[Suggestion] Nso Max needs anti-aircraft weapons.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kurt83, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. Kurt83

    Something new like mini g30 walker left and mini g30 walker right
  2. Demigan

    Look, currently there are X versions of AA weapons available to the ground peasants. Adding one to the NSO MAX you get X+1 AA weapons! That is unacceptable! That means that there many many more AA sources because suddenly dozens of extra players will appear and use it! It will interfere with our honourable duels and newby ganks! How dare you suggest something so sensible as adding the NS AA weapons to the NS MAX! Even the current X AA weapons is too much! Everyone should exclusively use ESF to do any AA!
  3. JibbaJabba

    So no ESFs either then??
  4. Demigan

    Do not use my own words against me peasant! You must be a bad! Come at me in an ESF! I challenge you! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!
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  5. iller

    Decimator is the best A.A. weapon in the entire game and it travels even slower than the NsOP's-MAX bombs does it not??
  6. Novgdea

    I still need a big striker on my lightning.

    But agree with one point. We have lock-on on infantry, flack (aka ranger) on the others maxes, so we need walker-like gun somewhere (for diversity).
  7. Kurt83

    NSO MAX requires at least the NS-10 Burster
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  8. FLHuk

    Trees ( insert Skyguard tree meme here )
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  9. Campagne

    They should have access to the NS Bursters for sure, in my opinion.

    The NSOs do not need or deserve more unique content though. Walker arms? Yes please! But give them to everyone not just the paywall "faction."
  10. Novgdea

    If they tell the truth, NSO won't hide behind paywall for long.
  11. RabidIBM

    NSO just needs more development attention at all. They really shouldn't have released it if they weren't ready to finish it, but here we are. I personally wouldn't have implemented NSO at all if I'd been calling the shots, I would have done a combination of greatly boosting the cert reward for being under populated, and allowed movement of certs between characters. Too long of a queue? That means another faction has a good exp boost going. Log into them and move the certs later.

    However, that's not the choice they made, and we have this half finished product implemented. They should at least be permitted factions specific MBT and ESF until they have their own.
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  12. Liewec123

    Like everything NSO it was added in an unfinished prototype state with promises of "significant changes and iterations over time"
    And then over 400 days later here we are...
    It doesn't even have Ordnance armour to save it from c4 oneshots.
    It doesn't have any weapon choices.
    They didn't even give it a new model.
    No cosmetic upgrades.

    Significant changes indeed.

    The only addition we've recieved is the bug were the defector kills itsself if it tries to throw grenades through its shield...
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  13. FLHuk

    I've been F2P since release. After all these years I only play the under pop faction on Cobalt, just because. Would I do this as a new player, hell no. I should want to but that's another thread :)

    To my mind NSO should remain a membership perk.

    Just bloody finish it, make it a working incentive to provide income AND solve under populated factions.
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  14. TheMercator

    Nanite System Operatives probably should mainly use Nanite System stuff. But some trusted companion thought that the "faction" that has the most boring design in the game should become one with humanoid robots and hoverbikes.
  15. Liewec123


    It blows my mind that now the devs are finally planning on finishing NSO, they're gonna make it free.
    Finally something juicy that would make hundreds more subs, and they're making it free.
    there isn't really much else to spend money on in this game,
    So they could use all of the income that they can get,
    It just makes absolutely no sense to make NSO free.

    I have a sub because my NSO has become my main, its pretty much the only reason i sub.
    I love the "special" feel of NSO, stand in sanctuary with your white overshield and watch people flock over to you,
    I love the "WTF A HOVERBIKE!"whispers from people who have never seen a Javelin before,
    I love people fighting to jump on the back! etc.
    And all of that will be ruined when they go F2P too.
    NSO'S everywhere, Javelins (useless as they are) will lose their flair.

    So not only are they throwing away hundreds of new subs,
    but they'll probably lose some subs from those of us who are paying to play NSO too.

    Just totally nonsensical.
    But then again, this is DBG so taking the nonsensical route and throwing away the opportunity
    to bring in thousands of dollars each month shouldn't surprise me anymore XD
  16. iller

    Double-Walkers that can retreat inside a SpawnRoom sounds broken AF, NGL
  17. FLHuk

    If you're honest does it sound as broke as a car that can roll over tanks, or go under them, with little or not damage. Take four tank AP rounds all while healing itself?

    If I'm being totally honest it would not be the most broke thing I've seen!

    And there's that long, tried and tested, thing of "Release OP as ****, wait a little bit, or a very long bit, then nerf!"