NS-30 Tranquility

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Badman76, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Badman76

    Whats peoples thoughts of this gun? How effective is the smart slugs? Is more gimmicky then anything else?

    Im thinking of either buying this or the Punisher smg but can't decide on which one to get first. I have ASP points in both CM battle rifle secondary and LA smg secondary.
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  2. Money

    I spent a couple days on it. It's very unpowered and the slow doesn't last long enough to make it fun to use
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  3. icufos

    I liked the NS 30 Tranquility very much.
    Saw 'smart slug' and thought low power but no, it was very effective for me. Nice sound to it as well.
    The 'Punisher' I found disappointing at longer ranges but very effective close up.

    Which one?
    Well I'm going to give the advice I always give when asked, either or.
    Get both. You only live twice, once in reality which usually sucks, and once in Planetside 2 which doesn't.
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  4. Somentine

    Tranq is A7, punisher is cert/db so not really much comparison for price, and they are also entirely different guns/roles.

    Tranq is broken as hell when you have people with you, and it's good in 1v1 right now due to .75 ads and the issues with SRs rubber banding and warping models.

    Punisher is def the best overall SMG now.

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