NS-11A vs TAR

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Vasheron, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Vasheron

    I'm thinking of buying either the NS-11A or the TAR. Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions, facts, suggestions, or alternatives?
  2. Cardozo

    I suggest you buy a 15 dollar SC card from Gamestop. It comes with a free NS-11P. It's identical stat-wise to the normal one, it's just a different color. Then you can use the SC to buy the TAR.

    If that's not an option, I would go with the TAR. I have the NS-11 and it just feels weak. It might be more accurate ADS, but the smaller mag and the lack of stopping power really turned me off it. The TAR is a solid gun. I'm getting close to my Auraxian with mine and I would definitely recommend it over the NS-11.
  3. ColdCheezePizza

    TAR with a laser is beastly, not a big fan of NS-11
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  4. MrIDoK


    Otherwise, go for the TAR, it's like an upgraded T1 Cycler with very small downsides.
    Get foregrip, 2x reflex, soft point ammo and flash hider if you want a setup good for every range.
    Or advanced laser sight, 2x reflex, spa and silencer if you want a pure cqc setup of destruction.
  5. Dusty Lens

    The TAR is inferior to the TRV in its intended role, close quarters combat.
    The NS-11 is superior to the T1 Cycler in close-medium to medium-long. But, in my opinion, not necessarily to such an extent that it's going to be a game changer. Furthermore, if your Cycler is already upgraded you might consider the investment of several hundred certs required to bring your NS-11 into the same performance envelope as your Cycler.

    I was in the exact same position as you a while back. Debating the same weapons. I'm about 200 kills and change from securing my auraxium with the TAR. I have secured it for the TRV. If you're going to make initial weapon purchases I would advise against the TAR.

    I hope my experiences have helped form your decision. If you have any more specific questions feel free to ask.
  6. Takoita

    I don't have that much experience with AR, but, IMHO, NS-11 is redundant for TR.
  7. Zagz

    I have auraxium medals on both weapons. Or at least I,m very close to it with my TAR.

    TRV, TAR and NS-11A - I love all 3 weapons but prefer NS-11A for it's overall performance. In close quarter, it's a bit weaker than TAR and TRV. The issue is the rate of fire but rest assure that it still hurts and in the hands of a trained player, it is quite a brutal weapon. I have Auraxium medals and all unlocks on NS-11A, the same with TRV and TAR (or near Auraxium)

    NS-11A is a powerful weapon in medium and long range. I get most of my kills at that range and I've been getting quite a few snipers with it. It is a very stable weapon. NS-11A is the most accurate weapon you can get as a Combat Medic. Hip or Scoped, you're bullets are not spreading out all that much. The reload speed is what keeps me hooked to this weapon. You really don't have a lot of downtime with this weapon thanks to it's extremely quick reload. Heavy Assaults using shields with sufficient skills will outlast you in a CQC fight. Shotguns may kill you too unless you've upgraded your suit and you don't let them get a second shot in.

    TRV is a beast but it's also a very hard weapon to get used to. In close quarter, nothing is a problem. You simply put holes into people but don't rely too much on hip accuracy. Heavy Assaults and Shotguns are not exactly a big match against you. Unless they get the jump on you, you're the one with the big gun. Things get a bit more complicated in medium and long range. At medium range, it's just a matter of practice and know how to properly burst your fires. Long range, well, avoid it as much as possible. Yes, you can single shot targets and can take down a few very static opponents but it is not ideal. The reload speed is acceptable but learn to take cover, this is not the NS-11A where you can reload right in the face of your opponent.

    TAR i'll start by saying that the reload speed is terrible. Never go into a fight with a half clip. If you're stuck reloading, you're dead. I find that the TAR is a more spread out version of the TRV. The accuracy in scope is around the same but hip, that gun will take 2 targets at the same time. Not that it happened to me but you get the picture. It's still a great weapon but for me, I find that it is only good indoor. Outdoor at multiple range, meh...
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  8. DemoEvolved

    Vanu love NS-11.
    Can't speak for TR.
  9. Yidazen

    I have the NS-11 and it is my #1 weapon. With that said its close quarters really sucks, which is why I use a shotgun or a TRV for those fights. For general use I pull out the NS-11. It is not the best but I can get on some crazy kill streaks because I am used to the weapons limits.

