NS Swarm vs Striker.. is there really a difference?

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  1. Haquim

    No, noclipping was a bug that applied to every lockon launcher (even if VS and NC like to "forget" that)
    And the Flares not working was a bug with the flares - that of course also applied to any lockon.

    Both bugs worked on a "per-rocket" basis though and since the Striker fired more than one - well I guess you know the rest.
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  2. Liewec123

    no they're not wrong.
    1. with the old striker once you first gained lock on your target would usually flee behind terrain, but that didn't matter the lock would remain, this was fixed later, so swarm wont work like that.
    2+3. in the same patch that removed the LOS abuse rockets were given a shorter life span and less speed and agility to give ESFs a chance and not instantly spell their doom.

    swarm is NOT striker 1.0, i was around for striker 1.0 and i'll be around for swarm,
    swarm will be a flea compared to striker's reign of terror.
  3. OldMaster80

    It's not exactly how you described it, range is not so long but it seems in pair with the other rocket launchers. Lock is instead maintained even if you lose LoS, in fact you can lock turn take cover and for a few seconds the lock will be maintained. Missiles last enough to do the job like with other rocket launchers, and they are EXTREMELY fast in the second fire mode.
    The fact they won't hit thorugh terrain is still to be proved: population on PTS is ridicolous and almost everyone is in the VR training so no one knows.

    I was quite afraid by the Swarm but after a decent test I can say it's just another lock on rocket launcher, nothing more nothing less. This could have been the Striker. It looks slightly more flexible than the Grounder due to good damage and 2 fire modes but if you already have the Grounder you probably do not need to buy the Swarm.
    Personally I think the impact of this RL on the game will next to zero.

    The 3 ESAV have much more potential to change our battles than the Swarm: after yesterda's update 1 magazine of the Gatekeeper can set a Vanguard of fire, if it hits from behind.
  4. Ryo313

    and again you are wrong!
    i locked on to an ESF and shot at it... then i lost my line of sight and guess what... after 5s bam hit..x3

    go to the PTS and test it out before you spead nonsense.

    DBG is turning TR traints into common pool (NS weapons)
    i doubt you'd like it when DBG also takes VS and NC traits and turns them into common pool..but then whats the point in having 3 empires if they all are the same?
    that concept is bad for ps2 imo. faction diversity should be a thing.

    and why the heck a new weapon? nobody asked for it. there are existing ones who needs a fix first!
    when the swarm comes to live i hope TR stops playing because this weapon is an insult towards TR and their playerbase!
  5. Silkensmooth

    I dont get the TR cries about the striker.

    I currently play TR. Halfway through br99.

    I bought a striker when it was OP, because I like to test things before i go on the forum and complain about them.

    Striker was completely broken. Worse than any other weapon that has ever been in the game.

    Now its fun to use. More effective against podders and less effective against A2A pilots instead of the other way around which was the old striker.

    Its great against vehicles as opposed to a standard dumbfire due to its very decent range.

    The striker now requires some skill and aiming and the need to properly lead targets.

    It is indeed all of the things that a rocket launcher should be.

    We dont need overpowered skilless lock-ons in this game. They are teh lose.
  6. Liewec123

    oh you mean like the slow firing hard hitting Commissioner?
    or the the NS Jackhammer?
  7. Ryo313

    exactly >.>
    so NS Lancer and NS Lasher are next?
  8. Scr1nRusher

    NS Lancer is the Archer basically
  9. Ryo313

    nope.. nope its not.. archer doesn't have any charge up mechanics for example. and the lancer deals a bit more dmg to vehicles iirc
  10. Scr1nRusher

    The Archer is a uncharged lancer.
  11. Ryo313

    1. archer isn't a RL
    2. chargeing mechanic is one of VS's traits and the archer doesn't share it
  12. Scr1nRusher

    I was saying that it does the same damage to vehicles as a uncharged lancer.
  13. Ryo313

    and thats the only thing they have in common...
    that doesn't make the NS Archer a NS Lancer.... i was more refering to a NS RL that acutally can charge its shots and can "instagib" like the lancer does.
  14. Scr1nRusher

    Ahh ok, that makes more sense.
  15. Ryo313

    yeah like for example you can only charge it with 3 shots then you have to reload. the lancer can do that twice.
    same with the swarm only having 3 instead of 6 rockets ...