NS-11A Setup

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by BobTheSlug, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Zagz

    TR here and got the TAR and NS-11. Played with the TAR until I had the gold medal and than went back to NS-11. I can't praise that gun enough. It's THE gun to have for any medic that wishes to be efficient at multiple ranges. Medium is the bread and butter but Long and Close Quarter are still quite efficient.

    My setup is:

    - Soft Point Bullets
    It's slower but not that slower and the damage increase does shine. In a perfect scenario, you can get around 4 to 5 kills with one clip. The high velocity bullets are nice but since medium/long to long range is not the most common situation here, I prefer soft points.

    - Laser Point
    A good medic is all about mobility and agility. In a close quarter battle, you want to be fast enough to stay out of harms way or get into cover. However, thanks to the nice Laser pointer, you're also a force to be recon with.

    - 4X Zoom
    Personal preference but since i'm geared towards close quarter, the 4X comes in handy when I have to zoom in. Does a great job at sniping too! :)
  2. SolLeks

    ok so I am to lazy to read the entire thread, but the NS-11A is my fav weapon.

    I run it like so

    when I am assaulting a large base

    Forward grip, HV ammo, silencer, 1x red dot.

    When I will be inside a large base

    Forward grip, Soft points, compensator, 1x red dot

    I will switch the compensator for the silencer depending on what im doing, and I mostly use HV ammo regardless.
  3. Ozymandias

    You, like most people, don't seem to know that the soft point bullets DECREASE the damage below 10m by 5%. After I found that out I switched to HV.

    Source : http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/13a0jc/the_definitive_damage_time_to_kill_and_overall/
  4. HerpTheDerp

    reddit TTK table from two months ago.


    (The 5% decrease in TTK might just be a result of a slower bullet)
  5. Makora

    The NS-11 needs moar grenade launchers. If it had that, I'd probably use nothing but this. But alas, my T1S Cycler is my rifle, and it is MINE!
  6. footjam

    2x Reflex, Laser Sight, Compensator and HV ammo.