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  1. DeitaChan

    So this weapon is intended more as long range artillery right? Max range around 325 by my testing..However actually hitting a target at that distance is near impossible because you have to tilt the camera up so high that the target is no longer visible so you cant see where the shot landed.

    My suggestion is simple, have on the hud the esf display where you get the angle your tilted at, and probably a display of which angles give which distances, and you can get the range from a personal waypoint. Point is, knowing the camera tilt will allow players to actually use this at far range.

    NS Detonator**
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  2. VV4LL3

    The Anti-Material Rifle (AMR) offers more consistent damage and a wider range than the Defector's Detonator. It's particularly more lethal against infantry—while a direct hit from a Detonator might not always secure a kill unless it's a headshot, the AMR can take down infantry more effectively and from greater distances. Quite an advantage, isn't it? The developers really should make the AOE damage against infantry infinitely higher.

    The Detonator, like many tools in the NSO arsenal, seems to be a remnant from a previous developer's vision to create a support faction. This faction was intended to help balance empire populations during peak times. Unfortunately, this concept resulted in a faction that feels underpowered and frustrating, often avoided by veteran players who are disinclined to play on the losing side.

    Consequently, the NSO has inadvertently turned into a faction for newcomers attracted by the promise of experiencing a different aspect of the game where they can enable combat. However, they soon discover that the faction's weapons, vehicles, and abilities generally fall short when compared to those of the main empires. Sans engineer repair module, this dream is truly a nightmare for gameplay balance.

    To the elitists ready with "get good" or "learn how to play" retorts—please refrain. The volume of similar complaints suggests that this is more than just a skill issue; it's indicative of fundamental imbalances that need addressing to provide a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.
  3. Ps2pIayer

    just Q spot your target if its long range tank sitting in place like they always do - then go into your map and right click and place down a beacon marker. the map marker will literally show you where you need to aim and its just a matter of knowing how high or low to shoot at. keep doing this and eventually you wont even need to do that once you actually practice it unless its a vehicle behind a hill or rock.
  4. VV4LL3

    Great idea, but no tank sits there after one hit. lol It takes what, 6-7 to destroy a lightning w/ fire suppression? That is an incredible amount of time to move, headshot you with an AP round, and drive away laughing.

    Use the marker tactic with a spotter on sunderers, colossus, and the occasional farming choke point -- but all too niche and rare to make this weapon remotely viable. One infantry can melee you to death due to the long delay to fire, projectile speed, low / decreased damage.
  5. Ps2pIayer

    maybe if you started to practice instead of making copium posts about it youd realize it only takes 3 shots at max range to get a lightning on flaming, and 3 shots to a MBT at long range gets them to half HP smoking. the D-11 detonator is single handedly the strongest tank deterrence when used correctly, i can easily tell by what your saying and the fact you dont even know about map marking targets for common sense artillary tells me you still haven't bothered.
  6. TRspy007

    I never did understand the hate for the defector, in my opinion it's one of the strongest maxes. It shreds everything including other maxes, melees three times as fast, it's got a much smaller hitbox and moves much faster than other maxes so it's harder to hit, and has infinite ammo xD. Really it's probably one of the only things i enjoy on nso.

    I think adding a hud like that might make it too easy to use, they'd have to lower the damage or something to compensate. Because as soon as the defector lines up the range correctly the targets pretty much dead.
  7. VV4LL3

    I feel like you never actually played an NSO Defector, much like the developers when they release it.

    1. The NSO Defector does indeed have more HP with the [Salvage Equipped] perk, providing a quick HP boost after a kill. However, its overall DPS is lower than other MAXes. Additionally, its grenade damage type uniquely benefits the NSO MAX, as other MAXes lack resistance to this type of explosion. Also, consider that it is the ONLY MAX that receives damage from its own weapons. The NSO Defector also doesn't have resistances like other MAXes as well.Seraph shield also takes damage from your grenade's own splash damage -- the degree of how poorly this unit was designed is astonishing.

    2. The claim that the Defector's melee is three times faster than other MAXes is incorrect. The standard MAX punch speed is about 200 RPM, while the Defector's melee speed is approximately effectively 60 RPM (contrary to the 100 RPM listed in the toolbox), which is actually one-third the speed, not three times. Also, the melee does 500 damage compared to the 750 of other MAXes. Furthermore, the Defector's melee can't reach ground targets, such as beacons underwater, due to its lack of underwater capabilities.

    3. As for mobility, the NSO Defector runs at only 80% the speed of other MAXes. In our outfit events dubbed "MAX Migration," where all members pull MAXes and traverse the continent, the NSO Defectors are consistently the slowest.

    4. Regarding the hitbox size, the NSO Defector used to have a disproportionately large head hitbox—so large that the model had to be redesigned because the rear also counted as a head hitbox. Even after these adjustments, it still has the largest head hitbox among the MAXes.

    5. Infinite ammo might seem advantageous, but it’s hardly a benefit in practical scenarios. Stand on an ammo box, problem solved. MAXes generally don't survive long enough to deplete their ammo, especially since the no-revive nerf. With the Defector's firing rates and cooldowns, its DPS is lower compared to other MAXes. The design choice of unlimited ammo is peculiar for a unit intended to be team-oriented, where coordination with an engineer for ammo is typical.

    6. Regarding the additional HUD suggestion you mentioned, the long flight time and low DPS of the Defector's projectiles mean that even with precise range alignment, targets are far from guaranteed kills. Basic maneuvers and the slightest distance adjustment render these attacks ineffective. The Defector's unique vulnerabilities, especially to C4 attacks which slow it more severely than other MAXes, further diminish its effectiveness in both anti-infantry and anti-vehicle roles. The slow projectile speeds of its weapons, like the Hummingbird, are easily outpaced even by slower vehicles, making them inefficient against most targets. This design seems to lack thorough gameplay testing and consideration for balance.

    a HUD won't be able to fix the incredible underperforming mechanics of the Defector when compared against other MAX damage, ability, and survivability.
  8. Ps2pIayer

    Sure. thats alot of wording to tell me you dont bother practicing. also, marking the sundy only took me 2-3 seconds to do.