NS-11A from a TR point of view

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Azloki, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Azloki

    My credibility:
    My ingame name is Azloki.
    I have played PS1, PS1 Beta, PS2 and PS2 Beta.
    Current nation: TR

    I have tested all Medic playable guns and here is my suggestion:
    I would highly recommend everyone go use the NS-11A because of its high accuracy, low re-coil and about the same damage output/clip as other cyclers. Give it a 2X scope, laser sight and velocity, you will rule in CQC and middle range.

    I assume you all know and have read another article about TR has the best default AR for medic.

    5 point dmg * 6 point ROF * 7 point RS * 9 point ACC is about the perfect combination although I would prefer something with higher dmg but lower RS. 35 magazine is OK but 40 is better. Keep in mind that the dmg & ROF are correlated with re-coil. It means lower dmg or ROF will result in a relatively lower re-coil.
    High dmg but low ROF is bad (NC ARs). Low dmg but high ROF is bad (pistols). High dmg and high ROF is also bad (if you use auto & high re-coil). Low dmg and low ROF is the worst.

    The downside of cycler series are the high re-coil & bigger "aim". It limits your ability to kill someone in mid-long range. You may give use scope but the high recoil still limits its ability if you auto it. It is not worth changing it to single because of its low dmg.

    NS-11A has the same dmg as other cyclers but one point lower ROF than T1. However, it has a smaller "aim" and since a lower ROF, you will actually hit more than any cycler in CQC and mid range (assuming you both are moving). Forget about the dmg/clip, it is unrelated and if you always need to use a whole clip to kill someone, you better go practice more.

    T1S is OK in terms of its second utility but most of the time you kill people with you bullets and so you really dont need the second utility at a cost of the laser sight. Laser sight is pretty much a must have add-on. The difference is significant but you can only feel it when you fight a lot with it.

    NS-11A is available to all 3 nations and so it is a fair game.
  2. Kenny007

    Good to know. I started as TR after launch (having not done too much with them in beta) and the Cycler was absolutely phenomenal. I since moved to NC (friends went that way and they're not doing so well on Waterson; could use the help) andI tried trialing the NS11 but wasn't able to get into a ground fight fast/long enough to really weigh in on it. I'm just going to bite the bullet and get it now; no other NC medic weapon is really jumping out at me.

    Then again, as popular as this rifle seems to be, how long until the nerf bat arrives!?
  3. irishroy

    in most of the F2P games, OP things are nerfed a bit when they "come out" and then left alone.
  4. CrimsonDaemon

    I have to say, I have used a similar loadout and I can attest to how much of a formidable gun this is. I also have to agree that the laser is the superior attachment. The horizontal recoil at longer ranges is negligible with this gun without the foregrip so its wonderful to get the laser to help augment your rifle in the CQC environment.
  5. JDCollie=VX9=

    I'm pretty sure the NS-11A can have a compensator as well, which pretty much makes makes it laser accurate.
  6. LandingSupport

    Do the high velocity rounds make much of a noticable difference in how it preforms? Do they add any damage or just increase accuracy at longer rangers than stock? Also is it even worth getting the front grip for this rifle do to the already low recoil on it?
  7. Shepherd

    I would also like to know more about the High Velocity rounds. My assumption would be that the soft point would be the choice to do more damage?
  8. CrimsonDaemon

    Pretty much. But as far as I have heard, its specifically health damage. I think shield damage remains unchanged when using soft point. Soft point ammo also has a lower bullet velocity than normal so you will have to lead your shots more at longer ranges. High Velocity ammo basically goes faster, has more recoil, and has less damage drop off over distance, essentially increasing the range of your weapon.
  9. Azloki

    Soft point ammo decreases damage at 10m by 5%, increases at 25m by 15.4%, and decreases it at 50m by 11%.

    Try not to misinfo anyone if you did not test it.
  10. CrimsonDaemon

    I said from what I heard, implying it was heresay and not fact until numbers are provided. Though if that is what the numbers are, I am happy to be corrected. Lighten up a little.
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  11. Joust

    The SABR was the first gun I invested 330 certs into, telling myself it'd get better once it was fully advanced. It wasn't. So I bought the NS-11A and the TS1 Cycler and have since fully invested in them too.. Personally I find the NS to be superior as an all-around gun, but its lack of an underslung grenade launcher is a major deterrent.

    While I don't make a habit of lone wolfing into enemy bases, I often find myself being one of the last alive once a base has been overtaken. As odd as this sounds, I've actually invested in the extra ammo bandolier and suppressor because I'm killing someone, running off without being shown on radar, then rinse and repeating. I still run out of ammo, even with 7 clips, because more often than not I'm killing 6 or 7 people in these situations.

    The Cycler can't do this - its spray pattern is large, yes, but its recoil is also insane. You need to use a compensator to make it viable, which means no suppressor option (a deal breaker for me). The undersling launcher is nice as it allows for Rez grenades to be equipped, but truth be told, the slowed weapon draw is a real downer when using a med applicator in a fire fight and a hostile steps around the corner.
  12. CaminoArcher

    First Gun I got...I love it! Im not getting no medals for it though:(
  13. TRick Shot

    Yep. Loving this gun. My first Smedbucks purchase. Personally I went for the accuracy and reload speed. It's serving me very nicely and certainly better than the two you start with in Alpha Squad.

    I have also added the 2x reflex sight, and considering soft point ammo next. I tried soft point in the beta and unless it's been changed, switching to single fire mode and getting used to the drop and travel time gives you a pretty decent long range weapon. OK not as potent as the semi-auto sniper, but certainly enough to keep heads down during a siege. Obviously devastating in CQB.

    To the above post, I've read elsewhere medals for this weapon are bugged. It's been reported. A fix is no doubt in the works, but you'd serve yourself well by creating a ticket so that they can adjust your medals accordingly when it's fixed.
  14. UrMom306

    Damnit OP stop spreading the word, I'm already getting chewed up by TR as it is :p lol, but yeah thats the gun I roll with and it's legit
    I thought the same but last night after one of my kills a medal popped up for it, so now i'm all confused
  15. MartianDiscoFish

    The best thing about this gun is that you don't need suppressor when playing VS, the enemy can't disguish the difference this gun and TR/NC weapons. :D
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  16. Gorox7

    I love NS-11A, it fits my way of playing more than the default cycler (not enough accuracy).
    Note to everyone: You can get medals (I got silver), but you cannot view it in the stats. You still get the reward.
  17. Alareth

    The medals are bugged right now, the devs are aware.
  18. Chrysalis

    This weapon is distracting. When I hear it I start hunting for the TR baddie until I realize oh. just a friendly medic with the common pool rifle.
  19. Bill Hicks

    I just trialed it per your suggestion. I really like it. too bad its 1000 certs
  20. Polarity

    I don't know if the promotion or whatever it was is still going on, but GameStops in the US have a special PlanetSide 2 1500 StationCash card that, when used, also gives you a free NS-11 Platinum. It's identical to the NS-11A statwise, however it has a unique skin. Might be worth checking around your local GameStops if you were considering buying the gun with StationCash anyway.

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