Now that we have Soltech, we need a ping limit

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by adamts01, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. adamts01

    Start by setting it to 250. It's not ideal, but this would weed out the worst offenders while still allowing about everyone in the world to find a server. On Connery, that allows Australians to connect with their 200, and the Chinese to connect with their 150. But the Chinese without a VPN, with 400+ would have to move to Soltech, which I hear they get 250 to, just to show how bad their internal routing is.
  2. frozen north

    Cumulative ( server and network) or purely network? Cause if it's cumulative, you can be sure that patch day will be a rather barren day otherwise.
  3. Cyropaedia

    Don't think a ping limit will help US West Coast-based players currently experiencing and complaining about 5k-200k Server Latency.
  4. adamts01

    That's a different issue. Current server latency is impacting all servers, even those without Connery's typical high ping players. What a 250ms limit would do is remove 90% of the day to day warping and hit reg issues, and possibly address the chronic lag switching this game suffers from which Battleye can't address.
  5. tommyrocket

    128ms to SolTech from Arizona, apparently. They shouldn't fare much worse, right? China to Tokyo.... 3,182 KM from that red line.[IMG]

    Distance from Arizona to Tokyo 5,798 miles:

    But yeah, their VPNs limit their speed quite a bit. My own router has a VPN built-in optionally, and it'll limit the PC's connection speed in mbps to 30~ish mbps down from the usual 178 mbps. Upload's usually around 10 mbps, not super good all around. So about 22.25 Mb/s downloads normally compared to what would be 3.75 with the VPN... ouch. (1 megabit = 0.125 megabytes)

    Of course, China is pretty big. Anyone living on the western side of the country would have it worse, obviously. Eastern China, though, not quite as bad. Introduce VPN on top of distance and it's just lag all day 'erry day. That and the fact that connections almost never go straight to their destination, kind of like amazon shipping trucks.
  6. adamts01

    You don't really understand how a VPN works. You connect to your VPN's server in your local area, then set the end destination to your VPN's server as close to your game's specific server as you can. The VPN has done the work to provide your signal the most efficient rout possible from one of their servers to the next.

    For example, my local ISP sometimes sends my signal from my home in the Philippines to Singapore before sending it to California. My VPN has a server in Manila, and I connect to another one in Las Vegas (I think that's the one). On a good day for my ISP, a VPN saves me maybe 5 hops and 20ms. When my ISP is messing up, it saves my signal a trip to Singapore, and about 100ms.

    Similarly, my friend in central China gets 250ms to Soltech without a VPN, and 50ms to Soltech with a VPN.

    I also have a friend in the US who uses a VPN to go from the east coast to Japan and back to Connery to get 400ms, and he proceeds to farm with C4 and shotguns, racking up kills before he renders as being in the room.

    VPNs are as much of a solution as a problem. And whatever your router offers, probably an additional firewall, isn't the same thing. The smart move is to introduce a ping limit now that we have enough servers to accommodate just about everyone in the world.
  7. Armcross

    250 seems low. Why not 400? For me at that point it's unplayable?
  8. Towie

    Trouble is - 400ms / 0.4 of a second is an age in PS2. Almost half of all guns have a TTK less than 0.5 of a second in best situation scenarios so it basically means the first time you know something is hitting you - you're more or less dead already. As happens today - time after time.
  9. Blam320

    I agree. However, we may need to take extra steps to ensure that every server has a decent-sized population, and that people aren't being forced to play on "dead" servers due to their ping.
  10. adamts01

    I don't know what server you play on, but I don't think most people have issues with Australian ping on Connery, at around 200. A limit of 250 would let anyone connect to 1 or 2 servers without all the ******** we see from all the 400+ players. It wouldn't be mlg level, but it would remove 90% of the problems we have.
  11. adamts01

    Where do you play from where you can't connect at 250?
  12. Blam320

    I should have been more specific. I agree with the 250 ping limit, not the 400 ping limit.
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  13. adamts01

    OK. I definitely agree. My current 200 feels pretty good. The biggest problem being kill trading. I'd hate to have 250, that's where half my deaths were either kill trades or dying behind cover. 300 isn't worth it and 400 is where really crazy stuff starts happening.
  14. adamts01

    I just realized you're my buddy from Manila. Kumusta ka? Sorry I don't speak much Tagalog. Kasabut ko gamy Visaya.
  15. Armcross

    Wow, recognize me by ping similairty. Mabuti naman po.

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