Notorious, obvious aimbotters not banned

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  1. Bl4ckVoid

    I have just encountered some players (again) who are obvious aimbot cheaters. Every time I meet them all their shots land without fail.

    I have reported some of them weeks ago and they are still playing.It should be fairly easy to monitor and filter these people out (even with automated tools), but nothing happens.

    Once again the only recourse is redeploy?
  2. JibbaJabba

    for something grievous don't use the /report feature. Go open a support ticket on the website.

    I can tell you for sure several players no longer appear in the players statistics page because they are now gone. Sony DOES get rid of griefers/hackers.
  3. Bl4ckVoid

  4. gigastar

    Also remember that its not always an aimbot. There are players able to use ADS in this game.
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  5. KnightCole

    Yes, but ADS doesnt remove cof, ADS doesnt make you have no recoil.
  6. Dead soldier

    Well they are one of the best outfits, and they all have lots of time spent into the game. Maybe they're just all familiar with the game and know how to play it effectively.

    I've never heard of any Notorious Member hacking and I don't think they are cheating.
  7. gigastar

    Yes, but CoF within a certain distance doesnt mean anything, and knowing how to compensate for recoil is the first thing people playing this game get used to whether they realise it or not.
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  8. Littleman

    Once had a nasty encounter with a player that clearly never missed. Three guys could jump this player and they would run through them while moving at a jogging speed. Not surprisingly, it's a VS heavy with an Orion. I managed to drop this player, and I swear for the next 15 minutes, this player knew exactly where I was and just gunned me down without missing a shot a good few times. I was ambushed in places where my own team wasn't even moving in from, or in other words, this player had no reason what so ever to be at XYZ location and just happen to pop out the exact moment I'm out in the open knowing precisely where I was.

    This person didn't have an existence on the player site a few days later. SOE does act on cheaters. I normally just report fishy activity, vent a bit and move on. Let SOE sort it out. If someone gets dozens of reports in a short span of time, that's usually a red flag. If a small handful of people have a beef, they're just upset.

    The stupid amount of rage tells that are sent out accusing me and other players of being hackers makes me have little faith in the judgement of many. I mean there are hackers in the game but they are few and far between, more times then not it is simply a better player.
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  10. yeHHH1g

    What server are you playing that has this gang of hackers running rampant?
  11. Latrodectus

    Inb4 Mattherson
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  12. Robes

    I get told im hacking near daily, and last i checked im not so without actual proof (players page w/ 100% accuracy or a video somehow proving) im going to have to say if he hasn't been banned hes just better than you, people seem to forget just because they can't do something doesn't mean nobody else can either.
  13. GerryAtric

    99% of the time it's a better player getting the best of you. When I am beaten, I usually chalk it up to the person being a better player, getting the jump on me, or having position on me.

    Then there are the obvious times, like when a BR 4 with a battle rifle comes and wipes half of your squad with all headshots. Or the guy that just killed you with all headshots has burster max headshots on his killboard back after back.

    There may be higher level (skill not BR) players that toggle, but I've only ever been suspicious of 1 well known player. This guy is an absolute beast or toggles in SOME way. I fought him in 4 even-ground 1v1s the other day (winning 1 of them, I'm not a bad player, but not the best), but the other 3 he was VERY hard to hit (wish I was recording). His strafing pattern with the orion is either completely different from every other players, or he has some kind of speed toggle giving him a slight advantage. He is VERY hard to track. His aim is very good too (killed me with 4 headshots in the first 1v1, which isn't unheard of). It is hard to tell if he toggles some kind of aimbot because his accuracy and headshots stats aren't unheard of, though both are 'S', because the other 1v1 encounters were closer battles. Although, if he was smart about his toggles, when has that many 1v1s against a 'good' player, it would not a bad idea to let the guy win 1 every now and then - adds to his legitimacy.

    In short, most people aren't hacking, and if they are, it's obvious. Then, there is that 1 in 10,000 player that it can be just insanely hard to tell.
  14. Whatupwidat

    Only time I ever thought I'd been aimbotted was when I got OHK'd by a sniper while jetpacking off the cliff towards The Crown's C point. It was only that the guy that hit me sent me a message basically saying "holy ****, i can't believe I killed you" that made me realise he was just as shocked as I was lol.

    Anyway, that's my random story...just felt like sharing.
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  15. Liberty

    Just looking at the stats (and the fact that he has BR100 on Mattherson and Connery now, and probably moved to Waterson for another) that is very likely a NivX alt. Having run with him before, he is pretty much a robot with the ability to find fights at their peak and leave before the start to slow down. Many good players can hit 2+ KPM pretty easily during the peak of a fight, but most tend to stick around until it is finished which lowers that stat over time.

    If you stick with him and duck out when he does, you start to see those KPM numbers become more and more possible. PS2 just has a lot of opportunity for downtime and he avoids it while being an exceptional FPS player.
  16. KnightCole

    And nothing makes you strafe like a chicken on crack........

    I love how I come across so many people now who hipfire me, dead on from across a room, strafing like 3x normal speed...and even HA with shields on out strafe my aim on the gun....

    I have walked around trying to even come close to reciprocating the strafe speed of the people I meet...cant come even close....
  17. Alarox

    I remember this time. This one guy, every time I fought him I would fire 13583 shots into his back, and he would turn around and kill me with 1 bullet. I'm super cereal.
  18. RHINO_Mk.II

    How generous of you to let his shields regenerate after every shot. Teehee.
  19. Hasteras

    Sometimes I get rage tells accusing me of hacking, and I'm not even very good. Latency in this game makes stuff look weird sometimes.
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  20. Jryder

    "I mean there are hackers in the game but they are few and far between, more times then not it is simply a better player."

    And you base that theory on what evidence?

    I run in to several players a day who have absolutely inhuman accuracy in situations in which it is virtually impossible for them to do what they do. No matter how skilled one is, hitting a moving head with multiple shots, no misses, while the shooter is himself moving, from 30 feet away, all from the instant that he raises his weapon, resulting in a near insta-death (if I open up and land virtually every shot with 167/200 damage per round it still takes 1-2 seconds), is NOT 'skill'. Randomness alone should prohibit that from happening accept in rare instances.

    Or what about the uncloaked VS cloaker using his pistol, who, from 15-20 feet, REPEATEDLY defeats a heavy WITH shield on with pure head shots-without taking even a millisecond to aim? Just draw and instakill. Even had one (recently) from at least 20+ feet execute this while I was in flight as LA. There is nobody skilled enough to pull that kind of accuracy. Period.

    For a long time I simply wrote it off as my being new.
    After awhile (and I got better), I wrote it off as bad luck and random mechanics.
    I have now played long enough to know the difference between being out played/out gunned and being bent over like a prison ******...

    Aimbots being few and far between is a friggin' myth (one assumes perpetuated by those who themselves indulge...). I see the proof everyday.