[Suggestion] Now that Cloaking is generic across the different settings...

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  1. Korfax124

    I predict that with the current fix for cloaking across the different video settings there will be Infiltrators complaining about how everyone can just see them whenever they try and Infiltrate enemy positions, which, of course, leads to them being shot quite often.

    I have already proposed a possible short-term solution on Reddit (Link here), but I don't think that's going to be enough in the long run. So, this is pretty much a message to the devs that they might want to draw a plan for tweaks to cloaking.
  2. Ol' Brownfists

    When they said they were going to do a cloaking pass, I thought they were going to do something more productive than simply fix bugs. Should have known better.
  3. Frostiken

    So wait what does cloaking look like now? Are there comparisons anywhere?
  4. cruczi

    I haven't noticed a difference before / after, I play on high settings. Presumably on low settings cloak now looks the same as on high
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  5. MrGrampybone

    I play on medium and I can't say I noticed the change either...
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  6. TheMercator

    The reason for this is, that now cloak looks like on medium on all settings.
    I predict that know everybody, that played on higher settings to see infiltrators will now turn the graphics down, even when they wouldn't need it. And people that want to play a game that looks nice have to fight through high grass, fog and shadows against those people...
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  7. Winfield

    Welp. I might actually play on Low now if it gives me lots moar fps.
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  8. Alarox

    There seems to be some confusion. It is only for those of us who play on low, and it is a substantial difference.
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  9. TraatAdmiral

    It sure seems like I'm getting killed more post-patch. I just tried crouch-walking around a corner and was immediately shot by all 10-12 camping NC, who could clearly see me fine.
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  10. Ronin Oni

    Highly unlikely... unless you have a particularly old/bad GPU and VRAM.

    Many people with a good GFX card actually get worse frames on Low
  11. ChampagneDragon

    It def made a difference. I first tried my VS alt, and could see the blue shimmer of an NC sniper crouching in the bush near Red Ridge.

    I played my NC and was instagibbed by TR despite crouch-walking around a corner. They weren't "right there" either.

    It's definitely going to make infiltrators keep at range and snipe instead of sneaking around inside occupied areas. Say good-bye to your hacked terms.
  12. LightningWolfTigrBer

    There seems to be a misconception about moving while crouched. If doesn't matter if you're standing or crouched, the cloak has the same level of visibility while on the move. The only difference is that if you stop moving while crouched you go to the lowest level of visibility, "deepcloak", faster than you would if you had stopped while standing. Also, while still, the cloak is slightly more visible when you're upright than when you're crouched.
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  13. LibertyRevolution

    A standing infiltrator is just as obvious as a moving one, if you are standing still you look like crystal statue.
    Only crouching and remaining motionless activates deep cloak, which need to be changed to allow crouch walking in my opinion..

    And yes on low they are now crystal instead of a faint hint of shadow, so maybe now they will stop thinking they are invisible.
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  14. ChampagneDragon

    BUT human nature says people will look at eye level. This is why stores place premium products on the middle shelves. This is why snipers are either prone or elevated. This is why billboards are placed such that when you're driving they're right in your line of view. So, several enemies 50-100m away are far less likely to see the shimmer of a crouched person than one who is simply walking.

    They all turned as if I was just strolling into their space uncloaked. there may have been sensors, I know that. But their guns all went directly to me, not around me, not at headshot level, ON ME.
  15. LightningWolfTigrBer

    My screen is at eye level, and unless I'm focusing on my minimap or firing on another target, then my focus is on the entirety of the screen. Being crouched doesn't dramatically reduce your visibility unless you're in/behind some kind of cover. The shimmering effect is pretty obvious, so if you're moving you really shouldn't expect your enemies to miss it if you're not 200+ meters away.
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  16. bl33ping

    i play on medium settings and it doesn't seem like it changed. i tried low settings before and it was extremely hard to see them. you could barely see your own weapon/arms while cloaked. maybe the reason you're getting killed more is because people on low can now see them better.
  17. Reccettear

    i think it's kinda disgusting how some ppl crawl out of their holes and complain because the cloak now works in a manner that could be considered fair*. l2p smg scrubs

    *not rly until they introduce a reliable counter mechanic but well....
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  18. Meeka

    I don't understand why people are complaining.

    Cloak hasn't been changed.

    Just that cloak on 'low viewing settings' has been fixed.

    Cloakers have never been invisible; I can easily spot any cloaker in front of me even in the middle of an intense combat. The only way you're getting killed by a cloaker is if you're blatantly not paying attention or are heavily distracted by another target.
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  19. libbmaster

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  20. Korfax124

    Just to remind people replying to this thread: this is not a complaint, but a warning that complaints MAY be on the horizon.