Now with Critical Mass working great, more maps?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OneShadowWarrior, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. OneShadowWarrior

    Now that we appear to have battle fronts again and players not hacking empty places, Daybreak is there a chance for more maps?

    More continents would be great.
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  2. Eternaloptimist

    I'm not sure if it is the critical mass changes to armour resistance and vehicle guns, the new alert system or only having one continent open that has increased the size of the battles. I think a larger player base is needed for having more continents open and IDK if recent experience shows that there are more players joining the game or just that the existing player base is more concentrated in one place at a time.

    It would be great if more people are joining and I would like a choice of continents myself. Not too bothered about new continents myself although I welcomed the remodelling of bases and various bits of terrain that were introduced on e.g. Indar. I would probably like Hossin more if the devs did some fine tuning there to make terrain a little bit less impassable.
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  3. Essayons12b

    It would be nice to see a map that highlights construction. Maybe a few vehicle points and some small buildings that would force you to build bases around them to defend it.
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  4. Pikachu

    Maps take a year to make and makes no money. It would also reduce the amount of time peopl get to play on their beloved Indar.
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  5. iPervy

    Even the maps we do have aren't finished yet in some way or another. Be nice to have more maps but just not gonna happen.
  6. Pelojian

    it also is money that could be spent on the core of the game to improve it, rather then scenery people will only pay attention to until they learn every nook and cranny in the bases.
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  7. Demigan

    More maps is a bad idea.

    It would divide players even more in what continent they prefer to play at.
    It would increase the chances that players don't want to play at a particular continent and leave, lowering the total amount of players at any one time.
    The current maps already have tons of space that's not really used, improvements to PMB's within the meta, like providing FOB's for assaults/defenses, would make the game better. Additionally having new capture mechanics that rotate bases each time a continent is locked would provide a far better variability and entertainment value to the metagame.
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  8. Halkesh

    Yeah no, improve existing one before. The moment everyone love playing on both continent, including Hossin, as much as on Indar then you can start to make a new map.

    What should be improved on current continents :
    -Both Esamir and Hossin need to be more enjoyable for both infantry and vehicles : giant wall or giant cliff aren't fun.
    -Add more flanking roads on Hossin, currently on the mountain biome you have only the lattice road and unusable mountains roads. Improve these mountains road so vehicles can use them. (IMO, that's why indar is so popular : people have a feeling of freedom of move)
    -Hossin scalped mountains need to be improved so you can access them and also they should be more natural (currently they look as dead as a moon landscape).

    Misc idea for continents :
    -Allow engineer to improve build defenses / assault construction from scrap or NS crate so they're more useful outside of a vehicle. (ideas : firing post, shield for building's windows, assault ramp/elevator/jumper, open/close door on a building, build a wall/shield before sunderer garage)
    -Add things in between bases so vehicles can be useful for something else than farming. (destroying engineer constructions, destroy pre-destroyed building to create shortcut for ally infantry, add vehicle capture points that give owner an advantage [not necessarily a base to capture, it can be a neutral teleporter]) .
  9. strikearrow

    Ya we need no more maps. Improve game nanite balance, fix bugs. New vehicles maybe.
  10. Ryo313

    plz indar is locked 90% of the time... i don't even know how the sand there feels xD

    but hey Hossin is free most of the time x'D
  11. Campagne

    Well maybe if they made another continent that didn't suck so much people would like not playing on Indar. :p
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  12. Lamat

    Searhus, the volcanic continent:

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  13. Ryo313

    well it looks and sounds nice but wouldn't the lava mess up the peformance? (kinda the same reason with water)

    but 10/10 would jump into that lava
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  14. Blam320

    The Dev team should honestly focus on reworking the existing maps first, before they tackle new ones. I'm certain giving especially Hossin and Esamir the Indar treatment will entice some people back. After that, refocusing on Operation: Make Faster Game and an ad. campaign so PlanetSide can appear competitive against newer, shinier games.
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  15. Ryo313

    i agree on that... currently whenever Hossin is open ppl are going offline instead of playing there.
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  16. Lucidius134

    You musn't have been around for the amerish to hossin addition.

    EARLY EXPLORATION VERSION for an entire year

    back in beta, they could squeeze off esamir and amerish because they didn't need to work on server stability and could budget for it, but launching the game early in late 2012 to monetize the gae as fast as possible (instead of...making MTX cosmetics persist to live???) and then having to hotfix the game's stabiity for the next year really killed the developement time.

    Full continents would definatly be out. If Battle Islands were fleshed out they would be more likely to be achievable by Daybreak as they are smaller maps using existing assets mixed with some new stuff.

    I made a topic for revising the idea of Battle slands here. Additionally, we already have one battle island made and ready to go:

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  17. LodeTria

    It's the last one, as population hasn't increased, it's just being concentrated in one continent now:
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  18. Pikachu

    If there was to be a new map, it should be curved. :D
  19. CMDante

    Hossin > Amerish > Esamir > Indar

    Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
  20. adamts01

    A planet with a diameter of 4 kilometers.....

    I'd rather fight on something lie a Halo ring.

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