[Suggestion] Now that the Colossus has become OP, no more Bastion.

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  1. AntDX316

    People are less likely to pull Bastions now when outfits pull 1+ fully supported Colossus groups every single time. It does so much damage and there really is no response to take them out. The Bastion cost so much it's unbelievable that they die in a few minutes to couple Colossus. The Bastion should be less powerful and cost a lot less to be balanced and the Colossus can cost a bit less to so there is more action going on in the game. From what I've seen, a Citadel Shield and Orbital Strikes are more worth it than pulling a Bastion with the unbalanced Colossus buff.

    Bastion was OP in the first place. They dominate uncontested but not super OP where the base is locked down from what I've seen both using it, in the air, and on the ground on both sides.

    The Bastion is such a great idea to this game but unfortunately not worth it anymore.

    At least give some sort of Colossus warning firing direction to the Bastion. It's hard to find them and by the time you do, and you start moving, Half or more of your weakpoints are gone or almost destroyed.

    Dropped double OS and we kept raining down fire w/ a full Bastion and couldn't kill their shields. Some thought it was bugged.
  2. BengalTiger

    I'd say make the Colossus's shields weaker and make it reach only 35 km/h after a good 5 seconds at full throttle.
    Then it would be hard to move in position to counter a Bastion, because it would probs float away, and if a Bastion starts scoring hits, it should wreck the tank, period.

    But if there are several Colossi, then things become different, but the Bastion should still wreck those that it can put it's firepower on.
  3. AntDX316

    They made them weaker before. Was against 2 Colossus TR with a full Bastion at the tail end of an Esamir Alert with dozens of sunderers. Dropped 2 Outfit OS and we obliterated their entire group which probably was a Dev or someone who has connections that took action after and made the Colossus super buffed. It's actions like these that change the game and in other areas of life, changes the world.

    I felt bad at times being super OP w/ no contest in the Bastion. What is the worst is meeting someone who had a 3-man NSO Bastion. We talked a lot. He said how it took 1-2 months to make it. They died in 20 minutes or less. We tried to save it in the air but could only do so much. For people like that, this is when balancing matters. Not that you can really live with a 3-man Bastion anyway but other outfits that could take weeks to generate resources. We can pull every 3rd or 4th day. It used to be everyday or every other day but other outfits are taking the points over us. I just don't bother pulling it anymore as OS and Citadel drops are more valuable in those mini battles that people care about that make the game so great.
  4. Demigan

    The Colossus is designed like the rest of the AA: Sacrifice most of your ability to deal with ground just to take shots at air.
    The first iteration was a freakshow. You deploy, fire a shot and in the meantime the Bastion rightclicks the map and obliterates the Colossus. A hard counter against the Bastion and it loses to a rightclick on the map from the thing its supposed to beat? Great job devs!
    Now its shield protects it against the Bastion's guns and it can acrually threaten a Bastion. Not that it can keep up if the Bastion does the aircraft thing and just moves to another base.

    The real problem isnt with the power of these vehicles, but with design. Take the "small outfit pulled Bastion and got killed quickly" example. The Bastion is supposed to be a reward for all the teamwork and resource gathering you've done, but using it isnt about teamwork. Its about one guy racking up the kills and others protecting it so that one guy can rack up kills. So anyone outside of the outfit has practically zero interest or incentive to help the owners of the Bastion. In other words: the Bastion does not encourage players to work together.

    The Bastion should never have been designed as a one-man-murdermachine. It should have been the rallypoint for the entire faction. A flying pocket base designed to help their entire faction to spawn, pull vehicles, offer support powers to enhance players etc. That way players are encouraged to actually defend that thing.

    Also one last thing: people care about the big battles. If they cared about mini-battles we would see more players total in small battles rather than in the Crown tri-state area/Biolabs and we would see more players leave for games focused on small battles rather than stick with an MMOFPS designed for large battles.
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  5. Badman76

    I don't really get Bastions. The other night Tr and Nc both spawned one in at the same time. They both met at the centre of the map with a large air force each. Both bastions died within 10 minutes.
  6. Liewec123

    Sounds beautifully karmic,
    Oh no! Something ruining the fun for the ultimate fun-ruiner? GOOD.
    I'm sick of the months of you sky farming motherduckers ruining fights.
    You had long enough to enjoy you several-hundred-player killstreaks
    About time that you actually have something that counters your annoying BS.
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  7. \m/SLAYER\m/

