NS-15M vs LA1

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  1. Klypto

    What in your opinion is the disadvantage of using the NS-15M over the LA1 Anchor?

    I personally have a very hard time with recoil control on the Anchor. Most of my aiming habit is set to target the head first within reasonable distance and this doesn't work out well for me on the Anchor. That with my bursting destroys my accuracy with the first shot multiplier.

    This mainly comes from a background of sustained headshot accuracy beyond 2 bullets being irrelevant. Planetside has ridiculously high TTK IMO but I feel that increases the skill requirements in a 1v1 all the more which makes it interesting.

    Instead of relearning the habit to start aiming lower chest, I was going to go with just the NS-15M but I'm not sure if the weapon imposes a lower performance ceiling from the higher TTK.
  2. sindz

    Different guns so hard to compared directly. Since Anchor is sick and really controllable CQC monster, the NS-15M is only great CQC if you are head shot hitting monster otherwise it lakcs both the ROF and dmg model. other than that the NS-15M is completely sick at medium ranges and is no doubt the best LMG in the game for these ranges.

    But, the anchor is great at CQC with SPA & ALS and with having lower horizontal recoil 0.175/0.175 vs the NS-15M (0.2/0.2) its actually more accurate. Though it has 0.4 vertical where the 15-M have 0.3.

    So its a matter of if you want a CQC monster or an accurate LMG that probably is the most controllable LMG for medium range - but it that only works CQC, if you can aim consistantly for the head.
  3. Grumblefern

    Anchor is better TTK

    NS-15m has easier handling and has .75 ADS

    Both are accurate enough for most ranges you'd bother firing an automatic at.

    Personally I would use the Anchor, its superior TTK makes the gun more flexible than .75 ADS does for the NS-15m - its high TTK is going to lose you some close range engagements that you wouldn't've lost with an Anchor.
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  4. z1967

    If the Anchor is too much to handle the GD-22S might suit you better (or so I am told, I didn't play NC much). It has a lower ROF (leading to a higher TTK, but not as high as the NS-15M). The difference in TTK between the GD-22S and LA1 is about .02 seconds (.6 v. .62) and overall has a much better TTK than the NS-15M (.66 TTK).

    And when in doubt, you can always go with the cyclone which is basically a carbine for all of your classes (TTK is .55).

    For headshot TTK, divide all TTKs by 2. I ran the math and the different STK for the NS-15M does not matter that much unless you want to go down to fractions of a millisecond.
  5. Klypto

    My performance with the GD-22S is actually notably worse. I have tried many times
  6. Mootar

    Just stick with the Anchor until it clicks for you, it won't take long and you will be much better off in the long run.

    Personally the only time I would prefer an NS-15M over an Anchor I would be using a Gauss SAW anyway.
  7. KnightCole

    Anchor has both higher recoil and an upward directional recoil......making it harder to aim at heads and stuff.....so yeah, I can see the Anchor and GD22 not working for ya if the NS15M is what your used to.

    And PS2s TTK is only higher cuz of lag.....take away the lag crap and you dont need head shots to kill people, body shots work just as well and are easier to obtain..
  8. Asageh

    I prefer to play with the NS-15M over the LA1 Anchor, I feel as it's a waste of certs the LA1, I decided to Auraxium the Gauss SAW S instead of the LA1 for the same reasons you have.
  9. Alarox

    I just finished the Anchor and have 500 kills so far toward the NS-15m.

    IMO, the NS-15m is overall superior except in head-on CQC encounters where DPS really counts.

    With the NS-15m it is way easier to get headshots when I need them, I can pick people off at range more easily and I can make use of the .75x movement speed. With the Anchor my headshots feel more powerful and I drop people faster in CQC.

    Looking at my stats, my NS-15m HSR and accuracy are just slightly higher than my Anchor's. However, my KPH is nearly double (67 vs 111) and my KDR is much higher (2.3 vs 3.8). This might just be because I improved though.

    I guess the Anchor will be better for highly aggressive HAs, people with very good accuracy or for competitive play (you need that DPS).
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  10. Klypto

    Well, for me to continue to use the Anchor I would have to figure if it works with my aiming & tracking process and if it's just something that can be corrected with fine tuning accuracy.

    These are my current stats for comparison:

    Based on Recursion my Headshot % is still increasing and will probably level off at 47% with the Anchor. Sessions can vary between 45-55%

    My Accuracy appears to have hit a ceiling at about 30% on all automatic weapons of any kind and will most likely not increase much over a long period of time without some sort of intervention in my aim process and habits. Personally I find that annoying. I think it's just has to do with limits on my max tracking rate and the lower than acceptable frequency of aim corrections that are processed when that rate is exceed. I hope to slowly bring up as I get use to the adjusted mouse sensitivity over the next set of months but that's probably all wishful thinking.

    Although the stats are interesting, the key component that I am missing is my actual headshot rate. The headshot ratio only tells me is a % of kills I make that end with a headshot, which is somewhat irrelevant. I want to know how many bullets I fire actually hit another player's head for me to get an accurate idea of what adjustments I need to make or what weapon is best suited for my playstyle.

    Both weapons I feel I do not have enough experience with to fully make a judgement without that statistic, but I don't want to waste my time on a gun that I will later abandon.