NS-11A Vanu Medic

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Adn88, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Twiggy

    No I didn't trail it. I may be getting what Doubler has but not that I've noticed anyways.
  2. maxkeiser

    I'm using the NS11A as vanu at the moment. Good gun.
  3. Grotpar

    It's ridiculously loud, though.

    I can often hear it from miles* away.

    *Not actual miles.
  4. Hagestol

    Which is no problem because they aren't identified as VS guns. No fireworks, no do do do VS sound.
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  5. Dragonskin

    The sound and style throw people off for sure. I have seen enemies do a double take when they hear it and see a VS firing it.. almost like they don't believe I am an enemy.. like a glitch.

    My outfit did a double take when we were grouping up for a Gal and I was test firing it.. they were like WTH? where is the hostile? Oh... how did you get that gun? It's not VS.. cheater. I was all like wait, whoa... free gun with Gamestop $15 card guys.. chill out.

    The gun is great. Unfortunately the +5 bullets per clip seem to come at the cost of under barrel attachments because VS side the gun is almost identical to the Equinox. My outfit wants medics to have under barrels so they don't really want me using the NS-11 even though it is a great gun imo.
  6. Hagestol

    Underbarrel makes you slow to the draw and considering how often medics swap around one shot is hardly worth it.
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  7. framperton

    Even from the TR perspective, I love this gun, have a couple hundred certs invested in ammo, rail and barrel attachments.
    In my opinion, the surpressor sound is the best out of all of the factions considering that it is actually quite quiet.

    Going for HV ammo next, and all I can say is that with a compensator, and foward grip, it is a fantastic assault rifle, especially with HV, I'm assuming.

    Going forward grip, surpressor, and soft point ammo makes it a good infiltrating weapon.

    Incredibly versitile, and I can't wait to see what other Common pool weapons they come out with.
  8. Hagestol

    So whats the verdict on soft point vs quick ammo on the NS-11? Much like one hit Natalie Imbruglia, I am torn.
    I've thought about making it a mid range weapon with soft and make the CME my sniper setup, but I can't decide.
  9. Hyllan

    Falloff at medium range is pretty tame for this weapon (as it is for all TR and NC weapons) so I'd say that high velocity ammo complements it better.
  10. iGamer1990

    im looking forward to getting it soon
  11. Incarnadine

    What exactly is the difference between the 11a and the 11 plat? (bought vs gamestop version)

    Or is there any?
  12. Ozymandias

    I think the main strength of the NS11 is the versatility. You can get the soft and make it a better CQB or hard when you are defending or attacking at range. Other weapons only have the one choice. I went Soft first. The only enhancement it doesn't have is the under barrel, but as stated before, it slows down weapon swap. For a medic, that's not good.

    I hope they give TR and NC a stolen Vanu weapon so we can confuse them as well!

    But that's why it sounds different than all other powder weapons.. You hear that, you better look and make sure.
  13. Braken

    VS NS-11A = Mind games with the other factions. :p

    SO FUN!
  14. Twiggy

    Is that how you get the Platinum version of the NS-11a? You buy a station card at Gamestop?
  15. Hyllan

    Yes. Buy a special Planetside 2 station cash card, not the generic one.
  16. Twiggy

    How much is the special one? I'm thinking about getting it. Also, how do you tell it apart from the normal one?
  17. dandelions

    Anyone have an answer to this? I'm assuming it's just cosmetic but I'm wondering the same question.
  18. Incarnadine

    I'd like to know =( I'm loving my NS-11... if the other one is even better... well that may warrant some more sc... >.>
  19. Twiggy

    They seem to have the same stats and even the same 3D model in the world. The only difference is the weapon picture when selecting it it seems. I don't get medals for either one and it's kinda starting to make me mad.
  20. ScorpDK

    Using this beaut on my VS. Best AR, IMO.
    Mostly because of its different firing noise that throws NC and TR off when you open fire, as they will more often than not fail to recognize you as an enemy when you round a corner and fire, instead believing one of your their guys is firing at YOU. Pretty sick :D
    Also, the handling and overall "feel" of the gun is superb. The only downside I see is that, despite it being labeled as being able to take almost any attachment, it actually does not have any underbarrel launchers available, but that's a minor concern.

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