    I don't know what are you talking about, but OP Colossus is way better than Dem Bastion, that can cross over entire map in 1 minute, and immune to ground arms.
    Seems fine to me.
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  8. That_One_Kane_Guy

    A "Fully Supported" Colossus implies coordinating deployment, repairs and supporting vehicles which to me seems a lot more teamwork-oriented than getting some planes to follow the flying Carnival FunShip until it dies. In any case I still see Bastions in the sky every night I'm on so they obviously aren't an endangered species yet. There are plenty of times where uncountered Bastions have completely shut down a fight I'm at by knocking out all of the Sunderers and supporting vehicles in a Hex. To date I have never, ever seen a Colossus have that that same kind of significant impact on a fight.

    However, I agree that face-tanking huge amounts of Bastion fire + multiple Orbital Strikes is too much. Colossus should EITHER be tanky but with only enough range to protect a general area like a base / a group of units OR have enough range to plink at Bastions in the next Hex but be weak enough that the cloud of ESF in perpetual attendance can fly over and eat its lunch if it isn't well-protected.

    Also anything that encourages more Citadel Shield use is always a plus. Those are super helpful whenever they are placed by someone with more than two neurons to rub together.
  9. AntDX316

    The Bastion does not fly that fast. It takes at least 3 minutes to fly from one end to the other.
  10. AntDX316

    Oh yeah, chaining Citadel Shields together with the Colossus further makes it OP
  11. Twin Suns

    The Bastions are crying wolf. That's rich...
  12. RabidIBM

    And the batthurt post of the day award goes to...

    Seriously, bastions are far more mobile than colossi, and colossi aren't cheap. If your opponents brought enough armour to properly support the colossi than you are dealing with a large number of players who have correctly counter played you. That's Planetside.
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  13. Johannes Kaiser

    Well, I can see both sides here.
    For zergfits it is really easy to spawn Bastions as often as they damn well please and just use them for whatever farming crosses their mind. If it gets destroyed fast, it doesn't really hamper or hurt them in any way, minor setback would be an overstatement.
    On the other hand, take a small outfit with maybe 5 active people who work for a month or two to spawn a Bastion, thinking "oh, now we got one, it's so big, this will be cool" (I have never observed a small outfit's bastion hovering over fights they had no stakes in, interestingly enough, the ones I've seen - and they were few enough - tend to stick to where they are actually useful). If that gets destroyed in 5 minutes, because they are inexperienced with it and have little to no air support (because the game doesn't promote Bastions as anything else than big machines useful only for one outfit and not really worth protecting), it hurts them severely, because they lost a month worth of effort in 5 minutes.

    This is one of the reasons why I would personally set tiers for outfits, depending on their size. And the tier of the outfits influences the price of assets, or at least the more pricey ones. Just off the top of my head:
    T1: 1-10 players, -50% cost
    T2: 11-25 players: -10% cost
    T3: 26-50 players: no increase or decrease
    T4: 51-75 players: +25% cost
    T5: 76-100 players: +100% cost
    T6: 100+ players: +300% cost (obviously with the limitation that no item can cost more of a given resource than the storage limit allows for)
    As you see, the increases are fare more severe than the decreases, and for one reason: The pricey assets need to be something that is earned, even for the small outfits, whereas for the big outfits the increase doesn't really matter at all. And everything above 100 players is usually a zergfit and they generate metric craptons of resources anyway, just by drowning out everyone and everything else.
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  14. Ziggurat8

    Free Bastion ESF equipped with ejector seat + Covert Drop implant + Mine Carrier Engineer.

    You get 2 or 3 decent players playing wack a mole and Collosus's are easy to deal with.
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  15. Johannes Kaiser

    Since when can you equip the Bastion ESFs? Or do they come with Ejection pre-equipped? Didn't pay them much attention.
  16. BamaRage

    Makes me so happy, bastions are a royal pain in the ***....
  17. Ziggurat8

    They come with flares and ejector seat. Cost 0 nanites. Best throw away vehicle for C4 and mine spam ever. Lots of fun. Skyguards never expect you to bail from a non smoking ESF.

    Covert drop cloaks you when you get to the ground. 5 mines=Dead Colosus. So effective I imagine they'll nerf the Bastion ESF's once it catches on.
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