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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Jaeger41, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Jaeger41

    So we finally have a new MAX weapon! Two of these basically make you equivalent to a Basilisk turret. I've only had a chance to play with it a little in VR. As an NC player, my first reaction was "Look at ALL THAT AMMO!!" 40 rounds in a standard clip, 60 with extended mags. NC MAXes aren't used to such luxury. My second reaction was "I can kill infantry AT RANGE!". It is great to finally have a decent alternative to shotguns. I currently use dual Falcons as my general-purpose loadout, but I could easy see using dual Gorgons instead.

    Have to see how useful these will be for AA, just like the Basilisk.

    Curious as to other's thoughts, especially those in other factions...
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  2. Armcross

    Totally forgot about this weapon because of all constructions going on.
  3. Azawarau


    An entire clip wont kill most machines face first from their weak spot

    8 shot face first infantry kill is nice for all max suits but its not amazing IMO

    I have very little experience with it though so my opinion may change
  4. LaughingDead

    I'd like to think of it as like an archer. You don't deck infantry well, you don't deck tanks well but you can harrass the **** out of both.
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  5. Razeprime

    Imo the Gorgon should receive a considerable buff. Atm, a dual-Gorgon MAX is the equivalent of a single Basilisk. The main problem with this is that EVERYTHING that uses the Basilisk is considerably less squishy and/or harder to hit than a MAX. As such, the Gorgon should receive a buff to compensate for this.
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  6. Freighter

    I made another thread in general discussion before I saw this one. Basically they don't compare to fractures, fractures deal more damage and are easier to hit with for both infantry and vehicles. The TR MAX's Lockdown rate of fire boost didn't change my opinion.

    Completely underwhelmed by the addition of this gun TBH. I was about to buy both in either black or gold before I tried them out.
  7. cobaltlightning

    Personally, I see the Gorgon as an 'adept to all but master of none' type. Considering how I play my MAX, the Gorgons suit me pretty well. Then again, I like to stick with my allies.

    In terms of what it actually does, I agree it's kind of a 'meh' as well, at least compared to the other options. The best way to use the versatility of the Gorgons is to take them when you're not sure what you are going to be dealing with, or if you know the situation can change rapidly and you cannot resupply quickly enough. You won't be left defenseless, at least.

    On the other hand, the steady 125 Damage per bullet means you can reliably damage vehicles at range to a pretty decent degree.

    If killing ain't gonna happen, then go with suppression or harassment, especially on the larger manned vehicles. Alternate Arms, as in one fires right after the other and repeat, rather than firing both arms simultaneously. It might make that tank driver think there is multiple Gorgon MAXes or a pair of Basilisk Harassers instead of just you.

    For AA, It is again a resounding 'Meh.' I'd stick with the Bursters for AA.
  8. Ryo313

    its a NS weapon and as such it does what its supposed to do.
    'adept to all but master of none' type thats what NS weapons should be.
    for the "master of something" type you have ES weapons with their specific traits.

    keep in mind i only tested this weapon inside the VR. and yes its noway near any TR chaingun but its not bad either.
  9. LaughingDead

    Again to my previous post, think of it as an archer, where as with enough archer shots you can keep a steady stream of damage on a target and in some cases actually kill it or even put the last bullet in it for the kill, for gorgons I would imagine it's the same but better dps and better against infantry.
  10. Psykmoe

    I enjoy Gorgons. Against infantry they're merely adequate. A pair of TR Mercies will do the same damage with 252rpm more (both arms combined), more accuracy, bigger mags, higher velocity and faster reload. And as the 'precise' MAX gun, Mercies are already at the low end of MAX AI dps. With Gorgons, you win fights against infantry because your MAX is a giant sack of hitpoints, not because the guns are notable.

    Against vehicles they're pretty okay. Very forgiving to use, although empire specific weapons will do better if all you're doing is shooting vehicles and landing most of your hits. First generation AV weapons are more damaging if you can hit all your shots (generally up close), second gen weapons are easier to land hits at range with. But Gorgons are easier to keep on target at longer ranges than first gen AV, and up close where you land all your bullets, they're not too much worse compared to Ravens/Fractures/Vortex and less vulnerable to infantry. It's significantly less fun to try and swat infantry with Ravens/Vortex than blapping them with Falcons or Comets ;)

    Gorgons are good against MAXes. Dues to resists, Mercies take 80 hits to kill a MAX, Gorgons take 45, easily making up for the inferior rate of fire. Unlike, say, a Basilisk, Gorgons do the full x2 damage on headshots, too. An experienced Comet/Pounder user is still likely to dumpster you, but you got a solid chance.

    So they're pretty alright at most things and good against MAXes, and you can engage any type of target to some extend without having to go switch weapons. That convenience factor is great.
  11. Iridar51

    I'd try them out if they didn't cost bloody 4 thousand certs.

    IMO dual gorgons should be the default MAX weapons. They are the definition of what a newbie would want to have other instead of a meh combo of one AI arm plus one AV or AA arm.
  12. cobaltlightning

    I'd say they're worth the $14 USD for the pair, if only because they hop factions with you, like most other NS Weapons.

    Another thing I forgot to add on that I hate is the recoil strength.
  13. Psykmoe

    I agree they'd make a pretty good generalist starter loadout. Anyway, it turned out when I bought exmags for one arm, they got unlocked for both. Such generosity must surely be a bug, but I appreciate only needing to buy one of those ridiculous 500 cert upgrades
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  14. Daigons

    I've only kicked around with these in the training center, but I wonder how these weapons compare to the Vanu Max weapons? I constantly feel like I pulled the wrong VS Max weapons. Pulling Blueshifts/Cosmos for AI work and suddenly finding yourself facing several enemy vehicles and/or Maxes. Pulling Comets only to find yourself getting swarmed by infantry, heavies with dumfires and C4 fairies. Pulling Bursters and eventually finding yourself surrounded by ground vehicles & infantry.
  15. NXR1

    All gorgons did was really allow NC MAX to dominate at all ranges now without anything that can even challenge them, its the era of NC MAX oppression, run while you can.
  16. Daigons

    After trying them out several times in VR, I'm finding them too expensive to fully purchase.
  17. Helaton

    I've used the dual gorgons now and they have a lot of kick. Their rate of fire won't replace a decent AI weapon. Jack of all trades (more like an 7/8 of all trades), master of none fits the bill pretty well.

    You do not want to take them CQC, leave them at range and they are meh at AI. I got them hoping for something better outside of slugs and shotguns, but the accuracy is poor for anti-infantry in the 30/40m+ range. Treat them more as a support/suppression gun. If the recoil was better, they would be a much better weapon. As of now they are kinda meh and the recoil means they are meant to hit bigger targets like maxes/vehicles.
  18. Helaton

    I wanted to add that I've had the recent opportunity to dump a number of hours into TR. While situational, max lockdown and the Gorgons are a pretty good combination in the 10-20m range as an all-purpose weapon. Get extended magazines though, it burns through ammo fast. With lockdown, I like the Gorgon's much more than when I used them on NC. Soon I'll try them out on Vanu maxes.

    NC - Mattock with Slugs instead, Ravens for AV (I prefer dual falcons more than dual gorgons for All Purpose munition)
    TR - Pretty fun to use w/ Lockdown (but you may prefer a more specialized AV or AI weapon)
    VN - ?
  19. CMDante

    I'm pleased with the weapons. If they were any more powerful against infantry TR MAX weapons would be completely obsoleted. The vehicle damage isn't great solo, but they're perfectly qualified to finish off wounded or unaware vehicles AND still deal respectable damage to infantry without much hassle.

    A good get.
  20. toxs

    aim for the head