NS ops colors not clearly visible

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by karlooo, May 9, 2019.

  1. karlooo

    So how am I supposed to know what faction this is unless it's right in my face? When I saw the dev stream showing off these characters for the first time, I thought the color would be an issue but the devs said it's perfectly visible, well it's not.

    Like was it an problem to ask the designer to give these units more of their faction color, give it some more contrast or whatever?
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  2. DarkStarAnubis

    Playing as NSOP I can tell you that you get TKilled more than usual and, for some odd reason, friendly medics tend to ignore you in favor of ES team mates when you are lying dead on the floor...
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  3. VeryCoolMiller

    shoot the robot !
  4. Eternaloptimist

    Strangely (perhaps) I have not experienced team killing as a robot but I have been rezzed many times. It may depend on server or faction - I play robot on Cobalt where I am mostly supporting VS.
  5. JibbaJabba


    The faction colors need to be significantly enhanced. Make the entire shoulder pads/plates and leg pads/plates the faction color.

    At some point we're going to have to make them properly distinguishable with Infra Vision, INRV, Threat as well.
  6. oOHansOo

    @DarkStarAnubis Medics don't ignore you as an NSO, there just is no skull over a robot, when it's on the ground.
    Works, or better, doesn't work the other way too, a NSO medic will not see a skull over a dead allied player, unless it is another robot.
    I think the game counts the robots as their own faction, so IFF is a bit wonky.
    There are other examples, as a NSO you can spot and identify enemy vehicles, but the stuff of the faction you fight for has no name, healthbar or any other identification outside of short range, not even team colors.
  7. Trebb

    YES, I can never tell if an aircraft or tank is friendly until I'm right on top of it. Testing it with Q doesn't work half the time either.
  8. Dargadon

    Currently "dead" icon - skull with bones - is not displaying for downed NSO teammates. So you will be revived only by skilled medic who keep an eye for situation.
  9. AlmightyGeorge

    Please add more empire colour to these guys. Its truly difficult to properly distinguish.
  10. OneShadowWarrior

    You know what? This is a good point, I often have to hold my shots back for the same reason, as I often can’t figure out if they are enemy or not.
  11. FIN Faravid

    They dont necessarily need more empire color, but they should use 2 empire colors, for example:
    purple stripe
    brighter teal stripe in the middle
    purple stripe
    This would make them stand out no matter what camo you are wearing. If you are wearing camo that is close enough to your faction color, it can camoflage it. This is why all faction markings should always be in 2 colors: darker faction color outlines and bright faction color stripe/marking in the middle. It would make them stand out as easily as possible.

    But considering how sometimes in this game you cant see colors almost at all since something masks it, maybe some bright particle effects or weird sci fi light plants or light fog or something, sometimes all you see is model and if robots are similar to all factions, it is hard to tell if they are friendly or not.
    Lighting in this and numerous other game(s) is also why black is so popular camoflage. It is truly horrible in real life, even in night it would be better to wear your regular camo. Plants or animals dont loose any color during nights, it just is less visible because there is less light, so just wear regular camo and that will look a lot darker in the night, and works way better than black camo.

    And even in real life silhouette is best way to identify friend from foe.

    Since this is video game, it might be best if everyone has illuminated faction markings, in same spots and they should be equally visible for all teams.
    I dont know, but what ever is decided i want all factions and armors to be on same level when it comes to visibility. At the moment i am considering abandoning my cool AVA armor because especially on heavy assault you have annoying light beacons at night that give you away. I dont mind painted faction colors since everyone has those, and sicne Ava armors have so much faction color i can wear any camo i want and still friends can recognize me.
    And AVA armor does also have huge amount of charcoal black that does not get covered by camo, which is problematic in Esamir and sometimes Indar.

    If everyone has illuminated faction logos in same places in every armor, there would be no need to consider how well friendlies/enemy can see me and i could just wear what ever looks best. At the moment it varies hugely from armor to armor and faction to faction and class to class.
  12. 0dineye

    Camos affect this greatly.
  13. Starbridge

    I like the idea, and I don't like the idea at the same time. At first it did really bother me that the colors were hard to see, but I have kind of adapted to the point of, if it doesn't have a friendly colored arrow over its head. Sucka gets shot.

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