Now that Banshee has been Adjusted*

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  1. Trebb

    Can we look at the Airhammer?

    I agreed it was BS that Banshee could wipe out AA maxes in 1 second, but the AH can still sneak up on you, and kill you in 0.5 seconds, which is basically instant when you factor in lag.

    I think it's time this is looked at, if not for infantry farming in general, at least boosting Max resistance to it. With reaver sounds still being buggy, it's super easy to sneak well into AH range and get out clean.
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  2. TammelTR

    No. Think for one moment about the trend that is being created with these "adjustments". Every single AI weapon in this game that vehicles have access to is slowly but surely being turned into a useless pile of garbage. Vehicles with an AI set up should be able to melt infantry at every encounter, easily, effectively, and efficiently. I say this is as someone who spends the majority of their time foot slogging. I love that the air hammer can crush me. I wish it could do it from a farther distance. You know why? Because most of the time when I encounter an AH reaver it never gets close enough because I've put two g2a rockets in it. The other times the pilot was skillful and had luck on their side. Vehicles suck enough. So stop already.
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  3. Hatesphere

    AH has to sneak up on you, banshee could just have a staring contest and win...
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  4. Trebb

    That's my point, how hard is it to sneak up on a limited movement Max when you can afterburner faster than any other faction, and kill a Max before he even shows that he's taking damage on his client.

    I'm not asking for a nerf, I'm asking for a boost to Max resistance to this junk.
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  5. Hatesphere

    I have never really had a problem with it honestly. most times when they sneak up on me its my fault for not paying attention. the banshee on the other hand didn't even have to sneak, it just shoot me from range while a laid into it with busters to no effect. atleast the AH guy had to earn it, and even then i could charge to cover more then 50% of the time.
  6. TheRunDown

    I think there generally is going to be a nerf, one to stop the Air Hammer from Insta killing ESFs mainly.
    I believe this will be achieved by adding more Pellets and a bigger spread, lowering the damage of each pellet, so all Pellets total the same damage as the current damage just with more spread, so it will basically still Insta Gib Inf, but miss or do less damage to ESF at range.
  7. LordDethir

    Yep, called it! The nerf Choo Choo train is going full speed ahead and is going to the AH next. With my crystal ball I now foresee . . . A Light PPA nerf! Of course, this is after the AH nerf.

    Just leave the AH alone, you have to get to point-blank range to use it anyway.
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  8. vanu123

    Hey I have an idea how about we take away all vehicle weapons that damage infantry, and to make sure vehicles can never kill infantry again lets put up walls everywhere and force vehicles to be stationary at all times.
    Seriously, infantry wreck vehicles at any range in any situation. Infantry are broken.
    Infantry charging tank columns without a second thought or pulling their own armor to counter it is a serious problem.
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  9. nightbird

    I feel bad that every single pellet from the airhammer (8 per shot) does more damage than a shot from the banshee. I think a sympathy nerf is in the works. Just wish they made it full auto, semi-automatic fire makes no sense on a vehicle.
  10. Maljas23

    It needs a buff to it's magazine size. If it gets that, it is fine. Maybe 10-15 more rounds...
  11. Cransoon

    I think the air hammer is fine. In order to instagib like the Banshee used to do, you have to be within grenade throwing distance. I don't know if you just run into particularly skilled pilots frequently, but I find that I'm rarely getting mowed down by air hammers. And when I am, I just say "Wow, nice flying" and move on with my day.
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  12. Blippy

    I think the problem with the Airhammer is that it's a lot more effective in A2A combat compared to the other AI noseguns. Personally I've never had an issue with being killed by the Airhammer, unlike the Banshee Mosquito that would kill my MAX from further away before I could even Burster it down to half health.
  13. Mxiter

    I would prefer a look at the underperforming M18 rotary first (and locust, but all high cap nose gun sucks).
  14. \m/SLAYER\m/

    1. HA is semi-automatic
    2. Reaver is loudest
    3. Reaver has larges hotboxes
    4. You still has time to escape by using charge.
    i mean, once you realize, that Reaver going to kill you - don't stand still. As AA MAX you always must have place to hide yourself there.
  15. TriumphantJelly

    That's a nerf.
  16. f0d

    jeebus can we stop nerfing vehicles into uselessness

    if anything old banshee should be back and PPA should get a buff then maybe buff the airhammer some more
    the AI vehicle weapons (as well as vehicles in general) have been nerfed so hard since release that they are useless now
  17. T0x1s

    Everybody defending AH saying that the MAX should stay to cover, be smarter and AH needs to be at "grenade distance". This is just ********. When Banshee did this it was Banshee that was OP and needed nerf stright away. At the range Banshee could 1 clip a MAX was at the same distance AH could be. However Banshee was a little more effective at longer range with maximum clip size. But it still needs to be at the range where the COF does not get bigger than the enemy MAX.

    People say that Reaver got the biggest hitbox. The reaver hitbox is 4% bigger than the mossie. Look it up.

    Atm AH maximum clip size can get 10 kills each mag(close range) if the pilot is good and its still easy. Banshee get maximum 3 kills with fully clip size at the extra range Banshee has. Now if you try the AH at Banshee range you get around 3 kills per magazine. Take a look on Mattiace videos. He made a number of videos about AH using it effectivly at ranges Banshee needs to be and gets around 3 kills each magazine.

    A Banshee/LPPA have no chance against AH AA combat.
    AH 1 clips enemy ESF with full clip size. Banshee cant do that with a maximum clip size.

    But i guess that is also okey because "AH got no range".
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  18. BlueSkies

    Wait.. people get killed by air hammers?
  19. The_Blazing

    Can we look at the PPA instead? The other 2 AI noseguns seem entitled to have some effectiveness in defending yourself in A2A despite also being good at AI, the PPA is both worse than the other 2 weapons at AI (unless the enemy has zero AA in which case we would be discussing another problem) while also being unusable against air.
  20. GoyoElGringo

    That doesn't happen.