NS-11A or Gauss Rifle S?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by BleuNoir, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. BleuNoir

    Guys, should I use the NS-11A or Gauss Rifle S? I'm in a bit of a predicament here. I have both with attachments.

    I want to have a foothold if likely in every combat situation (a bit of emphasis on medium), and preferably balanced in every stat. A jack of all trades basically. I'm deciding which gun is better for fulfilling that role.

    Right now I'm using the the NS-11A with HVA, laser sight, 3.4 DMO, and compensator.

    Right now I have the Gauss Rifle S just with a 3.4 and foregrip.

    What should I do?
  2. Pikachu

    Gauss rifle s has the awesome UB GL. As long as you have an engineer nearby it's awesome.
  3. irishroy

    and c'mon. the NS... sounds like a TRgun.
    like breaking tooth sticks :D
    and the gauss s is very very good at medium-long-range.
    just get the gauss s with UB GL+ the GR-22 with laserpointer & 1xscope
    than you have a good gun for medium-hacj-of-all-trades-outdoor-gun and a deadly precise weapon, Sir Hipfireous.
  4. BleuNoir

    Yeah, but the NS-11 is just so devastating in medium range though.

    And I usually like to have something like an ACOG scope on me, just a medium ranged scope.
  5. irishroy

    sry, but what does "ACOG" mean o.0 ?^^

    and if you want to have a good jackofalltradesgun, get the GR-22 for 250 certs and slap a 3.4 scope +laserpointer on it.
    very decent at medium range.
    even better at CQC
  6. BleuNoir

    ACOG means a 3.4 scope in PS2.

    The GR-22, which I trialed earlier today, had a really SMG-y hybrid feel to it, I guess I didn't really like it because of that and the reload speed.
  7. irishroy

    but it is a very deadly weapon, though :D
    but if you have to decide between the NS11 and tha gauss s, i would go for the gauss s. it is very good at medium range, like already said, but can also be modified for CQC, i think (1x/2x scope, UB GL/ UB shotty for CQC) etc.
    i haven't used the ns11, just trialed a bit^^
    but just wait ~3-4 more days, until we have the VR training area. there you can test all the things and all the certifications
  8. datdudejrod

    You said you want a gun that is a jack of all trades mainly in the medium range well the NS-11 will be that. High bullet velo makes it good at range, not good or bad at CQC and its a monster at medium range. I use NS-11 all the time now days and medium range is just free kills IMO
  9. Soylent

    It's say the NS-11a. Deadly accuracy medium-long range, 0.75 ads speed, 35 bullet mag. Overall a very good gun.
    The Gauss S with an UBGL or SGL is good at its own thing thou.