Now that Banshee has been Adjusted*

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Trebb, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. FieldMarshall


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  2. itechen2

    good. all of you nubs that rely so heavily on cheap game mechanics to farm your kills, had it coming. banshee is still really powerful, comon now.
  3. The_Blazing

    What does that have to do with a weapon underperfoming? Also, the differences between each fighter are really small, outside of the hitbox they are almost the same in terms of performance, what really matters is the weapon you put on them, which is the reason why the PPA needs to be looked at.
  4. Trebb

    You're right, which is why I'm asking for a buff to Max resistance. The poster above you also nailed why the AH seems out of line to the other AI ESF guns now, but I don't care too much about that. I just want balance, and when AA Maxes die in under a second to something with super high mobility that can reset the encounter over and over again until they win, we do not have balance.
  5. AlterEgo

    My plan is working! Soon, infantry will be able to OHK vehicles with a single swing of the knife!>:]
  6. AlterEgo

    You see those things I highlighted?
    Good, because you are one HELL of a good man, dude. Nerfing is WRONG, but when you buff an OP weapon's counterparts, no one loses anything, but instead, something is gained.
  7. AlterEgo

    Okay, we'll buff those...
    When infantry stop getting carbon copies of the same guns and models.
  8. BlueSkies


    Anyway... my point was that in general the only faction that might have trouble with AI noseguns killing their MAXs is the TR and thats just because of ability choice. NC and VS MAXs should always be using MAX charge when outside (because ZOE is broken and NC Shield is really only useful indoors). TR understandably is tempting to use lockdown for AA/AV work. But, thats a choice of increased damage output/risk.
  9. CMDante

    You heard it here first, folks. Filthy infantry peasants should have absolutely no way to defend themselves or attack the glorious coward armored master-race.
  10. ajma

    I think AH is ok. In fact, Banshee was ok for the most part, except that it could kill large numbers of people without much risk to the pilot. Banshee was overnerfed, although not as much as TR players claim it to have been.
  11. Trebb

    Banshee still feels fine, I think it's where it needs to be for the most part.
  12. doombro

    Then give me the old banshee back. I don't like having to sit 30 meters away from a softie to kill him with half a magazine. If we're going to give things the nerfhammer, we ought to be fair about it.
  13. TammelTR

    I would love for you to have your banshee back, but just because your toy got broken doesn't mean we should petition for the other factions toys to be broken too. That quickly spirals out of control.
  14. Trebb

    Banshee isn't broken, it was brought in line. Here's a hint. In those AH videos where they giggle after downing a Max and a few infantry in a quick pass, it's because they feel like they're getting away with something. I just want it brought in line with the other faction AI ESF guns. It's NC's turn ;)
  15. QuantumSerpent

    Please don't (and I don't play NC; if I meet an Airhammer it's on the wrong end. I also usually play infantry).

    As others have said, vehicle AI should melt infantry easily. I'd go so far as to say that no vehicle AI should ever be nerfed in any way henceforth, they're weak enough as it is. If one of them's OP, buff the others to match it.
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  16. TammelTR

    You're wrong. The risk pilots have to take is huge between flak, g2a lock and the inevitable enemy esfs coming in. They should be able to crush infantry. Flying and driving vehicles is not easy mode, they present their own challenges, and in general are much more complex elements of play than infantry. The more we cater to infantry the worse this game will get.

    They giggle because they're having fun, and they should be. The more we nerf the more frustrating this game will become. Nerfs are just easier for SOE than base redesign and solving real issues, and the community in general is easily pacified by a nerf of a supposed OP weapon. It's all smoke and mirrors designed to redirect the majority of people's attention away from the real issues this game has.
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  17. Draegnar

    Pilots take very few risks as a majority of them only fly in areas where they have air superiority and no ground defences, As soon as ground defences are pulled they immediately relocate theatre to some other area where they can fly around with impunity farming the ground. There is a reason why pilots are considered cowards on average and it isn't entirely unfounded, no other role is as versatile as the ESF, extremely high maneuverability, the ability to reap both ground and air and most of all the ability to simply go to another fight in seconds if they meet any resistance, you can't chase them in anything other than an ESF and cover is probably more use for air than it is for ground, except on Esamir.

    Really don't have an issue with libs here either, they fulfill a role have plenty of weaknesses and a few strengths but honestly they need to decide what they want ESFs to be as currently I don't know a player of this game that likes them, there is something truly obnoxious about being killed by them (as infantry)
  18. TammelTR

    What's obnoxious is that people come to a combined arms game and whine about being killed by vehicles. Other games do tdm infantry combat much much better than ps2, ps2 is not that game, and the more people push for nerfs the more ps2 is going to fail at combined arms aspects of play and all that will be left is a diminished and sub-par infantry experience.
  19. \m/SLAYER\m/

    you forgot days, when Liberators were OP, and were ruins every fight buy farming everything outside of spawn rooms.
  20. TammelTR

    An issue of base design and the lack of a restrictive class/cert system not the weapon and platform itself.