the game, possibly best gun in the game. Newton is insane. Both can be used with medics too.
    The auto-heal utility NSO has but no other factions is awesome too.

    I'd like to see something done about the mag size but other than that I'm content. No buff needed.
  14. Botji

    Gonna say this again but NSO is largely both in lore and in game a support faction and it shows in a lot of their equipment.

    Javelin is horribly weak on its own but the manoeuvrability and in the case of most of its AV weapons, heavily alpha strike focused so letting one get behind your MBT will cost you the fight but spending time shooting at a Javelin driving around and being evasive while something else is shooting you will also cost you the fight.

    Javelins are also quite decent in bases as a support/AI vehicle, drive around as a medic putting up shield recharge fields, passive healing with triage and revives.

    Defector is another obvious super weak unit on its own but almost too good with/as support, infantry suppression and anti-max unit. It does lack AV damage though and while the Detonator does good damage its 100% reliant on long range and mostly stationary targets but most MAXes are used within buildings against infantry and other MAXes and the Defector can do really well against those.

    Flying pancake is yet again fairly weak on its own(depends a lot on pilot/gunner skill and loadout) and a decent pilot with any other ESF can solo it by flying circles around it and staying as much as possible where the pancake cant hit it. Add one or two other aircraft though and the pancake is worth much more than that group having one or two more normal ESFs.

    Chimera is just more of the same, weak on its own with glaring weaknesses that enemies can exploit to easily kill it but only if its alone with no other vehicles helping it. It has some highly competitive(even more so now after buffs!) main turret weapons with the Satyr being a damage dump monster capable of chunking more than half of a non-Vanguards health per reload.

    Chimera also has access to the Siren which for some silly reason the entire playerbase is unaware of, low projectile drop, more than decent projectile spread, amazing elevation due to being a G2A weapon but it also does 120 damage against tanks per shot and it puts out 8 of them per reload, thats more damage then the charge up AV turret does per reload! Sure Siren has longer reload time but the versatility of having THE BEST anti-ESF weapon in the game while still being more than viable against ground vehicles and even infantry is well worth it, who wouldnt pay 1 second longer reload to be able to aim their AV turret up into the air and have their projectiles come with a big proxy homing?

    Now all that said I agree on a few things needing a buff, Javelin being one of if not the slowest vehicle in the game is just hilarious in how absurdly stupid it is. You are riding on a unarmored jet engine with a seat strapped to it and even with the Racer chassi + boosts you will struggle to keep up with a Racer Sunderer, Harassers with MBT tier defense are more than twice as fast as you... a lot of its weapons struggle to fill their role on top of the Javelin having some weird bug with its aiming if you get 'too' close to the target even when several weapons literally require you to be extremely close to be effective.

    So yes, there is obviously room for improvements but all in all the NSO equipment is top tier as long as can fill the requirements of not being the only person in the fight which is a big difference from how the other factions are balanced.
  15. LodeTria

    The only situation where 1 dervish is better than 2 ESFs is if your gunner can't pilot. Otherwise 2 ESF will always be better than 1 dervish.
  16. JibbaJabba

    The other ESFs look down on the Dervish the way Sports cars look down on my Dodge Caravan. But I'll say the same thing to them. At least I can bang your mom in the back of it.
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  17. Botji

    So a group of ESFs are fighting another group of ESFs.

    You have never seen the super common tactic of switching to 120% evasion when multiple enemies targets someone, leading them on a wild pointless chase so the ESFs protecting the lure can easily kill them?

    Turret/s makes that a losing strategy instead of a winning strategy, much harder to impossible to juke a turret that has instant traversal speed and the evasive moves makes it easier for a pancake to close the distance for a even easier time with the turret. It can make a huge difference in a group fight.
  18. VV4LL3

    Battle Gal is better than a Dervish, hands down. With only the slightly slower max speed, Battle Gal can easily out maneuver, out DPS, and even out utility a Dervish any day of the week.

    What about NSO MAXes? Nope.
    Low damage, no utility, literally runs slower than other MAXes, easy to kill.

    What about the Chimera? Nope.
    Huge hitbox, esp rear hitbox, poor turret attack angles, flips easy (rides high), ....
    Can't stand toe-to-toe with any other MBT. The rumble seats are never used... and doesn't offer anything unique.