NSO maxes are ridiculously over powered

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  1. 5STAR

    I can't believe you left NSO maxes in the game with this level of damage. This is as bad as when you put MECS in the PS1. Everything dies end of story. I know Sony did it but that is how you got this game.. PS1 died a fast death because of it and the uncontrollable hacking.

    When my max goes toe to toe with NSO max it's 4 to 5 shots and I am dead. I can only get the NSO max down to 1/2 with consistent point blank head shots. This is a gross imbalance and the fire rate of that max is WAY to fast.

    Additionally there isn't a range on this max.. they lob the shells very far with little to no damage reductions. Fix this stuff please. Oh and my agsis shield does nothing against these shells. might as well be decimators firing 2 shots a second with no reload time.

    I am level 120 and have played both PS1 and PS2 since the beginning. This is glaring.
  2. Botji

    They are good against other MAXes but on the other hand, a heavy with Flak armor on is usually takes only 1 less hit to kill than a MAX(and that is with direct hits as well! GL against evasive infantry!) so the NSO MAX has no good way of defending itself from infantry with Flak armor on, the time it takes to throw enough grenades to kill them is long enough for just two heavies to basically just spray bullets on you and kill you.

    Like with almost everything NSO 'vehicle' related its weak on its own but amazing at supporting or amazing with support, depending on how you see it.
  3. Exileant

    :( Our Maxes are fun, and were a good way to hold a base against 2 people trying to take it, beyond that.... as Bo said 1 brick away from the nearest garbage can.... And do not get me started on Hummingbirds... Their ONLY saving grace is they can sort of kill infantry if they get too close, and do not know what you are... (Maybe it is the sound that makes them feel weaker than they are...) but :confused: I have YET to hit a plane other than a dervish, and I STILL have not killed ANYTHING that flies in spite of throwing well over 3000 at them with in these passed 3 days post launch.... :eek: Half the time the lock does not work until I throw at least one.....
  4. RabidIBM

    Sounds like a good time to use the archer.
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  5. Liewec123

    as i posted last time this topic popped up, the NSO maxes don't have Ordnance Armour,
    this combined with lower health than normal maxes and slow rpm slow velocity projectile weapons
    makes them wonderful cert pinatas for LA with ambusher jets,
    they can't reliably hit you with their nades while you ambush them and they have no way of preventing the c4 oneshot.

    last time someone said "they can run away" but i've never seen an NSO outrun my c4 explosion before,
    likewise as my NSO has been my main for the past year and a half i've never been able to avoid the explosion.
    also activating the abilities grants resistance, but even at full health and with the abilities active, c4 is still a oneshot.

    tldr: LA+ambusher+c4=dead NSO max.
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  6. Botji

    I just want to say that sometimes the shield CAN actually let you survive a C4 but im sure its more of a bug than intended since it does not seem to matter how far away the C4 is and the damage taken can vary heavily from only like 25% of your health to 75% even if all the C4 are more or less in your face but as you say, usually you just die.
  7. Liewec123

    ah sounds buggy, all i can say is, i've used it a few times at full health and its done nothing to prevent the oneshot ;)
  8. Clone117

    I fail to see how nso max is op. Sure it can two shot some infantry on direct hits and do okish av dmg aswell. But its gimped within specific ranges. Too close and your hurting yourself. Too far and your ineffective at combt. Seraph shield looks to be worth certing out since its a 1way bubbleshield. So theres potential there with proper team coordination. Its still a c4 brick or couple rockets away from death. And op light assaults are more than capable of using their extreme mobility to dance circles around it within cqc. The only real advantage is its 100 nanites cheaper.
  9. Liewec123

    It works sometimes but the 'one-way' is extremely unreliable in medium or large fights,
    you end up hitting your own bubble with your grenades, and since the bubble uses your health pool
    you do large chunks of damage to yourself every time it happens, which in any decent sized fight is around 50% of the time.
    Works 'most of the time' in small fights though, but noone needs a max for small fights :p

    I much prefer the timebomb now, it turns off the heat mechanic letting you throw grenades none-stop,
    And then you can either push in to the enemies and do the damage of a single tank mine,
    or get somewhere safe and hope for a rez.
  10. DeadlyOmen

    Get the kill: Awesomeness

    Get killed: Overpowered Hackness

    Exploiting Combined Arms: Priceless
  11. Botji

    Fixed that for you ;)
  12. Trebb

    Huh, next you'll be complaining about the Yumi ;)

    As someone who's aurax'd grenade printer and the melee claw, it's not nearly OP. In fact, it's a giant cert pinata like the other NSO vehicles. If a C4 brick goes off somewhere in my hex, I'm one shot. I've yet to survive a C4 at full health. It seems 100% or miss. Shield has never helped.

    So then I ask, how hard is it to C4? People seem to think it's too easy, and too effective against infantry, so no complaints there.

    In other words, you should be happy to see one, it's a free kill.
  13. Drgnx

    This ....
  14. Botji

    I have not really tested it too much but it seems to actually be tied to how fast you throw your grenades, if you wait just a little between throws it doesnt hit the shield while if you do throw ASAP its pretty much every other grenade that will hit the shield. Perhaps because the first throw goes through, 2nd is thrown too fast and hits, 3rd is thrown through because now the time between grenades that have passed through is more than enough etc etc.

    Nevermind, actually went into VR to test and almost ALL grenades went through. If one did hit the shield it was always the 2nd grenade tho... might just be like you said that its the size of the fight that matters more but perhaps waiting also helps in big fights since I have had good results doing that?

    Would be nice if this is one of the bugs that is fixed in the upcoming patch.
  15. Liewec123

    yup it seems like the more that is going on around you, the more the server has to think about, the higher the chances of hitting the shield,
    as you said, in VR training it works fine :)
  16. Shadowpikachu

    Yeah some update made explosives randomly fail to go through teambased things, you can sometimes hurt yourself at spawn walls with rocket launchers.