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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SerasVic, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. SerasVic

    OP stuff :

    - Heavy "I win shield"
    - Orion 0.75 ADS mvt
    - 167 dmg tier
    - Banshee
    - Maxes (all of them)
    - C4
    - Vanguard "I win shield"
    - Canister (lul)
    - ESF learning curve
    - Tomcats / coyotes
    - Vanu camo
    - auto turrets
    - prowler

    UP stuff:

    - Vanus faction traits
    - TR faction traits
    - NC having shotguns instead of railguns
    - PPA
    - Striker
    - Spiker
    - Magrider main cannon dmg
    - Valkyrie
    - LA
    - Emerald
    - Vulcan
    - 2 years anniversary pack
    - Halloween event
    - HVA
    - prowler
    - TR in SS

    coming in and out:

    - Lib
    - Ants

    See you next month !

    Ps : if i missed some sorry !
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  2. RykerStruvian

    This is wonderful. Do this at the end of every month.
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  3. SerasVic


    I might do it.
  4. DrBash00

    Thanks good work, but as much i have seen to every "Heavy op threat" there is a "Heavy nees a buff threat" and this is true for pretty much every forum threat...

    Still great work... and it shows how annoying forumside is :p
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  5. \m/SLAYER\m/

    tell me, how to fix it, without making Vanguard completely useless?! even now this shield has more psychical force than physical
  6. sL360

    I got killed by a ZOE max today, plz nerf :p

    You forgot about the super OP OHK knives too.
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  7. GaBeRock

    It needs to be a resist shield. It lasts as long as you need it to, but decreases your main cannon reload speed and your movement speed. That makes it similar to the prowler lockdown, but opposite. Instead of using it to give out higher damage at increased vulnerability (harder to hit) you give out less damage for less vulnerability. That would also promote 2/2 tanks, as the secondary weapon stays just as powerful.
  8. Rogueghost

    You missed the point, he's just predicting what everyone will complain about in the next month.
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  9. MajiinBuu

    You forgot the Banning Game
  10. Commander Beanbag

    Don't forget to ****post before this thread is locked and deleted everyone
  11. Thrones

    Meanwhile in-game:
    • Hackcusations
    • Grenadeside
    • Emerald Vanu Biolab reverse farm
    • Emerald NC-TR BFF Alerts
    • Scoreboard your drunk, go home
    • ReReReReRedeploy (U)
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  12. Bixli

  13. SpruceMoose

    UP stuff

    you forgot cloak

    its broke even after the hotfix

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  14. Anomalous Entity

    You forgot TR "kill me now" beacon hardlight armor texture that is basically HA shield warning but on all the time.
  15. TheKhopesh

    Change "Spiker" to "Spiker charge mode" and you're more on the money.
    (Everyone who complains about this thing now seems to forget that it's a genuinely good weapon now, but the charge is still a bit of a gimmick. IMO, just make it charge a tad faster, and change the charged shots to a statistical carbon copy of the NS-44's bullets. Now you have a fairly useful versatility feature there!)

    Also, HVA is pretty crap.
    (They need to have it add vertical recoil instead of bloom. The added damage doesn't do much of anything, as the moment it passes 10m, it's the same number of shots to kill as it is without it. So to avoid it's being used with hipfire, you just make a compensator a necessity, and voila! Now it's better at range, but worse up close.)
  16. blackboemmel

    np. add this:

    OP stuff :

    - Hackers
    - P2W
    - Enemy's stuff
    - K/D
    - Cobalt

    UP stuff:

    - My stuff
    - Meta game
    - AV-Grenades

    coming in and out:

    - AirHammer
    - Phoenix
  17. \m/SLAYER\m/

    you know what, my Lightning performs better than Vanguard. i spend less cert and got more profit, while Vanguard .. it's not even funny
  18. Atis

    forever betas

    common sense
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  19. GaBeRock

    I'd say that's working as intended. A 2 man vehicle with half the crew should be worse than a 1 man vehicle fully crewed, especially since the one man vehicle costs almost as much rez.