NS Swarm Feed Back

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by WetPatch, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. WetPatch

    I bought it straight away after seeing a video of it in action.

    My opinion, I thought it was fun to use considering its a lock on, it's got 450m range which is nice and the velocity type is a cool gimmick.

    It currently has a reload bug with only reloading 1 rocket a time from a ammo pack.

    Like with other lockons I think their effectiveness against air will diminish as pilots learn to jink the missiles.

    Over all, I like using it, I don't like it so much when used against me.
  2. ScrapyardBob

    Thanks, I'm curious to see what others think and whether it will be a niche weapon, or a mainstay.
  3. CorporationUSA

    Depending on the mode the user selects, it can be outrun by a Reaver with a hover airframe and no fuel pods. It's the only lock-on launcher in the game where that can happen.

    The rockets also like to behave strangely, sometimes dodging around terrain to hit the target, sometimes circling the target and doing nothing. And I made a thread about it ignoring the increased lock-on time added by stealth. Right now, the launcher feels like a buggy mess, and quite unreliable.

    That is my experience, both when using the swarm, and in an ESF. I might give it another shot on one of my alts, but I want to wait and see what others are saying about it first.