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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Commander Beanbag, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Commander Beanbag

    Had an idea for a new sniper rifle. It's likely going to have to be NS.

    The general idea is for this rifle to have a damage slope that increases with distance instead of decrease. This would be explained by having the projectiles be rocket powered.
    Another point is that it should be capable of OHKs with shots to the body after a certain distance. However, one of many points to balance this: It should never do this to targets with any level of nanoweave. I.E. the rocket would do 1000 damage max.
    Now, I'm going to give some numbers, which are entirely open for suggestion so please don't dismiss the entire idea based on my view of balance.

    The rocket is initially launched with a coil gun setup, and the engine ignites once it leaves the barrel. The damage slope starts at 250 or 300, and ramps up to 1000 damage at 225 meters.
    The rocket runs out of fuel at 250 meters. I don't think the damage should decrease here, since a rocket would be heavy enough to travel 75 meters without losing significant damage potential. The damage slope would flatten.

    As for velocity, well I'm not sure what numbers would be balanced here, so I'm just going to guess.
    Like damage, velocity would increase with distance. Just like some rocket launchers have acceleration, this sniper will have it too, except the acceleration would last up until the fuel in the rocket runs out.
    I'll start with this: velocity is initially 150m/s, accelerates up to 400m/s by the time the fuel runs out.

    As for ammo, I'll start with this. The magazine only holds 1 shot (so not really a magazine). Maximum ammo is 12 rockets. This does create an issue with the ammo belt suit, so an exception will need to be made for that. Possibly 3 more rockets per level?

    Optics options would be the standard 6x-12x scopes.

    Now for a pros and cons list!
    • OHKs on bodyshot
    • Not empire specific
    • Must compensate for acceleration
    • Only OHKs at long range
    • Does not OHK nanoweave targets (unless headshot)
    • Visible smoke trail from the rocket engine
    • Low ammo count
    • Must reload after every shot
    • More or less useless outside the OHK damage range
    • Highly visible flash when the rocket engine ignites
    I also had a couple ideas for ammo attachments.
    Smart Fins: Installs automatic stabilising fins to the rockets, reducing (or removing) bullet drop. Adds 10%-20% penalty to velocity.
    Fuel Dispersion System: In the event of the rocket impacting something before the fuel runs out, fuel will be ejected and ignited to create a small explosion, similarly to a thermobaric bomb. Damage is proportional to the distance traveled. Not sure what to put for actual cons for equipping this other than not being able to equip smart fins. Voice your ideas!

    Remember, all of this is open to discussion! So please, give your input.
  2. Wizlawz

    i could see this as a sniper anti-vehicle wep...but not really a prime against infantry....except against MAX maybe.
  3. MrWolf3

    Yea, Make this an Anti Max alternative for inifes and MAYBE heavies. I think it is a good idea tweak the numbers a bit and make it less effective against infantry it could be a good idea.
  4. Problem Officer

    I like this, a deadly yet consciously dodgeable sniper. The starting damage should be lower though.
    This seems like the perfect reason to use the Rangefinder implant.
    Not entirely sure if it fits the Infiltrator though.
  5. Moz

    I like this idea, I would just modify the idea for AV instead of AI.

    We have enough options to take out infantry and i would really like to see some sort of heavy vehicle rifle for the infi in PS2.

    Think the Pilum H-AVR from BF2142, but with a bit more thinking about how it implemented (not just a rocket reskin thingy).

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  6. ahandyman

    Make the bullet speed super slow, like 450-500 m/s tops, and max damage at like 750, and I could get behind this.
  7. Rohxer

    Yeah, while I've always thought that AV sniper rifles in general would be OP, I could get behind something like this in that role. The clearly visible smoke, etc + slower initial speed (so a vehicle driver looking for it would be able to maneuver) could make it acceptable.
  8. Commander Beanbag

    Light assault is the intended class for AV rocket rifles. I don't want powerful AV on the infil either, just a unique sniper.