Nov. 2nd, 2020 - PC Hotfix

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  1. Sites Executive Producer, Planetside 2

    The Planetside 2 PC servers will be coming down at 7am (Pacific) / 4pm (CET) for a minor patch. Expected downtime is up to 2 hours.

    Below are the changes that will be included:

    • Fixed an issue where some players would be unable to complete “distance traveled” objectives, and as a result, unable to complete chapter 1.
    • Fixed a bug where C4 was unable to damage certain air and ground vehicles.
    • The “Cert Explosion” horn should now show the proper particle FX again.
    • Corrected several incorrect spawn point names on Esamir:
      • Jord Amp Station: Jord -> Jord Main Spawn Room
      • Baldur Amp Station: Baldur -> Baldur Main Spawn Room
      • Mani Processing Plant: Mani Tower -> Mani Processing Plant
      • Mani Lake Outpost: Mani Lake Satellite -> Mani Lake Outpost
      • Eastwake Harborage: Geological Survey Camp -> Eastwake Harborage
      • Genudine Gardens: Nott Communications -> Genudine Gardens
    • Fixed an issue with vehicle discounts (like from ASP, and presumably facility modules) that weren't letting you pull until you had enough nanites for the base resource cost. When you pulled the vehicle, it deducted the proper discounted amount of nanites, but were gated from pulling the vehicle altogether until you met that base cost.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.