NSO D7 Hummingbird still too slow/ ineffective

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by VV4LL3, Feb 7, 2023.

  1. VV4LL3

    Anyone else notice the projectiles are STILL getting out ran at normal speeds? They need about 30% speed increase.

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  2. VV4LL3

    Damage is still too low, as well.

    Swarm out performs in every way.
  3. Walking Shark

    Anti air in general needs a range buff. Also an implant to speed up lock on times would be a nice change.
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  4. Shadowpikachu

    It isn't mainly anti-air, it also has way less drop and an extra shot for less damage, the lockon is extra antiair that is successful at getting things to go away rather then kill them, if they dont go away they die and if it's a galaxy you do insane damage over time to it.
  5. VV4LL3

    That's an amazing idea!
  6. VV4LL3

    Galaxy can outrun the rounds.

    Also, the pathing is horrible -- so ground vehicles are constantly able to out manuever behind a skinny tree since it paths to the middle of the model.

    Also also, you can only lock on if you have visibility of the middle of the model .... parts don't count.