NS-30 Vandal review - super nasty in all the right ways.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Wrel, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Wrel Developer

    I've always struggled to make semi-auto scout rifles work, due to their lower magazine size... but (funny enough) with just 3 extra rounds and a 0.75x ADS movement speed multiplier, the NS-30 Vandal is a night and day difference.

    Let me know what you think!
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  2. Lightwolf

    Good review. So many people hate anything semi-auto, its good to see their worth acknowledged
  3. Casterbridge

    I almost never play infiltrator or use semi-autos, but this weekend I decided to play it a bit more and grabbed the Vandal, and I gotta say I enjoyed it and will probably try and use it more, I actually wish that rifle was available on engineer as well.
  4. FFWoodycooks

    The Vandal's probably the funnest gun in the game right now for my money, a spot it shares with the Reaper DMR. It's an absolute beast at support fire and it dumps all over practically everybody at midrange. I've won direct shootouts with plenty of shielded heavies just on the strength of the .75 ADS strafing alone. Paired up with a lasered spammy close-range pistol like the Desperado you really don't have any significant weaknesses. The firing sound is really satisfying and the model looks cool to boot. Good review, and I seriously recommend buying this thing as it's a total blast to shoot with. It feels perfect for what I think the proper role of the Infiltrator should be, which is close/mid-range squad support with lots of running, spotting, flanking, and generally making a huge chaotic nuisance of yourself.
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