NSO MAX Changes?

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  1. VV4LL3

    So, let us get this straight -- the ONE benefit of the Defector was just given to every MAX? 450-350 nanites?

    If the NSO MAX weapon and ability descriptions were accurate:

    Seraph Shield: Increase your hitbox and die faster to friendly and hostile fire. Enjoy repulling.

    Self Destruct: Enjoy doing less than a tank mine's worth of damage. But hey, now instead of dying for no reason, you can almost die... then die anyways. Enjoy repulling and STILL having 3 minute cool down on your ability that NO OTHER MAX HAS.

    Grenade printer: You thought unlimmited ammo, with a one second fire delay was worthwhile, just wait until you direct hit someone 4-5 times and they won't die. Unlike the one/two shot TR & NC MAXes. But hey -- you know... at least you have unlimited ammo...

    Hummingbird: Hey, unlimited ammo is amazing, and very useful when 50% of your rounds locked on explode in flight and never make their destination due to poor pathing, or just out ran at normal vehicle speeds.

    Detonator: You thought the one second delay was amazing, just wait until you direct hit someone two-three times if you're lucky on a 5 second flight time where you CANT see the targets. Oh, by the way, it's the ONLY weapon with a almost 0 damage min rage. Unless EVERY OTHER MAX weapon.

    Let's talk about passives:

    Run Speed: As a NSO, set that can of oil down there speedy, because your run speed is 80% of OTHER MAXES. Just sit back and enjoy as they run into the battle first, no need to rush to your death.

    Oh hey, you finally have damage reduction? GREAT! That two seconds is worth while, since your hitbox will be the size of a harasser while slowing you anyways, which also increased your overall damage received from enemies and friendly.

    Friendly fire you say? You mean I can still enjoy taking 100% from my own grenades while a heavy using a devastator POINT BLANK takes 20% damage? Get out of town!!!!

    But hey-- it's a NSO MAX with a MASSIVE head hit box, things will work out in the end anyways.

  2. Shadowpikachu

    The grenade printer relies on 2 direct hits most explosions i the game have considerably less damage.

    Hummingbird is for close range and deterrence as a secondary you get 7 shots and nearly no drop for less aoe, which is an insane trade.

    Detonator needs to have near instant throwing since it's weaker for like 50m AND having only 3 shots.

    The rest sure but it's a paced very balanced max actually, use it properly and be rewarded or be gunned down in no defense slots.

    But now it'll cost the same as a normal MAX so lol, lmao.
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  3. 23rd enigma

    Don't forget the big benefit defector has which is Nanite auto repair. Also the grenade printer is clutch in tunnel fights. I agree with you that the other maxes getting cheaper should not happen.
  4. Kasa

    The others also have this ability, they even have other elements that the NSO MAX does not have like "Ordnance Armor" and "Kinetic Armor".
    and "Kinetic Armor".

    Hypermatic Servos ? To run faster...
    Ablation Mesh ? It is likely to be largely replaced by "Emergency Repair" to stay alive longer.
    Not being able to be reanimated for the Defector will accentuate a shift to a more individual way of playing, unless the resilience offered by Ablation Mesh lasts longer than 2 seconds
  5. VV4LL3

    Would be also nice if NSO MAXes could shoot under water. Still the only MAX that cannot shoot under water. Projectiles disappear on surface impact... yet things like the Stryker, or TR, NC, VS MAX can shoot under and into the water.

  6. VV4LL3

    * Give proper non broken model
    * Give model without MASSIVE HEAD HIT BOX
    * Increase run speed 20% to keep pace with other MAXes
    * Give proper run animation

    All weapons: GIVE A MODEL
    All Weapons: Reduce self-damage to 0% -- no other MAX has this issue.
    Remove ALL MIN Ranges -- no other MAX has this restriction
    Add into-water, and under water usage -- all other MAXes can do this
    Remove fire delay

    * Detonator needs to instant kill infantry.
    * Reticle, or change in ballistic trajector so you don't have to aim at 85 degrees, at a spot you can't even see, just to hope you hit something.
    * remove minimum damage -- no other weapon has that.
    * Increase firerate / or decrease heat gen per round to 5.
    * Make fun, let MAX spawn targeting dart so another player can paint the target for non-line of sight firing
    * give burst fire option

