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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Adn88, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. JDCollie=VX9=

    I think the biggest advantage of the NS-11A is the flexibility. It is accurate enough to be lethal at the longer end of medium range, and yet has a tight enough spread, high enough RoF, and large enough clip to be effective in CQB.
  2. Shake

    Initially I wasn't a huge fan of the NS-11 but after using it for two days i like it a lot. One suggestion I will make is to use iron sights. I don't know if its just me but I have way more success with iron sights and I feel like my weapons are more accurate without scopes. even at longer ranges I can pick up kills much more easily without a scope. The NS-11 has mediocre damage and rate of fire. It doesn't kill as fast as most carbines or even the pulsar/equinox, but it feels more accurate and 35 shot clip helps.
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  3. Ruuz

    I like it alot, 35 clip size to the 30 from the standard rifle, nice fire rate and very little recoil.
    The no pew pew sound is also a little bonus, to confuse the TR/NC.

    I just don't seem to get medals?
    I got 120 kills but no medals or cert points for using it, might be a bug
  4. Trysaeder

    It's slightly less accurate and fires slower than the default Pulsar 1 which makes it one of the lowest DPS rifles in the game, but its huge array of attachments and larger mag size make up for that. Not to mention the sound of it putting off NC and TR troops :p
  5. Accuser

    I think you VS are imagining this (or dealing with a lot of brain-dead NC). If I see a blue/purple guy when I'm playing TR, I'll shoot first and find out what weapon he's using later.
  6. CaminoArcher

    No Medals for me either and Its the main weapon Ive been useing.
  7. ScorpDK

    Didn't know the entire TR force was a bunch of guys multi-boxed by you alone :p
    I noticed that the TR soldiers don't immediately react to the NS11 firing noise, especially not if they have people in their base who wield the same gun. If you fire in short bursts or single shots, the only one to react is usually the guy you're shooting at or nearby allies who saw the tracers.
  8. UrMom306

    I thought the same thing but last night after a kill a medal popped up.. i've been using it for the last few nights and like it alot, the pew pew guns are cool and all, but I feel like i get more feedback from this gun.
  9. Trysaeder

    The stats show that this gun is nearly identical to the CME, with a slight (1.5%) increase in bullet velocity, faster reload time (18%) and a few more attachments (flash supp, soft point) while missing the advanced forward grip.

    The firing sound, TR optics, and increased mag size are all really nice perks too.
  10. BillTheConqueror

    Any thoughts on choosing between the soft point or high velocity ammunition?
  11. Joust

    Do the majority of your engagements take place in close quarters or long range? Suppressor+SPA keeps you hidden and specialized in bio-dome and tech base assaults, forward grip+HVA give a more viable spread across L, M and CQC.
  12. BillTheConqueror

    I probably do more shooting at long range. Usually in close fights, I am mostly healing and reviving. Think I will take the HVA when I get around to it.
  13. grin

    Here are the NS-11A properties compared to the default Pulsar VS1 and H-V45.


    bs dam 5.75
    hs dam 11.5
    mag 35/175
    t/mag 3.2s
    rof 10.94r/s
    rel 2.0s
    dps bd 62.9
    dps hd 125.8

    Pulsar VS1:
    bs dam 5.75
    hs dam 11.5
    mag 30/150
    t/mag 2.7s
    rof 11.1r/s
    rel 1.9s
    dps bd 63.8
    dps hd 127.7

    bs dam 5.75
    hs dam 11.5
    mag 30/150
    t/mag 2.37s
    rof 12.7r/s
    rel 2.6s
    dps bd 73.0
    dps hd 146.0
  14. Deadhead

    I haven't tried the High Velocity Ammo yet but the standard ammo doesn't cause any side to side recoil so that makes me think the forward grip is useless for the ns-11a. Can anyone with HVA test and see if there is side 2 side recoil using those bullets?
  15. Hagestol

    I was wondering the same thing actually, I'm using softies on the NS right now and I'm wondering if there is any point in the grip (or the laser)
  16. Deadhead

    I have the laser and it definitely helps for hip firing. I was contemplating the compensator but it negatively impacts hip firing so maybe I'll hold off and go for soft point first.

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