NS-AM7 Archer should belong to Infiltrators?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Kyomon, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Gemenai

    Well infiltrators have explosive bolts for QCX, so "sole roll of anti infantry" can't be. Allthough those bolts are crap.
    Also, is the AMSR not announced as anti MAX weapon?
    It doesn't only do crappy dmg against infantry but vehicles as well ( good luck trying to destroy a tank with it before being shot down or the tank just hiding behind cover an repairing; only in mass you would be fast enough and you don't even need cloak for it). So rather anti MAX than anti vehicle. All purpose if you so desire, for being capable of damaging any sort of enemy.

    One could increase the dmg of said bolts though ( and decrease the friggin bullet drop on QCX in general).

    Could you also pls post a source link for the argument, that devs are saying infiltrator is anti infantry only (couldn't find something like that in the depts of the internet, yet) ?
    Because if so, i ask myself why they allowed explosive bolts for infiltrator, even if the weapon itself is as side arm available for all non MAX classes.
    Or why they even said, maybe giving it to infiltator ( reddit Higby).

    All in all i'm just curious, why they wouldn't give a sniper rifle ( it is declared as such), to the only class with acces to sniper rifles yet? Is it the fear of "invisible", all destroying infiltrators?
    For such thing that rifle does way too minor AV dmg. And loosing massiv dmg in AI for just that tiny extra AV dmg.
    Also as stated before, you don't need cloak to use this rifle "effective" or in a group.

    Maybe if the just declared it as battle rifle, then there wouldn't have been such a fuss about it.
    Maybe with medics and heavies. So they could have just implement a new weapon category "anti materiel rifle".
    Wouldn't be the first category with only one weapon in it ( heavy weapons; though 3 weapons, only one can be used per empire)
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  2. The Walrus Whisperer

    Yep. Engies already have so many ways to deal with armor and infils are the only ones who can't deal with maxes
  3. customer548

    We have Invisible Flashes in order to run over Maxes outdoors.
    We have EMPs+SMGs, those are good for kitting Maxes.
    Not sure about it, but I think that the Crossbow can handle explosive amunitions.

    The Archer is a powerful rifle. I guess it would be way too OP for Infis. It would ruin Maxes gameplay and role.