[Suggestion] NS-AM7 Archer (HS multiplier in normal infantry)

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by AlienZiN, May 22, 2020.

  1. AlienZiN

    The NS-AM7 ARCHER needs to have increased damage in relation to head shots, it needs to kill normal infantry with a single HS as the same weapon can pierce extremely heavy vehicle armor, it does not make sense not to be able to shoot down a target with a blinding helmet lower, this is discouraging, I don't want to be forced to play with the Infiltrator to have a rifle that eliminates my target with a single shot to the head.

    NS-AM7 ARCHER with this change could be a great solution! There is no need to deal with the damage of shots to the body, I just say in relation to the multiplier of shots to the head against normal infantry except MAX.

    PS: The damage against MAX does not need to be changed, as it is very good!
    (I mean only against the other normal classes)

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  2. Clone117

    Well seeing as to how engineer sacrifices his primary for a not entirely decent bolt action antimaterial rifle. It agree it should oneshot hs generic infantry. The weapon currently turns the class into a cloakless sniper without a sniperscope or killing ability of a sniper.
  3. AlienZiN

    Exactly, it is an extra style of play for players. The NS-AM7 Archer I think is a great candidate for this change because it already has long-range aim sights (4x, 8x, 10x and 12x), I believe that would not need to make any major changes to the game other than the "HS multiplier".

    Perhaps they could put this option as an ammunition implement for the weapon because it does not have it. As I said it is an extra game option..

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  4. brutes359

    I agree to an extent. Realistically it is unfair to give up a primary for a sniper that doesn't one shot headshot. on the other hand it is meant for killing MAX's specifically. on the other hand still it has atrocious muzzle velocity and drop, and on the other hand yet still it would be a rather useful weapon for engineers babysitting tank firing lines or supporting a large number of allies from the back row as engineers are oft to do. I say yes go ahead and give it to them. They trade off the cloaking ability for a better damage sniper rifle. I would actually think it wiser to increase its muzzle velocity and decrease drop while worsening its hip-fire. (because most people don't know the thing is actually REALLY accurate with a laser sight when hip-firing...at least on console)