NS-20 Gorgon weapon tests.

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  1. Chewy102

    I am a man of my word and am back with tests for the NS-20 Gorgon MAX weapon in order to compare it to the other MAX AI weapons. The Gorgon may not be an AI weapon but it is going to be used for AI for the most part anyway and a lot of us want to know how it pairs up to other MAX AI weapons.

    For the full data on MAX AI weapons go to this link. Be warned though, it is a rather large read.

    Starting off with Gorgon stats.

    ROF- 300
    Damage- 125 at all ranges
    Ammo- 40, 60 extended
    Reload- 3.4 short, 4.4 long
    Accuracy- Sitting 1.5-1.65, Standing 1.75-2.25
    Bloom- .05

    Now the tests. Expect to do worse in live combat as these are VR tests in near perfect conditions. They are simply to get the weapons baseline performance. I averaged the results over 3+ tests to even out RNG a bit. TTK is also an easy one for this weapon. At 300 RPM for each arm it's 600 RPM for both, or 10 rounds a second. Divide the shots fired by 10 and you have the TTK.

    0m- 45- TTK 4.5
    10m- 47.6- TTK 4.76
    20m- 55- TTK 5.5
    30m- 81.5- TTK 8.15

    0m- 9- TTK .9
    10m- 10.6- TTK 1.06
    20m- 17.25- TTK 1.72
    30m- 26.2- TTK 2.62


    I like them! Not in love but I really like the Gorgon. AM and AI work is more than doable as long as you stay under 30m and control your aim. Plus it has perks of being able to pepper vehicles and aircraft at will. And compared to the AI weapon tests, the Gorgon is a MUCH better all round choice thanks to it all as long as you don't need extreme ammo counts or long range.

    Side note. With this being a true HMG weapon. It is likely Kinetic Armour is going to do nothing against it. So there is NO risk of running into a MAX that suddenly has a 60% longer TTK. Meaning you have a VERY reliable weapon that will preform as expected every time and in any fight.

    TR and VS are going to find room for the Gorgon no problem! For NC though, the Gorgon is beyond a 100% must have from shotguns being incomparable to HMGs. That is likely going to be a problem, one I warned about long ago. Only time will tell if Im right or not, but my gut says that NC is going to get one hell of a boost from the Gorgon. And Im alright with that to be honest.

    NC needs the boost.
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  2. Danath

    Decided to try it while waiting queue in the VR... Accuracy: almost as bad as Busters. Try shooting with it while moving, even against static targets is bad. You don't want to be that close to vehicles, so it's "all around" viability isn't very solid.
    Against enemy infantry/MAXes that huge CoF is going to feel horrible when they start running and jumping

    IMO they are the NS auto pistol, sounds good on paper, but on reality is really bad.
  3. JobiWan

    I also played with them while forced to sit in VR, I thought they were quite good. Great for when you're not sure what you're up against.

    Pricey though, 3k certs to get them to their full potential.
  4. Eternaloptimist

    I haven't tried the Gorgon yet but I can say that I find the NS auto pistol to be incredibly stable and, given that it is a pistol, it can kill at great range. OK the TTK is poor compared to other pistols but it is actually more like a one-handed SMG than anything else.

    If the Gorogn is like that I'll be imporessed with it.
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  5. Chewy102

    Keep within 20-30m and you shouldn't have problems dealing with infantry or MAXes. Just note that TR and VS players may find it lacking somewhat due to having access to proper AI MMGs.
  6. Chewy102


    lol wow didnt even bother to test it on vehicles noooob ;)
  8. DooDooBreff

    just ignore that guy... its nothing like the emissary, and everything like the basilisk
  9. TeknoBug

    Been using it, it damages tanks and Galaxies too, it's a bit of a slow gun but definitely helps NC MAX's indeed.
  10. Chewy102

    How the Gorgon acts in AV or AA isn't the point of this topic. The point is to show its anti infantry and anti MAX ability. A place where MAXes are the most unbalanced. Why would I bother listing its shots to kill of 240 rounds in a Prowlers front armor or 120 in its rear armor when that information has nothing to do with the Gorgons AI or AM?

    I could talk about how using the Gorgon to defend a player base is a bad idea but a great idea for attacking them as any missed shot is going to deal damage to the walls/buildings. But that isn't the point of this topic either.

    The point is to show that MAXes still have a rather ****** balance. TR and VS wont get much help from the Grogon. Not useless but they need to pick the right fights for them or loose effectiveness in either AI or AM and most certainly AV/AA. A sidegrade as it should be. NC however have nothing but to gain from the Gorgon as shotguns are not of any use outside of their exact areas for a number of reasons. Ammo, range, damage drop, RNG on top of RNG, just to name a few. The Gorgon isn't a sidegrade for NC, it is a flat upgrade from my point of view. And once people learn this, NC aren't going to be the punching bags everyone thinks they are.

    There is a reason why NC uses the least MAXes on live, but the most in Server Smashes last I look it up. Shotguns. And that is my number of reason for NC being so bad when it comes to alerts. Now, thanks to the Gorgon, the shotgun niche doesn't have a deathgrip on NC MAXes anymore. Meaning NC will finally be able to field MAXes far more often, maybe even come close to equaling TR or VS.

    And that my friend with a very fitting name is going to be a problem once people start learning about it.
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