    * fix pathing
    * change lock on to any part of enemy vehicle model, not just center gravity
    * increase magazine/ decreasing round heat, to allow 11 rounds to be on par with other MAXes
    * increase drone speed ~30% -- they still get outran by harassers and galaxies
    * give burst fire option

    Grenade printer:
    * increase personnel / infantry damage 50% to match NC and TR two shot weapons
    * change ballistic arc to more direct fire so it can shoot down hallways and not hit the ceiling

    Other weapon ideas:

    * fires barrage of 10 anti-infantry or vehicle CLOSE range mini rockets
    Two mods
    Fire tip -- catches infantry on fire
    armor pen -- does 20% more dmg to vehicles

    * drastically increase infantry damage and AOE range. current damage knocks back most/ all infantry and maxes
    * drastically reduce cooldown from 2.25 minutes to 1 minute to be on par with other MAX abilities,
    ** ability to stop self destruct timer and allow countdown to reset like aegis shield, etc...
    * remove run speed decrease

    Seraph Shield:
    * native all damage type resistance increased to 80%
    * Uncouple shield from health pool, or have 50% healthpool rapid recharge on own
    * remove run speed decrease

    CHASIS Idea:
    * Self-Destruct alternative spec -- MAX turns into giant cruise missile. same effect, but anti-vehicle damage.
  7. Shadowpikachu

    Bro what no to like any of this what the hell, it's balanced and fair with a unique spot on the team, while having a very strong attack with alternating arms and aoe damage being the limiter that makes it not insanely braindead.

    We need to get every max to this level with a special usecase rather then overbuffing the defector.

    Defector prob isnt as fast as others because their melee is kinda insane.

    So much of this is just, are we even playing the same game here?

    Hummingbird second alone works great in all angles ive been with a friend using it for like 300 kills over 2 days, it's only avoided by circling or speeding off far away at max speed, what more do you want from it when it also has little downside and an extra shot AND works just as fine against infantry and tanks??

    I'll agree to the underwater thing though.
  8. VV4LL3

    So you're saying nerf all the MAXes to be like the defector?
  9. Shadowpikachu

    More or less, they will always have active ability to kill faster even with current pts nerf,they should be balanced at 450 not 350 and keep their cost in live imo just when looking at their design to mulch infantry on sight and do great at close range.

    A lot of it is because the main attack and abilities of the defector would become INSANELY broken without the maybe a bit too tight restrictions, no self damage makes insane suicide bombing and changes the style of play greatly change, no speed reduction means suicide bomb and better versus crowd max gets to reposition very fast (though not a bad thing maybe on the second half).

    Some QoL would help but generally it's a max with downsides and has times when you want to pull it with a defined role and that's what maxes should be since otherwise you get a better TTK with more aim required by just rolling infantry which the headshot nerf is going to help sell.
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  10. VV4LL3

    I'd be down for massive nerfs for MAXes to bring them down to the NSO Defector.

    Not sure if everyone else would agree though.
  11. Shadowpikachu

    Idk if it's even possible due to the ways they do damage and defense options.
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  12. VV4LL3

    You'd have to start by having other faction MAXes take damage from their own weapons. add delays to fire, and firing arcs. decrease damage drastically. ... and make their hit boxes massive. Oh... make firing all weapons like underwater with projectile delay/ slow pathing. Can we also take away passives? This would be fun!
  13. Shadowpikachu

    Haha not exactly, the defector has a smaller hitbox to begin with too.

    Defector only has that self damage to limit how nutty crazy the attack can be since aoe has very little max damage limits due to hitting crowds.
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  14. VV4LL3

    The head hit box extends from the mid neck to the top of the back, mid shoulder wide -- massive!!! 3-4 times the size of other MAXes.
    Give it a try. Your... or well... their head will explode.

    Explosion type: doesn't matter... most armors are resistant to the damage type. 11? I think.
  15. typnct

    in all honesty, all you need to do with the NSO max is to give him passive healing that constantly works + ORDANANCE ARMOR FOR CHRIST SAKE

    it is currently the weakest and most expensive max that i can think of, it mostly cannot be used, will die for 2 regular granades and has the same nanite cost + lower health + no ordanace/small arms protection + no anti max weaponary
    the only weapon that is actually specialized against maxes will still die in 3/2 seconds to an AV nc/tr/vs max - it is ridiculous

    so either buff their health and give them the armor, or reduce its cost to 250 nanites...