[Suggestion] NSO AR , Sniper Rifles, SMG and LMG weapon feedback

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  1. 23rd enigma

    Assault rifles
    It's no secret that the NSO assault rifle Arsenal is the worst one of the four factions. The ar100 being the best of the three non ARX NSO exclusive assault rifles, is still mediocre despite its Buffs. It does not compete well enough with the other default assault rifles of the other factions. AR101 becomes a hard pick when you have the NS11A. The only redeeming factors are the shotgun under barrel attachment for the 101 and the extra range for ar100 with HVA. The AR ARX Maxwell which is the best NSO AR still has problems with the aim down sight bloom being a tad too inaccurate making it feel worse than the tr cycler for example. I suggest buffing the bullet velocity of the ar100 and buffing the Maxwell's ADS COF to match the ar100. The arn 203 needs heavy buffs to its ROF during the burst or removing the burst delay.

    What I hope is that someday NSO will get a Carnage AR clone or an 800/143 Assault rifle.

    Sniper Rifles
    The NSO Sniper rifles are just straight up downgrades to the other factions. Why is this the case?
    SR100- Has lower fire rate than other ES counterparts and lacks the ballistic computer that removes scope in sway. Buff its ROF to match the other factions, and give it the ballistic computer. The sr 150 is just a nerfed sr100.
    MAKO- Slower ADS speed makes it much worse than the Ghost, Sasr, and Tsar. Buff mako to match those.
    Einstein- needs 450 max damage (to have 1 Hit kill agianss infils) and a velocity buff
    LMG .

    The LMG arsenal is mostly saved by the XMG100 and the AR arx Galilei. Both of these guns are pretty good and hold their ground .
    The xmg 200 and 150 feel weak, however. Both feel like they need a slight bump to their fire rate. 632 rpm for the xmg150 and 577 rpm for the xmg200. XMG 200 could sacrifice SPA for this so it wouldn't be too strong .

    The PMG 200 needs a magazine size buff .The PMG 3x is the best nso SMG and the punisher is another great option.

    Please devs consider taking another look at the NSO infantry arsenal:(..
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  2. UberNoob1337101

    As I was about to make a NSO small arms thread, this pops up. Pretty much what I would've wrote.

    Anyways, NSO absolutely needs these :

    800RPM/143DMG 0.75 ADS assault rifle
    A slow fire rate, high damage assault rifle

    CB-200 could use a recoil buff, it kicks a bit too hard now without foregrip and compensator, it's a worse Pulsar C rn.
    An extra 0.75 ADS carbine wouldn't hurt, the other 3 factions have amazing variants (Jaguar, Bandit, Zenith).

    Mako needs to become more specialized in either long range or short range, right now no 1-3.4x sights, 1.4s rechamber (2nd slowest in the game), slower ADS speed (on par with long range BASRs) and lowest BASR damage limit it's use in both long and short range.
    Create a new BASR that does the opposite of the new Mako.
    Consider adding extra effects on hit or enhancing stats like CoF bloom and recoil of duplicate semi-auto snipers like SR-150 or SR-L75.
    Maybe give the L-75 weighted receiver.
    Buff SR-100 to have the same RPM as the other ES variants.

    Make the SMGs on par with the ES variants of other factions, a mag size increase wouldn't hurt and the awkward damage of Schrodinger should get bumped to 63x2 instead of 60x2

    Newton should get 0 starting CoF when "ADSing", and maybe bump the fire rate to 729RPM (Zenith RPM) or 750RPM (TRAC/Jaguar RPM), which would be pretty good for a CQC-only weapon now that bigger projectile size is gone.

    Revamp the Dirac directive pistol to be based around the Harbinger's stats.

    Buff the Maxwell to 750RPM and reduce starting hipfire CoF.

    Give the Galilei a muzzle velocity buff to be on par with Orion or CARV

    Add a unique ES LMG, ES Launcher, ES pistol and ES sniper.
  3. Hersiphar

    As NSO main,

    Assault Rifles :
    The AR100 and AR-N203 are solid options, lack a bit against standart default over factions equivalent, but are easy to play.
    The AR-101 is... playable. But a weaker version of NS-11A.
    The lack of CQB weapons can be solved with SMG. Not as versatile, but fonctional.

    Carabines :
    Good options, good weapons, adapt for La and Ingee (and Medic with ASP, gaining some good CQB options)
    No real need for more.

    LMG :
    XMG-100 is very (very very) powerfull. One of the bests LMG of the game.
    XMG-155 is not the weakest weapon of the game, but it' a very niche option (Perfect of shooting moving distant targets, atricious for CQB)
    XMG-200 is not bad, but... XMG-100 is just better in all situations.

    Shotguns :
    Why not. i dislike playing shotguns, preferring SMG and pistols at close range.
    SG-A25 is pretty strong.

    Snipers :
    Ok, SR-100 is praying for a balistic computer. Give him, look, he's crying :(
    Not a bad weapon, but outclassed by other empires gear.
    SR-150 semms been forgotted when the semi-auto snipers was buffed, and now is a SR-100 withoutt the adventages.
    SR-L75 is as good as other factions short range semi-auto snipers.
    Mako is OP. He can OS when shotting at the head, so he's OP. No need for more.

    Scout :
    BAR-100 is extremly rarely seen, and has a very aggressive gameplay. Outclassed by vandal, but fuin ti use.
    BAR-200 is probably the best scout rifle in the game now.
    The BAR-A50 is a good weapon, but if you can equip, you can use the BAR-200 instead.

    SMG :
    Strong options, and a world for the PMG-3XB : unique, and soooooo powerfull. I don't know who is the mad dev having this idea, BUT I WAN'T MORE IDEAS LIKE THAT !

    Pistols :
    Did you know ? NSO have very strong pistols, like TR or NS standart ones.
    The big bullet hitbox help a lot (like the old Newton)
    The Lastly is the perfect exemple of an underatted weapon : so strong, so easy to use, so permissive.
    The Recall is ok, but with some specifics weapons as primary (archer like, etc.) is god tiers.
    The Harbringer is very good, but at m sense, weaker than Lastly (Yes !).

    Anti material Rifle :
    Linecutter is one of the best AMR in the game.

    Heavy gun :
    Give me one NSO specific, forr the directive, pleassssssse

    No world for directive weapons. There are from fine to strong, with some niche gameplay.

    So... Way less options, but we have strong ones, and we (NSO) are competitive with other factions for gunplay.
    Snipers are a bit too weak, but remove infiltrators, and problem solved :p
  4. 23rd enigma

    The ARN 203 feels worse than the Sabr and guass rifle burst, which both have the same 167 damage at 600 rounds per minute. Both sabr and guass rifle lack burst delay while the arn 203 has delay. Those two guns are direct upgrades to the arn 203 IMO due to this. The ARN 203 can be good if you have amazing headshot accuracy to abuse the 20m 3shot HS kill, but for most player sit will be inconsistent at achieving this in 1 burst. Thats why I think changing the arn 203's 632 RPM burst to 750-800rpm would be a decent buff.

    You may have a point about the mako. Despite being worse than the other BASR , it's still OP due to being OHK on a class that can easily set it up. Let's add the makos ADS delay to the ghost, tsar, and sasr :p.. They will still OP.

    The BAR A50 is a mediocre weapon at best. When you aim down sights with it, it has a slightly longer delay to tighten up its ADS Cone of Fire than other weapons. This makes it feel sluggish to use because you need to stand still longer when you aim to get full accuracy. I'm surprised very few people mentioned it in this thread because you can tell in vr training the bar a50 needs extra time than other weapons.