Now that we are in Maintenance...

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  1. theamateurassassin

    lets talk about the battle of TI Alloys
  2. Elrobochanco

    Twas fun, but I was only in for a bit. Hit detection and lag were pretty bad, but I know test is not meant for big strain. So I'm not really that worried there.

    - My framerate while lower than on live (I keep things cranked on test) the aiming felt smoother, so I guess input lag fixes in and good.
    - Noticed some visual anomalies in directives where some of them don't show the content of a requirement after you've earned it. And I wish we had ways to preview the rewards (both visually and in VR).
    - Really like the new spawning, was worried that I would accidentally respawn at the same location when I didn't want to because I always mash space, but was glad to find space just toggles it so I had time to undo my decision if needed
    - Had a freeze of sorts when I tried to respawn at the last location, but it was unavailable so I got locked looking at my killer on a dark background while it dumped me to a nearby base (I died after IA to the crown, and it loaded me to TI)
    - Have not noticed new resources at all, unsure if the interface is just not showing my old stockpile of grenades but I feel like I haven't lost any resources when reloading my maxed grenade bandolier sticky nades. And I throw them a bunch.
  3. LCTR

    I'm guessing when PTS comes back up there'll be a plaque on the side of the TI Alloys front building commemorating the noble testers who gave their nanites so we could live in a better world....
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  4. LCTR

    Btw, Dave Carey (can we shorten to DC?) said it should be approx. 30mins downtime

    (so that's around 15 mins from now)
  5. Groucho Marxist

    It was pretty fun. I played from all sides and the NC probably had it rough coming from Alatum but I'm just glad everyone cooperated and kept it going.