Now with Critical Mass working great, more maps?

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  1. Lamat

    Would love a giant space station habitat to fight on
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  2. zaspacer

    I would love to see that moon base that leaked on youtube. Even if the new stuff was "rough" and only cycled in as an optional, limited time base once in a while or seasonally, or after a special Alert to unlock it.
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  3. zaspacer

    Word. Units can fight in it, or use maglock boots/treads (jetpacks, etc.) to play on the space side. Narrow width might make it a bit linear, but could just turn it into a special short term boss fight after winning an alert by a certain method (time, %, what controlled, etc.)
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  4. AtckAtck

    Critical Mass Update is surely not "working great".
    It leaves a lot to be desired.

    A lot of the nerfs done where just too harsh:
    - Construction Towers are useless now.
    - Lightnings are too fragile. (Ram damage.)
    - Lightnings Cannon Shells have way to much bullet drop.
    - Heat/HE Cannon Shells are so slow that infantry can just wait for you to shoot and then duck while the projectile travels. Totally ridiculous.
    - Lockon Rockets are basically useless against air, because of travel time and damage potential.
    - Ground lock on range is too low
  5. Moz

    Oh the list is endless of how stupid the combined arms changes are.

    Critical mass stuff is good though, needs a few numbers tweaks but fine in my mind.
  6. AtckAtck

    Either it is working great, or it isn't. And it isn't!

    Telling them that it basically was a good idea, but that it doesn't work they intended, doesn't change the fact that it doesn't work now.

    They took sooooo long with the update, but the first day i played it felt pretty untested to me.
    Then there Comes the Point where i have to ask: " Do devs not Play their own game for testing sometimes? In what enviroment do they do this?"

    Some changes broke whole gameplay styles: Like the first Point in my list, then constuction. THEY implemented this, they wanted us to build. I liked it. I pumped like 30.000 certs into it. Now, after the update it is not fun anylonger. What reason should i have to build a base if the only means of defence, the Towers, are utter crap, cannot survive anything, cannot be held up with repairs.
    And even if a vehicle is totally unaware (of your big base....) and you Shooting him, the damage is so low it is not even funny. It is like an Invitation: "Come on, kill me, all i can do is tickle you while i give you 20k xp if you take the time to destroy me..."
    That was the Moment when i thought: "What have the devs smoked to put in those changes without noticing. Or even worse, deliberately or without caring?"
    Now i rarely build anymore and probably won't until better patches for base builder come.
  7. Moz

    Well yeah, the first point in your update is a combined arms issue not critical mass...

    Lightenings being to fragile is also combined arms.

    Bullet drop? Combined arms.

    HE issues? Combined arms.

    Lockons? Combined arms.

    Critical mass is to do with the new alert type and continent locking. Weapon / vehicle balance is combined arms.

    I completely agree combined arms (as is now) is a complete disaster! Its just outright silly, air running rampant, rls doing no damage, harrys are just outright OP, tanks not one shotting infantry, your issue with the construction turret ranges etc etc etc

    Your point about construction, IMO construction is now, for the first time, worth doing / enjoyable. First time it feels like you legit NEED to build.

    The critical mass update (alerts and locking) is working quite well IMO. Like i said, i personally believe it needs some tweaks to the numbers (be it less % controlled to win or the time alerts last) but on the whole good ideas.
  8. AtckAtck

    All was part of the update, if you want to talk about the alert changes only, fine by me.
    Although i also think that the Basic mechanic is not a bad idea, there are problems:
    Most of the time 1 faction gets 2 sided, while the attackers simply ignore each other. And that is BEFORE the alert starts. Sure, it was like that before the update changes, but not it is totally worse.
    On cobalt it is most of the time TR that gets double sided, no chance to defend, thanks to the new population control.
    One can simply not defend when 2 decide to go on 1, you dont even have a Chance to even it out because "BALANCE!".

    And to the Problems with base building, i refer you to my other base building thread:
    I really wished more Players would care about building, then maybe they would finally see how unbalanced THAT is at the moment.
    For me, i stopped building, despite having everything unlocked. It is just not fun when you take 20-30 min. to build a base that gets destoyed by 1! random tank within 2-5 minutes. Totally balanced....

    The result is what you can see live now: People don't build anymore, they just throw down hive + silo and hope that nobody cares enough. And most of the time, this works perfectly.
    Bases need to be a lot more dangerous to attackers. Right now it's like a pillow fort, it looks nice but doesn't have a chance if anyone decides it is in his way.
  9. Moz

    Indeed all part of one update but two VERY different programs.

    Yeah, critical mass was always going to lead to double teaming. Once one faction starts the alert it is down to the other two to stop them. This is good! This promotes lots of fights. This issue we have at the moment is it is very difficult to maintain 36% (if you start with the minimum 41% or close to it) for 45 minutes when you are being attacked from both sides. This IMO is what needs to be addressed either the % required or the amount of time to defend.

    With the building, if one tank is getting your base down you are doing it VERY wrong. I see so many bases around that are far to big and built terribly (even though it looks like someone tried to make it good) Any base i build the only thing you can destroy with a tank is the turrets. Everything else is either totally immune to the damage due to repair modules OR is hidden inside a structure so it cannot be hit by tank or air units (this includes my core). Take me roughly 30 minutes to build including cortium collection.

    To do this you need to place a Sundy garage, then a pillbox blocking off one end and an infantry tower blocking off the other. Place repair module, ai module and spawn tube in pillbox. Place shield module in base of tower. If this is done correctly the gaps between the sundy garage and the other structures is small enough the it is impossible to get an angle on the modules with a tank.

    Placing modules outside structures? Your doing it wrong and your base will get eaten in no time! Also, never EVER use the bunker in its current state, its literally more of a help to the attackers than it is defensive.
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  10. AtckAtck

    I really dont know how to reply to this one...
    I am probably one of the 10 most experienced builders on my Server.
    So everything you just lectured me is bascially "Standard".
    My bases are not build bad, but if your 3 turrets (just assuming a solo base now) go down in like 20 seconds, you have nothing left to defend. Just exit the friggin tank, kill the 1-2 defenders, blow up the spawntube with mines,c4 etc. and have time to finish the base. 5 min later EVERYTHING is gone. And why? Because the turrets are down so fast. If your base survives after the turrets are down then because you either have
    a) a lot of defenders inside
    b) the tank Driver does not care to exit his friggin tank to destroy your base
    c) is clueless how to do it.
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    I'd like to add that it is indeed possible to stick your base in a hidey-hole that is impenetrable without at least taking mortal amounts of initial damage (most often 1 or more well-placed Skywall Shield Emitters), in which case you need a Glaive IPC camp to take it out (or lots of healing and mlg-kits).
  12. AtckAtck

    You never need a glaive to get under a skyshield, just the right entry angle. (And preferably a full sunderer to surprise the remaining people under the dome.) But actually ANY vehicle will do the job. (Even a Flash.)
    So choose the right weapon (vehicle) for the job ahead.
  13. Moz

    Well if you are doing the "standard things" two people WILL NEVER take your base out. They dont mine! :)
  14. OneShadowWarrior

    Well the original maps for Planetside 2 were not done by Daybreak. They are doing a better job at tweaking them.

    So I would love for them to build some, SOE was going in the wrong direction and you wonder why they tanked the game?

    I would love to see Searhus the Volcanic planet or Cyssor the kingsized planet or even Ceryshen, the framework was already in there from the first Planetside.