Now I know why internet people seem to like cats so much.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Earthman, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Earthman

    Trying to get them to do anything in this game is like herding them. Cats, that is.

    If you drive forward, even in a direction that isn't necessarily leading to anything, you'll get a few other vehicles following you. If you wait and see what happens instead, there'll be a lot of idling and confusion (especially on my NC alt but that might be a Connery thing).

    They seem to need concensus to do anything, even to fight. Ever had one of those fights where no one, I mean no one, wants to run out past the hidden Sunderer and start shooting until someone does it first? I have, and I'm almost always the one taking the first shot.

    This isn't sheep behavior. It's more like cat behavior. Selfish, skittish, and only engaged when something's dangled in front of it.

    No idea how to handle it except to keep dangling something in front of the herd to keep the fight going.
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  2. gigastar

    The best way to herd cats is to use bait.

    As a cat-herder in real life and in the game, i know this to be true.

    Now, unrelated video. WARNING: Contains kittens;
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  3. Zombekas

    Nah, cats are just fluffy n' stuff
  4. Chipay

    The solution you're looking for is join a good outfit;
    a good outfit is a combination of people who are willing to take incentive and listen to other people's strategies, they are also decently skilled enough and have the right amount of numbers to overcome any kitten zerg.
  5. Krayus_Korianis

    I can tell you why... They put in KDR... They need to take it out.
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  6. Calisai

    Not just limited to this game either. Had the same thing happen in Paintball. You can tell them what should be done until your blue in the face and they'll just sit there. Take charge and be the first into the fray and they are more likely to follow.

    It's just the experience of not having done something before. If they've never done it before... they are hesitant... when you go ahead of them, they can see that it can be done.

    What we'd do is take a few of the experienced, pair them up with the inexperienced and have them lead them. You could tell the increase in team effectiveness just in that little change. This is what the majority of outfits are doing at a base level. A few experienced players are just leading the charge with inexperienced outfit-mates following suit.

    If you want to zerg-herd a bit... just take a couple nicely decked out camo'd vehicles and wait until the base is about to cap... then just as it caps... head in the direction you want the zerg to go while talking into prox chat saying where you are going and that there should be a good fight that direction. However, once you get them moving in that direction... they'll probably keep moving in that direction until they die... and probably long after... ;)
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  7. Calisai

    Ha... if you really think that is going to change anything... you're fooling yourself. It's the base fear of death... of getting killed that makes them hesitant. The ones who push forward are either experienced (knowing what needs to be done and doing it) and the aggressive (going balls out because it's what they do... jump into the frey... even if they don't know what it entails).... The ones who hang back are the conservative ones. All they need is a little confidence in that pushing forward is effective and is the thing to do.

    That said... if they are sitting in a location... and you go balls out and get cut down in a hail of bullets... it's only going to make things worse. Their viewpoint has just been strengthened (I'm going to die if I go out there!) ;)
  8. Littleman

    This only ever happens in the simplest form however: "Let's make a bigger zerg and all go here!"
  9. Ryme

    Brilliant! So all we have to do, to make people work on objectives is to find a way to make then fluffy n' stuff. Like maybe instead of squad markers putting a giant beam of light somewhere, it will put a giant fluffy kitten there instead.
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  10. Krayus_Korianis

    You're going to die out there no matter what... It's the KDR that's doing it. When first I played was in beta and then when it was released, there wasn't a KDR. People went out and TOOK capture points, they died yes, but they took them.

    NOW with KDR being flamboyant, they're hesitant to keep their KDR high instead of letting it get low. I'd rather take the point than let my KDR go high or shoot from behind shields unless it's a total surrounding bombardment from the opposition. In which case, I'll gladly take their virtual life from behind a shield just to make them angry.
  11. Goodkat

    Depends on the quality of the cat. You don't want a bad cat.
  12. Chipay

    not quite, atleast not in my experience, we've been pretty much the smaller force fighting the bigger force. The only way we won those fights is by having atleast some tactical positioning.
  13. Poorform

    Want to lead a charge? Equip a flashlight. Anyone that sees your shiny symbol of brass balls will follow you into anything. Seriously...this actually works. They figure if they run after you you act like a bug zapper, where the bugs are bullets. Getting a whole squad with flashlights is also hilarious, and also tends to blinds enemies that run across you in tight quarters. All they see is a bright light and can't exactly make out where your body is.
  14. IamDH

    You want a Goodkat?

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  15. Shadowyc

    Dying, no matter what, means you are a failure as a gamer and as a human being. Don't even bother going home. You failed. You died. You should drop dead. That's what death means to people. :l

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  16. Sloddo

    Lots of followers, very few leaders. I saw it just yesterday on Waterson - after a battle won at a base, one guy goes running off to nowhere in general (or at least not to any particular battle that I could see), and has a whole stream of other infantry following him for no reason.
    The communication system in the game doesn't help any though. In PS1 you used to see at least some command chat that gave a general idea of what was going on but there's virtually none in PS2 that goes out to the general (non-squad/platoon/outfit) players.
  17. Earthman

    I assume some of the people on this forum who scream at my low K/D ratio are some of the same people hiding and mucking around until I charge out first, usually to die, again and again, where they won't make the slightest budge until I do it first.

    If you're one of those edgy "objectivist" children you might say that I'm the fool for trying to get my group to do something. I'd better be a fool my way than wise your way.
  18. Kumaro

    I tried that today hahahahaha capped a base then started running on foot towards the next one. I knew tanks where waiting but i wanted to see what would happen and what do you know a whole bunch of them came rushing after. Both sides where so surprised we even got a whole bunch of them before they slaughtered us. Good thing no one got a good look at my name there considering the remarks in the chat after :p
  19. SpaceKing

    people spend more time bragging about their KDR in yell then they do fighting

    687 kills, one death! And it was a suicide!

    This is also why snipers are so pissy
  20. Liquid23

    we need a "push" option so we can force others out from hiding in spawn rooms and such... it would also be awesome when you find that lone a-hole sniper standing on the edge of a cliff