NS-11A Setup

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by BobTheSlug, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. BobTheSlug

    Hey guys, right now I'm using my NS-11A with a 2x reflex sight, a compensator and a laser sight. It's working pretty well for me, but I'm wondering if I should replace the laser sight with a foregrip. Someone told me that combining a compensator and a laser sight together is "pointless" as they just cancel eachother out.
  2. Joe_da_cro

    they dont cancel each other out. i was using it with foregrip then when i realiszed the gun has limited horizontal recoil i opted for the laser sight. and with the laser sight you can hip fire from longer distances before you have to draw your iron sights which makes it better for mobility.
  3. VKhaun

    It's an all-rounder weapon, so I equip it as such.

    I use mine with a laser sight and 3.4x scope, going for the supressor and HV ammo next.

    The laser lets me hip fire it just fine, the 3.4x lets me fire at range just fine. The suppressor make it so I don't show up on the mini map, and the HV ammo counteracts the negative effects of the suppressor. I find the recoil to be very manageable (I usually play NC, the NS-11a is like a toy to me haha...) so I don't need a grip or compensator.
  4. }{ellKnight

    AFAIK compensator decreases horizontal recoil and makes you appear on the map of your enemies at longer ranges when firing and decreases hip fire accuracy.

    Laser sights has no downside apart from the visual cue that your enemiess can use against you.

    I don't know how much the compensator screws with your hip fire but laser sight might cancel it out and still give a small bonus.

    On my T1S I use compensator and grip for longer ranges and laser sights (and no compensator) for shorter ones.
  5. VKhaun

    You know he might be right. I'm at work and can't check, but I'm second guessing myself now. One of the barrel options does mess with hip fire and I can't remember which it is. It may be the compensator. Sorry.
  6. Simply a legend

    I have 3 Setups running:
    3,4 Foregrip Compensator High Velocity
    2 Reflex Foregrip Compensator High Velocity (might replace Foregrip with Laser)
    IRNV Lasersight Compensator Softpoint

    I really Like the NS11, its so versatile and therefore, most attachments have its place.
    And compensator decreaseses the vertical recoil, about as much as High Velocitiy increases it.
  7. Trysaeder

    I strongly believe that the NS-11a is a medium ranged gun first, long ranged second, and close ranged never. Assuming equal skill, the 650 RPM will get you killed against 700 and 750 RPM guns, which are very common. If you go head on against a CQC rifle/carbine, it's incredibly difficult to win.

    I play to the strengths of a gun, trying to enhance whatever it's good at. My NS-11a has the following attachments:
    • Red dot
    • Foregrip
    • HVA
    • Flash supp.
    Perfect for medium ranged combat. The red dot and flash suppressor keeps the engagement distance sensible at the long end, and the 650 RPM always limits its CQC capabilities. Far nicer in the hands than that atrocious stock VS AR.
    I sometimes swap the flash suppressor for a silencer purely because I love the sound of it.
  8. BrownKidTR

    I just got the NS-11A. Which one of the Optics upgrade should I get? I really have no idea what each one does.
  9. Ocaml

    I suggest you to get either 2x Reflex sight to make medium to close engagements more easy or 3.4x Laser Scope to ease long range engagements.
  10. Trysaeder

    1x Red dot. It's the only sight you need for this weapon, MAYBE the 2x if you're really into longer ranged combat.

    Higher magnification sights goad you into taking shots at targets that you won't be able to kill in a good amount of time, wasting ammo and alerting enemies. If you can't see it properly with a 2x, it's not worth shooting at. Even a 1x red dot is usable up to 80 metres, so all practical ranges are covered.
  11. BrownKidTR

    This is a stupid question, but is the 1x "red dot" the same as 1x Laser sight? I know nothing about attachments, so I not sure.
  12. Stormbrew

    The Red Dot is just an optical sight, so when you hold right-click to look through your sights, you will have a red dot in the center of your screen. The Laser isn't a sight, it is an attachment that goes under the gun that reduces the amount of bullet-spread you would normally experience without it.
  13. Exigo

    AFAIK the compensator and forward grip is still bugged for the NS-11A. It is for me anyways.

    Tested this morning, Forward grip has no change on horizontal recoil and compensator has no change on verticle recoil and barrel climb.

    Resent the bug reports but who knows what SoE is up. Its Christmas after all but some feedback would be cool
  14. LiquidGG

    Which supressor to use??? Are they different?
  15. HerpTheDerp

    They don't cancel each other out because laser sight has no downsides. If you want versatility, compensator and laser sight is the way to go - compensator helps at medium range and laser sight cancels out the compensator's hipfire penalty. Since NS-11A already has great hipfire accuracy by default, you're not missing out much by "wasting" the laser sight on the compensator.

    If you're worried about enemies seeing your laser sight, you can turn it off(L key by default I believe). You will still get the bonus.

    Honestly NS-11A has such a puny recoil that I don't think you would notice a difference with the forward grip on. As for the Compensator, AFAIK it doesn't actually reduce recoil itself, just the first shot recoil multiplier. Which is good for NS-11A since the first shot recoil multiplier is pretty big(3x).
  16. Cirevam

    I don't play medic often, but when I do I freak out my NC teammates with my NS-11 since it sounds like a TR gun. Does anyone know if the silencer changes the sound of the gun enough so that friendlies won't think I'm an enemy or make it it quiet enough that they won't hear it much?
  17. Talizzar

    Wrong the compensator decreases vertical recoil. The grip horizontal.
  18. Loziak

    Have a 3.4x scope mounted on my NS11 with HV ammo, great for long range combat.
  19. HerpTheDerp

    Don't believe any description in the game.
  20. cruzinforit

    I use my NS-11A with the Forward Grip, Compensator, and 2x Reflex Optical sight. Great for short and medium range, like for shooting onto a tower from the building next door. With the grip and comp, it has very little recoil, and has decent power. Favorite weapon in the game.