NS-11A Vanu Medic

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Adn88, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Adn88

    Is this bugged? It doesn't look at all like a VS weapons and it isn't visible in the store under the Combat Medic. However, you can unlock it if you go under the Combat Medic cert list.
  2. Durandalx

    It's a common pool weapon.
  3. ChrisLand

    This is available for NC as well. I think it is the cert-obtainable version of the gun you get from the gamestop game card.
  4. Strongback

    It does show on certs for Medic.
    I even tested it as a trial weapon and I liked it very much. Unfortunately, my founder bonus destroyed it when I got disconnected.

    Very nice weapon, but the problem is that our standard AR is very good to begin with.
  5. CaptainKapautz

  6. Braken

    It's actually pretty decent. I notice people looking at my VS medic when I have it equipped, or when I fire it.:D
  7. HumsterMKX

    If you are VS or NC, get it. Its worth the investment, the amount of stuff you can add to it, the RoF and highly predictable recoil.

    If you are TR, don't bother the cycler is better.
  8. Ohmlink

    New punisher?
  9. Vindale

    For a "free" gun this thing is pretty nice as VS.
    I'm running it with a x2 reflex, front-grip and extra damage ammo and I've been very happy with the results.
  10. Iconoclasm

    I think, coming from a TR perspective, that if you use the NS-11A, you kinda give yourself a good edge against unsuspecting TR. One of the main things I listen for is the sound of gunfire, and since VS tends to be 'pew pew,' I won't be listening for the VS guy with a bullet-firing rifle.
  11. grin

    How is this a free gun? Costs certs and such.

    It does 5.66/11.33 damage to body and head respectively. 11.3 rounds per sec and 35 round clip. Recoil and spread similar to the Pulsar VS1. Similar DPS to the VS1. If you have alpha squad, you will likely prefer the H-V45(XM9 Centauri)
  12. Legedric

    You get it for free with the gamestop game card, or at least you can get a similar version with a different name.

    I just bought the gun for SC (1k certs is a ton of certs!) and it's awesome!
  13. grin

    Ahh I see. :D
  14. Ack0n

    I like using it to confuse people in battles. But sometimes noobs think we are just hacking and TK you.
  15. Twiggy

    I wish you could get medals for it. I noticed that you don't get any types of kill medals for it.
  16. Infektion

    Got the 1500sc card yesterday, free gun and double points :)
  17. Oranar

    thats weird, i just got the bronze and silver for it yesterday, maybe yours just bugged out of somthing.
  18. Twiggy

    I don't know. I bought it for the 700 SC cash points or however much it is. It's tracking my kills and everything for it. Just no medals. Isn't bronze like 50 or 100 kills? Because I have 300+ kills on it and still nothing.
  19. Doubler

    I've been awarded the medals and accompanying certs for the NS11, but they don't actually seem to show up in the menus for me.
  20. Tool

    Did you trial the weapon before you got it? May have something to due with that bug, trials effecting implants.

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