Nov. 04, 2022 - PTS Update (10th Anniversary Record Break)

Discussion in 'Test Server: Announcements' started by RPG_Wrel, Nov 3, 2022.

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  1. JibbaJabba

    The carbine directive weapon for the NSO faction is about to get nerfed into oblivion and it's not available to test on the PTS server.

    That gun has serious limitations and the bullet size was added to offset them. Now it's just going to have serious limitations and nothing else. On paper this looks like you're about to ruin one of the few viable NSO guns.

    This seems a very bad way to try to fix this gun. Would like to test this.
  2. Botji

    I kinda agree with a lot you said, just wanted to point out that all G2A weapons are by design made as "deterrents" to save all the pilots fragile egos and devs have already confirmed this(well, not the ego part...) so it seems highly unlikely that a 10 year old game balance decision will suddenly be addressed and changed for the better at this point in time.

    Thought it would probably be the best change possible for a 10 year anniversary, the downfall of the god chariots that have plagued the game.
  3. JibbaJabba

    Shotgun nerfs are needed.

    The Jackhammer probably didn't need nerfed. It's pretty overrated.

    Who was complaining about the SAW?
    Sure it will ring your bell at range but pity the poor fool running one in CQB.

    Not sure this is the right way to fix the Aegis shield.
    The ability to reload while it's raised is THE mechanic that makes the NC max stronk. If you took away that ability, then made the center hole in it actually functional (ie can shoot through) then the shield would be fine even if otherwise unbreakable.

    Wrong way to fix the newton
    Big change but not being tested at all? It's not available on PTS. Nerfbat looks way to strong here.

    Be careful not to leave a factions directive weapon useless.
    It had big bullets because it needed them. It's designed around hipfire but is outperformed in that regard by the Horizon, Tanto and some others.

    Infantry rocket changes
    Pleased to see these are getting attention. The number one sore spot is still overlooked though: Infantry antivehicle rockets have no punch to the REAR armor of tanks. Don't care how this gets fixed (warhead buff or armor adjustment) but it needs fixed.

    Infantry rockets are barely a nuisance to the very target they are supposed to be designed for.
    Y'all still need to fix the decloak on fire +clientside mechanic. (the claoked wraith flash was a good fix, props!!)
  4. f17z

    About the world record.....

    How many players joined exactly the server?
    Test server was down at the time i joined the game.
    Therefore it was a bit confusing where to go...
    and wich server was now counting the record....

    Thx in advance!

    :cool: -Ger.-|-f17z-
  5. NoobBall

    Why nerf thr SAW? it's unnecessary, maybe keep the directive one unnerfed please so that it's more worth to farm for GODSAW
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    "almost" ... last PTS people were loud, clear and i like to think reasonable enough for PMB automatic turretchanges not having been included to live ... i´m all for maybe toning down automated turret killpotential but for solobuilders like myself some defenseautomation is necessary .. or i may as well just not build anything at all ..

    the problem is they don´t even proper deter ... they lack accuracy/range and/or sustained DPS for any ESF- or god forbid Libpilot to give a scrap about thinking twice staying in an area and on average you need 3 of any AA platform against aircraft to deal the dmg necessary (any less than that and a breaker/hornet ESF or dalton lib just needs to look at you for your death), not to forget Libs that are a mix between bomber and gunship with heavy armor can turbo out of danger still ..

    one significant change RPG could do is add proper burst weapons like a G2A coyote, breaker hornetstyle launcher or give sunderes ANT´s and maybe harrasers a weapon similar to the saron and recently added NSO PPC ...

    however THE BEST CHANGE would actually be to make flying accessible and not a literal pain on my wrist ...
    10 years ... and flight controls are still utter scrap ...
  7. Botji

    I think the devs are thinking that being a "deterrent" counts as long as they cant stay in the area indefinitely without going for repairs.

    They can ignore the G2A for a while but eventually they have to go repair. They obviously return again but to the devs thats probably a job well done by the G2A.

    Its a big reason why I like the Chimera tbh, it has the Siren secondary which is a great AV weapon and does decent damage in G2A so you can go around and kill ground targets and not be completely helpless the moment a ESF, Lib or Valk spots you unlike 100% of the other vehicle G2A weapons available... probably only reason its not nerfed yet is its low projectile velocity making it hard to use against aircraft that are not targeting you since you have to lead like half a screen in front of them to even hope of being close to hitting them.
  8. H4YW1R3

    A .75 ADS speed used to be a beloved VS staple too. Suck it up. VS hasn't had a faction trait for a long time.

    And before it's pointed out, I don't count "no bullet drop". The only time I'd consider "no bullet drop" to be significant enough to call a faction trait is if it applied to sniper rifles, which it doesn't. And then I'd trade that for NC's 200/167 damage model or TR's high RoF/ammo capacity all day, every day, without a second thought.
  9. math368

    so your update and zero your feedback I don't know had the nerfs to the nc are unjustified
    also your new capture system how does it work when outside we will make zerger by all
    enemies with splashes and banshees I will explain to you we protect someone who runs with
    flagrant infatery exterior you better concentrated for the allience system oufite and if rebalanced
    the game better reward oufite for base captures redoing the scoreboards would be cool because oufite
    we piss keep the point guy without unit who captures base it's nonsense already necessary
    put back all the scores count the replenishment of ammunition the resuscitated medic treat their
    allies spotting fufu and all I find support class this game no longer rewards and it's a shame it's
    the most thankless class of the game to play as a team so your scoreboard is zero just base that does
    more kill n no sense all you never hold a point without medic or engineer so if must have rebalancing
    it would be to start redoing the scoreboard that takes everything into account, the capture flags
    for me nothing to do in planetside 2 and above all how do we play the capture flags against the
    zerg vehicles??? elsewhere would like to see who to ask for change completely stupid so would be
    dev I will come to play in game players would come to speak with before doing anything it's 10 years
    f the game we would say wanted to destroy the game? So would invite the developer to come and play
    their games because when the updates sometimes don't play your games, by the way, test them last
    longer on the pts history go out to update its operation the pts servers blocked because updates
    are made and you test anything? I am very disappointed that the direction planetside 2 is taking,
    so for me there is still a lot of planetside 1 content added. in addition nerf completely unjustified
    respect more the lore of planetside 2 the advantages of the factions?
    The advantages are more at the level of weapons.
    VS = fast reload
    TR = rate of fire + large magazines
    NC = Power at the expense of precision so the nerves are completely unjustified!
  10. shoguncawwill

    is ther a eta to the fixed inputs so that we can test the patch ?
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