    Pick up the $15 card and get the gun. It is highly effective and awesome once you learn the weapon. I have not tried the TAR but will purchase it once I get the auraxium medal with the NS-11.
  10. Adaptus

    NS-11 is a mid/long range weapon that can preform decently at close if you learn it; TAR is an excellent CQC to mid-range weapon. The TRV has a tad more DPS though the TAR is overall better at a very small RPM loss. I've platted the TRV but the TAR is just overall better unless its in extreme cqc.
  11. Sebyos

    Well I can say I'd pick the H-V45 over anything and his little TR cousin is even more attractive.
  12. Bucketmaster

    Now that we got the VR training area and I finally got a chance to test the TAR with all of its attachments (advanced laser sight particularly), I kind of regret buying the TRV over the TAR. The hipfire accuracy on that thing is sick!
  13. VKhaun

    Odd thread.

    NS-11 = medium to medium-long range.
    TAR = short-medium to medium.

    Complete apples and oranges. Peas and carrots. No idea how you could come down to a choice of the two... they're not even a similar aesthetic or operation.
  14. raumfahrer

    Since I got the Lynx on my engineer and played it to auraxium medal, I don't want to play with the 0.5x ADS modifier weapons. They're horrible.

    Only tested the various medic weapons in VR, but I'd pick the TAR for the 0.75x ADS.
  15. Urban Cohort

    I prefer the SABR, but I seem to be one of only three people. And the compensator is bugged so that even if you unlock it, you can't equip it. =/

    In lieu of the SABR w/ the compensator, I've been using the NS-11 and it's been serving me pretty well...unfortunately the sights I bought for it are crap, but it's pretty good overall.

    Other than that, all three of the stock Medic rifles are beyond adequate.
  16. Crewell

    For my medic I use the NS-11A for outdoor fights. For biolab type fights I get out my Mauler shotgun.

    As others have said, get the $15 game card and get the NS-11A free for EVERY character you have or make. It's a great gun out of the box. With a compensator and grip it has almost no recoil when ADS. Slap on a 3.4 scope and you will get kills at range.
  17. Fanaticalist

    Yep, GameStop $15 game card for the freebie NS-11a is the way to go. It is an excellent general-purpose weapon although rather weak in close combat. If you use the SC that comes with the GameStop card for the TAR (or a shotgun is probably even better) then you have medic weapons for all occasions.

    The NS-11a (as well as the TAR) is 0.75x movement when aiming down sights and that mobility can be nice.
  18. vulkkan

    If you're considering the NS-11A, also consider the T1S. The NS-11A and the T1S Cycler are very similar weapons.
    Format: NS-11A vs T1S
    RPM: 652 vs 698
    Damage: 143 for both
    Magazine capacity: 35 vs 40
    Reload: 2s vs 2.7s short; 2.45s vs 3.885s long
    CoF: NS-11A wins slightly, too many numbers to cite.
    Recoil: 3x vs 1.75x first shot multiplier, 0.22 directional vs 0.3 horizontal recoil.
    Projectile speed: 640 vs 580
    Attachments: T1S has all the attachments of the NS-11A, with the addition of the 6x scope, and underbarrel attachments.
    Misc: The NS-11A looks and sounds distinct, and also gets a few NC-sourced attachments, such as the 1x/2x sights, suppressor, and flash suppressor. Both guns look quite cool, imo the NS-11A looks a bit like a modern-day SCAR and the T1S looks quite Russian-inspired. (I'm no gun buff so don't even try quoting me on this.) T1S features a burst fire mode, which may lower horizontal recoil. See my thread here regarding horizontal recoil and burst mode: http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/...ve-less-horizontal-recoil-than-the-t1.105776/

    My personal pick: T1S for the higher capacity, RPM, burst mode, lower first shot recoil, and better attachment selection. It's also half the cert cost of the NS-11A, so consider it if you're on a budget.
  19. SgtScum

    Yep. Got mine off the game card deal and have the 2x reflex and grip so far and it feels clearly superior to the stock pulsar especially in mid~long range burst fire.

    High velocity ammo will be next along with a compensator.
  20. Paperlamp

    Cycler TRV is the best gun I've used in the game so far.

    845 RPM allows you to kill in such a short time, I get more kills from instances where the player simply doesn't duck behind cover fast enough than with any other gun. Plus, the obvious advantage it comes with in CQC.

    Main issue is watching your clip, and not wasting too many rounds on misses and ending up in a bad reloading situation. At long ranges, it's not the best but anything other than the longer range focused LMGs you have a decent shot against especially with self healing.